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WHAT THEY ARE SAYING: State and Local Elected Officials and Tribal Leaders Applaud House Passage of Build Back Better Act

November 19, 2021

Following the House passage of the Build Back Better Act, Governors, Mayors, state legislators, county executives, Tribal leaders, and other local elected officials applauded how the historic legislation will lower costs for middle- and working-class families, create good-paying, union jobs, and turn the climate crisis into an opportunity to build a more resilient future.

As Nobel Prize-winning economists and independent ratings agencies have confirmed, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and Build Back Better Act are fully paid for, will reduce the deficit, and ease inflationary pressures by making the wealthiest individuals and corporations pay their fair share and stopping them from cheating on their tax bills.

Governors, mayors, state legislators, Tribal leaders, and other local leaders from across the country are applauding the passage of the historic legislation through the House and call on the Senate to take urgent action so President Biden can sign it into law and ensure we can build back better.


California Governor Gavin Newsom: "@POTUS's #BuildBackBetter is CA values on the national stage. It will add to our unprecedented investments to support middle class families, invest in clean energy, & increase access to health care & housing while creating jobs. Now, let's get it done.… "[Tweet, 11/19/21]

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak: "The #BuildBackBetter Act will deliver real help for Nevada families and help our state recover! Thank you @repdinatitus, @RepSusieLee and @RepHorsford for your vote!…" [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Today's vote in the House is a big step forward in enacting @POTUS's economic plan to create more jobs, tackle the climate crisis, and rebuild the backbone of the country – the middle class. I look forward to swift action from the Senate so that this can be signed into law. [Tweet, 11/19/21]

New York Governor Kathy Hochul: "Our families have been waiting for a lifeline. @SpeakerPelosi & New York State's Democratic House members delivered. From education, to childcare, to climate change, today's vote will make sure we truly #BuildBackBetter. I know @SenSchumer will get this across the finish line. [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Oregon Governor Kate Brown: "Thank you to our House Congressional members for their work in passing @POTUS's #BuildBackBetterAct, which will create jobs, invest in affordable housing, lower child & family care costs, provide universal pre-K, & tackle the climate crisis. I urge the Senate to pass this bill." [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf: "I applaud the House for passing @POTUS's Build Back Better plan. This historic plan will strengthen middle-class families, help address climate change, and bolster many of the economic efforts I've prioritized in Pennsylvania. I urge the Senate to move swiftly." [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Rhode Island Governor Dan McKee: "@POTUS' Build Back Better bill just passed by the House of Representatives includes transformative investments in child care and the care economy – delivering two years of free preschool for every 3- and 4-year-old in America." [Thread, 11/19/21]

Washington Governor Jay Inslee: "Today the House took a historic step forward in passing the #BuildBackBetter Act. I want to thank @POTUS, @SpeakerPelosi and members of our House delegation who have fought so hard to bring us here." [Tweet, 11/19/21]
#BuildBackBetter provides the biggest investment in defeating the climate crisis in U.S. history, creates jobs, and provides relief to working families everywhere struggling with costs like prescription drugs, health care premiums, child care, and home care for seniors. [Tweet, 11/19/21]

State Constitutional Officers

Vermont Lt. Governor Molly Gray: "The Dems in the House just passed the #BuildBackBetterAct. What will it do for VT families? Establishes paid family leave Makes preschool free for 6k more VT kids Ensures affordable childcare Fights climate change Invests in workforce training" [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Vermont Attorney General TJ Donovan: "Today's passage of the Build Back Better bill is a historic first step in supporting our working class families, rebuilding our economy, & strengthening our nation's social services. Thank you to Vermont's federal delegation for working so hard to pass this crucial legislation." [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison: "So important for US Senate to pass BBB. Includes legislation which will make generational improvements in the lives of millions of Americans. Great stuff for kids, family leave, climate and more. Thanks US House. Now let's finish the job." [Tweet, 11/19/21]

"BBB includes $200 billion for 4 weeks of paid leave, a permanent national paid leave program giving workers—including self-employed— 4 weeks of paid family & medical leave. I hope folks understand that this is really BIG. US joins rest of the developed world on paid leave." [Tweet, 11/19/21]

"BBB House Bill includes $400 billion for universal pre-K, free universal preschool for all three and four year olds! Awesome. Truly."[Tweet, 11/19/21]

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healy: "State AGs have held the line on climate change for the past 4 years. But we need national—and global—action now. Let's bring #BuildBackBetter home." [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Nevada State Treasurer Zach Conine: "BBB is good for the country and great for Nevada." [Tweet, 11/19/21]


U.S. Conference of Mayors President, Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley: "We commend the U.S. House of Representatives for advancing these investments in American cities and families. This bill is a national commitment to put families first. America rises and falls with its people, and this legislation affirms that after this pandemic, we will not allow children, working women, seniors, families, or communities to fall so far behind again. We will pull ahead together, expanding education to our youngest children, helping families with child care, making health care more accessible and affordable, providing affordable housing, and securing future generations by fighting climate change. We now urge the U.S. Senate to act swiftly, fight for these important family priorities, and get legislation to the president's desk for his signature, so cities can do even more to help people build back better." [Press Release, 11/19/21]

