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Yang Campaign Press Release - Yang's Freedom Dividend Defines Democratic Debates Conversation on Economy

October 15, 2019

WESTERVILLE, OH — On the Ohio debate stage, Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang underscored the impact of his proposed Freedom Dividend and why it's a better solution to the problems Americans are facing during our current period of economic change and uncertainty that Andrew and experts call the "Fourth Industrial Revolution."

After Andrew contrasted his stance with Senator Sanders, other candidates finally acknowledged the issues Yang has been talking about throughout the election. Warren and Booker likened their own proposals to Andrew's stance on UBI and gave supportive comments, while Tulsi Gabbard endorsed the concept wholeheartedly and Julian Castro called for a pilot program.

Andrew's entire campaign has been propelled by the experiences he witnessed in struggling communities across the country. He spent 7 years helping local entrepreneurs create jobs in these communities through the non-profit he founded, Venture for America. While proud of the work he did through VFA, he realized over time that he was pouring water into a bathtub with a giant hole ripped in the bottom. Automation was displacing millions of workers in manufacturing and it will soon displace millions more in truck driving, food service and prep, call centers, and on and on through the economy. Tonight's debate finally saw the other Democratic candidates address this reality.

This debate made one thing clear: Andrew's vision for America's future and his solutions to tackle the problems just over the horizon are driving the economic debate in the Democratic party.

"When we put the money into our hands, we can build a trickle-up economy from our people, our families, and our communities up," Yang said. "It will enable us to do the kind of work that we want to do. This is the kind of positive vision in response to the Fourth Industrial Revolution that we have to embrace as a party."

  • Andrew Yang is the only candidate who has been consistently discussing the economic reality experienced by most Americans.
  • Yang spent 7 years working in struggling communities through his non-profit, Venture for America, where he saw the economic anxiety experienced by communities across the country.
  • The Freedom Dividend is the only proposal to give Americans the economic security and freedom they need to pursue the work they want to.
  • Nearly every other candidate entered tonight's debate on the economy with endorsements of the proposal or likening their own plans to Yang's — placing him and his signature policy at the center of the new economic debate.

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Andrew Yang, Yang Campaign Press Release - Yang's Freedom Dividend Defines Democratic Debates Conversation on Economy Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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