Donor Support

The APP has been hosted at UCSB since 1999, but we have not received any operating funds from UCSB.  In 2014, UCSB provided seed money to support a thorough redesign of the site.  You are looking now at the result of that project. With our success has come donor support which makes us extremely happy.  Such support--tax deductible depending on your circumstances--is essential to our ongoing existence.  We rely on contributions, both large and small.  Please join in!



Philanthropic Contributions

West Wing
Chief of Staff (>$25,000)

Sandy Otellini

Marilyn Lee & Harvey Schneider

Lena & David G. Adishian


Counselors to the President (>$1000)

Charles Walcott

Karen Hult

Marc Hershman

Stacie S. Hershman

Hull Family Foundation

Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program

Phillip Spector

Haru and Junri Fukui

Tim and Shari Wong


Special Assistants (Providing Documents, Advice, Editing Assistance)

Robert Buccellato

Samuel Kernell

Kenneth Lowande

Martha Joynt Kumar

Daniel W. Stowell

Warren G. Harding 3rd

Wayne Gateley


Executive Office Building / Assistant to the President (<$1000)


Timothy Benbow

S. Bohan

Michael I. Bumgarner

Martin M. Clark

Kevin Coe

Albert Cramer

Richard R. Crutchfield

John Eyster

Don Glickstein

Kaylene Hughes

C. Jenkins

Ray Jenkins

Erwin V. Johanningmeier

A. Keen

Mary Kennedy

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kirkland

James Kwak

Arthur H. Lambauer

Simon Luechinger

Mansi Manek

J. Martin

Dulce Melendez

Patrick Newcomb, Jr.

Helmut Norpoth

J. Pennington

Paul Rader

Garrett Riggs

Martha J. Rudolph

Zachary Schrag

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Smith

Joao Souto

Mary Stuckey

Paul Sathis

Stacey Sathis

Zachary Schrag

Rebecca Scherzer

Stefan Van Duursen

Randy J. Waldern

David Whatley

Richart Witt, Jr.

A. Wood

Thomas Zeiler


Staff Assistants/Student Interns

Brett Bailey

Peter Bayerle

Jack Bignell

Carla Cernat

Matthew Danaher

Salim Damerdji

Maryam Eapen

Rita Elahad

Jesse Feinstein

Olivia Fishlow

Delaney Foerster

Brian Fredieu

August Gilbert

Francesca Gonzales

Andrew Harnett

Lily Hopwood

Junho Jeon

Cindy Lam

Rebecca Lee

Nestor Marquez

Shalla Phan

David Pierucci

Nathalia Rodriguez

Byron Roos-Collins

Gianna Sagan

Grant Stanton

Kerry Wang

Patrick Wu

Richard Zierer