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William Henry Harrison Event Timeline

March 04, 1841


William Henry Harrison (9) Event Timeline

03/04/1841 - 04/04/1841


Election Day. Wins 79.6% of the Electoral College and 52.9% of the popular vote defeating Democratic nominee (and incumbent) Martin Van Buren. The first Whig party nominee to become President.


Electors cast their ballots.




Electoral votes tabulated by Congress.


Inaugural Address. Harrison calls for constitutional amendment limiting presidents to one term in office.


In United States v. The Amistad, the Supreme Court rules 7-1 that the Africans on the ship Amistad were not slaves, but had been kidnapped, and the Africans were therefore legally free.


At urging of his Whig allies in Congress, by Proclamation calls a Special Session of Congress to begin on 05/31/1841. It is anticipated that this will lead to a new Bank of the United States.


Becomes bedridden with cold as a result of delivering his inaugural address in a cold rain. The cold developed into pneumonia.


Dies of pneumonia, the first president to die in office. There is great constitutional uncertainty regarding vice presidential succession and the legitimate role assumed by Vice President Tyler.


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