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WHAT THEY ARE SAYING: Support for Congressional Passage of the CHIPS and Science Bill

July 28, 2022

Groups across the country provided statements of support following the Congressional passage of the CHIPS and Science Bill, which will lower costs for Americans, bolster our domestic manufacturing, and strengthen our national security.

The President looks forward to signing this bill into law as soon as possible.

See what they are saying below:

Gabe Horwitz, Senior Vice President for the Economic Program, Third Way: "It's time for every Democrat to come together—right now—and vote for the bipartisan Chips and Science bill as well as the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022. We understand that many Members have priorities that couldn't be included in final negotiations. But Democrats should be ecstatic about what we are about to achieve. Both of these bills are too important to working families, the economy, our nation's security, our fiscal house, family finances, and the future of our planet to descend into squabbling and obstructionism. The time has passed for threats to withhold votes; every Democrat across the ideological spectrum must come together, put country over politics, and support these vital components to the Biden agenda." [Statement, 7/28/22]

Communications Workers of America (CWA): "On behalf of the members and officers of the Communications Workers of America (CWA), I write to urge you to vote in favor of the bipartisan CHIPS Act of 2022. Passage of this bill is an important first step in rebuilding our domestic semiconductor industry and of strengthening our ability to compete with China." [Letter, 7/28/22]

David Heard, CEO Infinera: "This is a very positive development as the CHIPS Act is a critical piece of legislation to ensure increased US-based production of this important technology. This funding will help companies, particularly mid-cap and smaller US-based fab operators like Infinera, expand our domestic production of semiconductors and boost America's global competitiveness." [Statement, 7/28/22]

Bill Sullivan, Executive Vice President for Advocacy, ATA: "Semiconductors and computer chips make our economy and industry run – right down to the trucks we drive – and we have seen the consequences of decades of neglecting domestic manufacturing of these critical components. Even in an extremely polarized environment, the Senate vote proves our leaders can still come together in a bipartisan fashion to pass critical legislation. We urge the House to follow the Senate's lead and pass this important bill so that President Biden can sign it and we can begin the hard work of rebuilding our capacity to manufacture semiconductors here in America – shoring up our national security, shortening supply chains and reducing costs for businesses across the economy." [Statement, 7/27/22]

Brandon Heiner, Senior Vice President, Government Affairs, USTelecom: "USTelecom applauds the Senate for passing the CHIPS Act. This is a good first step toward addressing the supply chain shortages that concern America's broadband providers. As we undertake a historic effort to build the networks of the future, we will continue to work with policymakers to ensure we have access to the equipment needed to connect all Americans." [Statement, 7/27/22]

John Neuffer, President and CEO, Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA): "Senate passage of the CHIPS Act marks decisive progress toward strengthening America's economy, national security, and leadership in the key technologies of today and tomorrow. We greatly appreciate the bill's Senate champions for advancing it, commend today's strong bipartisan vote, and urge the House of Representatives to swiftly follow suit and send the CHIPS Act to President Biden's desk to be signed into law. The stakes are high, and the time to act is now." [Statement, 7/27/22]

Arvind Krishna, Chairman and CEO, IBM: "The CHIPS Act recognizes that having a strong domestic semiconductor industry and ability to advance the frontiers of chip technology is vital to America's economic and national security. Senator Schumer's leadership on this historic legislation has been invaluable, and the importance of its strongly bipartisan passage by the Senate cannot be overstated. IBM joins many others in the business community in calling for its swift passage by the House so it can move quickly to the president's desk." [Statement, 7/27/22]

Lisa Coppola, Chair-Elect, NAWBO: "The benefits from this legislation will be felt across several key economic sectors, from construction, technology, research, etc., and there is a real opportunity for women owners businesses to tap into those benefit. NAWBO looks forward to the US House of Representatives swiftly approving this measure and sending the bill to the President's desk for signature." [Statement, 7/27/22]

Ramiro A. Cavazos, President and CEO, US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC): "Strong investments in domestic manufacturing will flow to the smallest businesses. Our nation's five million Hispanic-owned businesses are well positioned to gain from these incentives given their high concentration in industries such as construction and their growth in the tech and manufacturing sectors." [Statement, 7/27/22]

Chiling Tong, President and CEO, National Asian/Pacific Islander American Chamber of Commerce and Entrepreneurship (National ACE): "National ACE supports bipartisan efforts by the Senate to pass legislation that will help boost domestic manufacturing. Manufacturing reaches into several key industries and the benefits of this bill will extend to small businesses. Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs), who make up 6.8 percent of all manufacturing jobs and 14 percent of the tech industry, stand to gain a competitive edge as a result of the CHIPS Act." [Statement, 7/27/22]

