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Yang Campaign Press Release - Yang Launches First TV Ad Entitled "New Way Forward" in Iowa with $1 Million+ Buy

November 07, 2019

NEW YORK — Presidential candidate Andrew Yang's campaign has launched a seven-figure paid television ad in Iowa, taking to the airwaves in the first-in-nation caucus state for the first time. This move underscores the resources available to the campaign and signifies the intention of the campaign to compete through the Democratic primary season. The ad was shot and produced by veteran media consulting firm Devine, Mulvey and Longabaugh. Watch it here.

"His ideas are a blueprint for a new way forward... Parent, patriot, not a politician. A new leader who understands that what's coming is the greatest transformation in history."

"This is a significant media buy across the state of Iowa," stated Senior Advisor Mark Longabaugh. "Democratic voters will see Andrew Yang's message multiple times over the next week, learning about his credentials, family and unique plan to move our country 'a new way forward.'"

Despite being the outsider candidate during much of the 2020 election season, Yang has been growing in the polls and accumulating support in the early primary states with polls showing room to grow. According to a recent CNN poll, he has grown faster in favorability than any other candidate. He's already beating candidates like Joe Biden among voters under 45 (NYT/Siena).

"Throughout our ascent, we've found one constant to be true: when voters learn about Andrew Yang's story and ideas to propel this country forward, they like what they hear," said Nick Ryan, Campaign Chief. "This campaign has the candidate, message, and team needed to reach voters and caucus goers and go toe-to-toe with anyone in this primary."

The ad buy comes at a time when Yang is building out the infrastructure of his presidential campaign, making key hires in the early states, and professionalizing the overall operation with seasoned veterans of the Obama, Clinton, and Sanders presidential campaigns.

Andrew Yang, Yang Campaign Press Release - Yang Launches First TV Ad Entitled "New Way Forward" in Iowa with $1 Million+ Buy Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project