Ying McGuire, President and CEO, National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC): "The National Minority Supplier Development Council is pleased by the recent Senate passage of The Creating Helpful Incentives to Produce Semiconductors (CHIPS) for America Act. We applaud the bipartisan efforts by the Senate to pass the CHIPS Act and to address long standing concerns related to US manufacturing capacity and supply chain disruptions. The economic significance of this bill is clear, and the benefits will span across key sectors beyond manufacturing and construction. "We are confident that the CHIPS Act will create more opportunities for the small business community as domestic manufacturing capacity increases. We encourage Congress and private sector leaders to ensure that minority business enterprises (MBEs) have equal access to opportunities that flow from CHIPS once it is signed into law." [Statement, 7/27/22]

Steven Croley, Chief Policy Officer and General Counsel, Ford Motor Company: "As America's No. 1 vehicle manufacturer, assembling more vehicles and employing more hourly workers in the U.S. than any other automaker, Ford applauds the Senate for its bipartisan passage of the CHIPS Act. This legislation will empower the United States to lead in the global transition to electric and connected vehicles and alleviate supply constraints caused by the global shortage of legacy semiconductor chips our industry needs. Ford has announced nearly $14 billion in U.S. EV and battery investments in the last year alone, and CHIPS will help make those manufacturing lines hum with exciting vehicles our customers love." [Statement, 7/27/22]

Jay Timmons, President and CEO, National Association of Manufacturers: "The CHIPS-Plus Act will deliver a powerful boost to manufacturers' competitiveness. Manufacturers across all sectors rely on access to chips, so this bill will help strengthen American supply chains thanks to its investments in domestic semiconductor production—as well as its funding for programs to support the STEM workforce, advanced technology development, excavation of critical minerals, clean energy and more. Manufacturers have worked with lawmakers for more than a year to advance many provisions of this bill, and we urge the House to pass it as quickly as possible and get it to President Biden's desk. CHIPS-Plus should only be the beginning, however. We will continue advocating policies needed to beat back economic headwinds such as inflation and supply chain disruption. And we will work with Congress to move quickly on policies from the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act and the America COMPETES Act that were left out of CHIPS-Plus, such as anti-counterfeiting measures, important trade provisions and further investments in supply chain resilience and workforce development. It's encouraging to see this Congress once again come together in a bipartisan way to make critical investments in our industry's competitiveness and our country's future. Manufacturers look forward to building on this progress. This and future China competition legislation will help us to innovate, create jobs, expand domestic operations and grow the U.S. economy for years to come." [Statement, 7/27/22]

Candace Waterman, President and CEO, Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP): "WIPP is encouraged with the recent bipartisan efforts by the Senate to come to an agreement on the CHIPS Act. The funding appropriated by this bill would not only boost domestic manufacturing capabilities, but it will also provide more opportunities for small businesses, especially those owned by women to expand into manufacturing and construction. We have no doubt that the benefits of this bill will not end with the manufacturing industry, we look forward to helping WOSBs and EDWOSBs take advantage of opportunities that arise from increased investment in domestic manufacturing." [Statement, 7/27/22]

The American Automotive Policy Council (AAPC): "American Automakers Ford Motor Company, General Motors and Stellantis today commended efforts by the Biden administration and congressional champions on efforts to pass legislation to grow U.S. production of semiconductors. There is not a single supply-chain shortage with a greater impact on the U.S. economy than the shortage of automotive-grade semiconductors. We have been urging Congress to pass legislation strengthening domestic production of semiconductors, and are pleased by the bipartisan efforts of the Biden administration and congressional leaders to finalize legislation that will include $52 billion in incentives to dramatically scale up semiconductor production in the U.S. Access to semiconductors is essential to a thriving, globally-competitive American automotive manufacturing industry, and we support moving this legislation through the process as quickly as possible." [Statement, 7/26/22]

Robbie Diamond, President and CEO, Securing America's Future Energy (SAFE): "SAFE and the American Semiconductor Center applaud today's Senate vote to advance the critical CHIPS Act funding. This will support America's continued global leadership in semiconductor technology and spur domestic chip production at the leading edge to reduce dependence on vulnerable overseas supply chains. We now urge a swift passage through the House and onto President Biden's desk for signature so the Commerce Department and industry can get to work on implementation." [Statement, 7/26/22]

Gary Cohn, Vice Chairman, IBM: "IBM is encouraged by the bipartisan Senate cloture vote on the CHIPS Act of 2022. I'm in Washington today with more than 60 IBMers from 28 states to urge Congress to get this bill to President Biden's desk this week. Every day that goes by without this investment in our future leaves America at a competitive disadvantage and harms both our economic and national security." [Statement, 7/26/22]

Jason Oxman, President and CEO, ITI: "This bill's investment in scientific research and development and entrepreneurship, coupled with its robust funding for domestic semiconductor manufacturing, will strengthen our national innovation ecosystem, increase our national security, and will help our country maintain a competitive edge in an evolving global landscape in which nations worldwide are out-investing us to develop the latest technologies. The bill includes additional initiatives to translate this new research into high-tech jobs, manufacturing, and new firms in communities around the country, ensuring that the benefits of these investments are broadly shared across the United States." [Statement, 7/26/22]

Analog Devices: "ADI thanks members of the Senate from both parties for advancing critical legislation to invest in semiconductor manufacturing and research and development in the United States. These investments are critical to American economic and national security. We encourage Congress to finalize this legislation quickly so President Biden can sign it into law." [Statement, 7/26/22]

Alliance for Automotive Innovation: "Big step by Senate in support of job growth, econ. security, stronger #supplychains & US tech leadership. By investing in American-made chips... country will be in greater control of its own destiny – not to mention less reliant on foreign suppliers & governments. #CHIPSAct" [Tweet, 7/26/22]

Joshua Bolten, CEO, Business Roundtable: "Business Roundtable urges Congress to pass as soon as possible bipartisan legislation that fully funds the #CHIPS for America Act, which will help to sustain U.S. economic growth and competitiveness. Revitalizing U.S semiconductor manufacturing is also key to America's national security." [Statement, 7/26/22]

National Spectrum Consortium: "The National Spectrum Consortium (NSC) applauds the Senate for its passage of the CHIPS Act of 2022 and urges the House of Representatives to pass this important legislation, which includes bipartisan support for Open Radio Access Network (Open RAN). This bill will strengthen our domestic telecom supply chain and support semiconductor production facilities that are crucial to national security. The manufacturing incentives, research and development, workforce and education, defense fund, and the international technology security and innovation fund included in the bill are essential to keeping our communications networks secure and resilient." [Statement, 7/26/22]

Samsung: Today the #USSenate voted to advance the CHIPS Act of 2022 closer to final passage. @SamsungDC applauds Senate leaders for their continued commitment to investing in semiconductor innovation and manufacturing leadership. We urge the House to support and pass swiftly! [Tweet, 7/26/22]

Brian P. McGuire, President and CEO, Associated Equipment Distributors: "AED urges all U.S. Senators to support final passage of the CHIPS and Science Act. The legislation helps address broken supply chains and will spur semiconductor manufacturing in the United States. It will also improve U.S. competitiveness and help to ensure the long-term availability of the machinery and equipment needed to rebuild America's infrastructure, harvest crops and critical mineral mining. AED commends the Biden administration and U.S. Senators for working in a bipartisan manner on this vital issue." [Statement, 7/27/22]

Jeff Blum, Executive Vice President, External and Legislative Affairs, DISH Wireless: "DISH applauds the bipartisan CHIPS and Science Act's timely investment in Open Radio Access Network (Open RAN) technologies, which will help spur American job creation, enhance wireless network security, and foster a more U.S.-centric supply chain for 5G. As DISH continues to be at the forefront of the Open RAN movement through its greenfield U.S. buildout of the world's first cloud native, Open RAN 5G broadband network, we support this critical legislation to increase competition and innovation in the American 5G supply chain. We thank Senators Schumer and Young, among many other key Senators on both sides of the aisle, for their significant roles in seeing this bill reach final passage." [Statement, 7/27/22]

Scott Whitaker, President and CEO, AdvaMed: "We are pleased to see the bipartisan Senate vote to advance the CHIPS Act today. The investments made in this bill will ensure the United States has a robust domestic manufacturing base for semiconductor chips, which is vital for medtech companies that rely on these components to develop lifesaving medical technologies that improve and save the lives of millions of patients every day. We are already witnessing the effects of ongoing supply chain disruptions within our industry, as medtech companies struggle to access the full range of semiconductor technologies they need for their products. The longer we wait to make these investments, the worse it could get for doctors and their patients. AdvaMed urges the Senate and House to pass this bipartisan bill and send it to the President's desk to be signed into law." [Statement, 7/26/22]

John Bozzella, President and CEO, Auto Innovators: "By now, we're all aware of how the pandemic shattered global supply chains and accelerated a worldwide shortage of semiconductors that continues today. You can draw a straight line from that original disruption in 2020 to the still-tight inventories and multiyear drop in auto production and sales in the United States. The CHIPS Act is about looking ahead and prepping our key supply chains for whatever comes next. That starts with a larger supply of American-made chips. Considering the computing power of today's increasingly digital and connected vehicles, this bipartisan investment in domestic semiconductors is a smart investment in the future. Other countries are taking aggressive steps to get ahead of the United States on semiconductor production. By investing in American-made chips today, our country will be in greater control of its own destiny tomorrow – not to mention less reliant on foreign suppliers and governments. Thank you to the Senate for prioritizing job growth, economic security, stronger supply chains and American tech leadership. We urge the House to follow suit." [Statement, 7/27/22]

Rhett Buttle, Founder and Principal, Public Private Strategies: "This legislation is critical to the future of American competitiveness, innovation, and national security, and it includes provisions that will strengthen our supply chain and create opportunities for American businesses for decades to come. There are real and tangible benefits for American businesses in this bill, from historic public investment in semiconductor capability to explicit requirements that large companies must source inputs from small businesses and local suppliers. Business leaders across the country welcome and support investment in America's security and our future, and urge Congress to send the bill to President Biden's desk." [Statement, 7/27/22]

Small Business for America's Future: "This legislation will support small businesses by improving the supply chain and bolstering manufacturing investments needed to propel our small business economy and strengthen our entrepreneurial environment. A Small Business for America's Future survey shows that small business owners have been impacted by supply chain issues and support policies that address them. Small businesses need continued investment to support the growth of Main Street entrepreneurs across the country. We urge the House to pass the CHIPS Act, as doing so will help bolster our small business community — which creates two-thirds of all new jobs and employs half of all workers." [Statement, 7/27/22]

Sean McGarvey, President, North America's Building Trades Unions (NABTU): "Last year, North America's Building Trades Unions was proud to support the bipartisan United States Innovation and Competition Act (USICA). The same is true today. Hundreds of thousands of careers in construction will be jump-started because of this bill and the essential infrastructure it funds. And because prevailing wage requirements have been included, construction workers will be guaranteed middle class family-sustaining wages and benefits, Additional public policy is still needed to strengthen domestic manufacturing and curb China's impact on the US, but this legislation is a necessary first step. Therefore, NABTU and its affiliates firmly believe both sides of the aisle must now come together to send it to President Biden's desk for the sake of America's national security, reinforcing our supply chains and maintaining US global competitiveness. The hardworking men and women of the building trades are ready to go to work on behalf of their country. They are ready to do whatever it takes to build the essential infrastructure necessary for America to best other countries in this race for the future." [Statement, 7/25/22]

Liz Shuler, President, AFL-CIO: "Today's passage of the bipartisan CHIPS Act in the Senate is a critical step toward rectifying years of underinvestment in our nation's manufacturing and research and development capabilities. This legislation will boost America's domestic supply chains, create thousands of high-paying jobs, strengthen our technology infrastructure, increase national security and promote vital research to ensure that we remain a global leader in innovation. The billions of dollars in funding allocated for the semiconductor industry will expand our ability to develop more chips and incentivize companies to ramp up production nationwide. We also welcome the stipulations in the bill that hold companies accountable for how they utilize taxpayer dollars; facilitate the growth of a well-trained, highly skilled workforce; and create opportunities for historically disadvantaged communities to participate in CHIPS Act–funded projects and training programs. We will continue to advocate for many of the important trade-related provisions that were not included in this version of the bill and would have done more to protect working people. Provisions such as the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) Program—which expired in July—would have given workers who have lost their jobs to offshoring the opportunity to gain skills suited for newly built semiconductor facilities. Reinforcing U.S. labor laws and deterring China's harmful trade practices are top priorities for our movement, and we won't stop fighting until these necessary measures and reforms are in place. Working people deserve a voice and a seat at the table in every step of the process, and when we have one, we will build a more competitive America." [Statement, 7/25/22]

Joseph R. Biden, WHAT THEY ARE SAYING: Support for Congressional Passage of the CHIPS and Science Bill Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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