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, President of the African American Mayors Association: "My colleagues and I are thrilled that the House has advanced the Build Back Better Act, a giant leap toward becoming law. The bill will transform our nation for decades to come. It will improve access to economic prosperity through provisions that strengthen health care, affordable housing, child care, and employment. For example, the package includes four weeks of paid family leave -- a revolutionary provision to strengthen families and help working parents maintain their jobs. The package will also create more than one million affordable homes, allocate significant funding to youth apprenticeship programs, provide additional money for programs that serve out-of-school youth in high-crime and high-poverty areas, and fund employment activities for justice-involved young adults who have dropped out of school. The Build Back Better Act delivers on the president's commitments to communities of color. Now, the Senate must act and send the bill to the president's desk so that we can begin to make some of our most intractable racial justice issues vestiges of the past." [Press Release, 11/19/21]

Tuscon Mayor Regina Romero: "It's a great day to #BuildBackBetter!
Universal Pre-k
Extend the #ChildTaxCredit
Elder Care
Expand Medicare
Climate Action
This legislation will provide direct benefits to Tucsonans and their families." [Tweet, 11/19/21]

St. Louis Mayor Tishaura O. Jones: "#BuildBackBetter will expand child care, extend the #ChildTaxCredit and fund community violence intervention programs - all while having corporations pay their fair share. @RepCori fought hard to pass this legislation through the House. The Senate must take up & pass this bill." [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Irvine Mayor Farrah N. Khan: "The #BuildBackBetterAct passed! Thank you @POTUS for investing in people. Now let's get this passed in the Senate! @SenFeinstein @SenAlexPadilla ?Expanded child tax credit: extended for 1 year ?Universal Pre-K: universal & free preschool for 3 & 4 yo." [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia: "Universal preschool is the most transformative educational achievement in decades and will impact families, the economy, and our competitiveness as a country. As an educator I can't overstate how huge this is for our education system. Congrats Mr. President and Madame Speaker." [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas: "Thank you to Speaker Pelosi and the US House majority for helping our country build back better. Investing in the social infrastructure of our country helps our seniors, children, and families. I hope the Senate acts swiftly to support Kansas City and communities around America." [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer: "The #BuildBackBetter Act is a long overdue investment in America's most vital resource — our people. I'm thankful to House members, including sponsor @RepJohnYarmuth, for passing it & I ask Louisvillians to join me in urging the Senate to send it to @POTUS to sign ASAP!" [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti: "With today's victory in the House for the Build Back Better Act, we are so close to making @POTUS' vision of an economy that works for everyone a reality for the American people." [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin: "Thank you to the @HouseDemocrats for working through the night to pass Build Back Better. This is a transformative piece of legislation that will change the course of many lives here in Birmingham and across our nation." [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx: "Congratulations to the US House leadership on today's passage of #BuildBackBetterAct. Now, to the Senate." [Tweet, 11/19/21]

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio: "We're on the cusp of the greatest investment in working people in history and it's thanks to the leadership of @POTUS, @SpeakerPelosi & our Democratic congressional delegation. #BuildBackBetter is a once in a generation chance to fix our country. @SenateDems: let's get it DONE.": [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf: "Universal preschool. Historic investments in affordable housing + jobs. There's a lot of good in #BuildBackBetter for America, and there's a lot great for Oakland." [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer: "Congress is delivering! Thank you @RepValDemings, @RepDarrenSoto and @RepStephMurphy for supporting @POTUS' #BuildBackBetter Act this morning. These are monumental investments in working families, affordable housing and sustainability that will help Orlando residents." [Tweet, 11/19/21]

San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria: "We are one step closer to making #BuildBackBetter a reality. $550B in new climate investments $150B in new housing resources Universal Pre-K Thank you @RepMikeLevin @RepJuanVargas @RepScottPeters @RepSaraJacobs for your support of this legislation. #ForAllofUs [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Savannah Mayor Van Johnson: "#BREAKING - House of Representatives passes landmark $1.9 trillion #BuildBackBetter Act!" [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg: "Thank you for moving this transformational legislation through the house. It is now on the senate to act accordingly and send the #BuildBackBetterAct to @POTUS Biden's desk." [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone: If the Senate passes the #BuildBackBetter Act, we have a chance to hit our 2030 climate goal. If it doesn't, we stand to miss them by a wide margin. The planet's on the line with this bill. [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Waterloo Mayor Quentin Hart: "The House of Representatives took a giant step forward in enacting the President's economic plan to create jobs, reduce costs, tackle the climate crisis, make our country more competitive, and rebuild the backbone of the country." [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Democratic Mayors Association: #BuildBackBetter will empower Mayors to make lasting investments in jobs, caregiving, education, the climate, and more. We need the Senate to act now. [Tweet, 11/19/21]

State Legislators

Arizona House Democrats: "It's a great morning to get our country back on track. Well done, House. Now let's get this to the finish line, Senators. #BuildBackBetter" [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Arizona State Representative Kelli Butler: "#BuildBackBetter will make quality healthcare more affordable & accessible! #KidsCare #CHIP #Postpartum #Maternalhealth #Mentalhealth Lower #insurance premiums Read more." [Tweet, 11/19/21]

California State Senator Mike McGuire: "The American people - and our climate - will be better off because of the Build Back Better Act. And, to top it off, the we'll see a decrease in the overall federal deficit. Not too damn shabby. Nice work, @JaredHuffman @RepThompson." [Tweet, 11/19/21]

California State Senator Scott Wiener: "Nancy Pelosi: Most effective Speaker in American history Kevin McCarthy: Talks extensively without saying anything of substance. Not qualified to be Speaker. Build Back Better: Transformational legislation for our nation Congratulations, @SpeakerPelosi, for once again leading. [Tweet, 11/19/21]

California Assemblymember Luz Ruvas: "Thank you for supporting this historic piece of legislation @RepCardenas! #BuildBackBetter" [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Colorado Senate President Leroy Garcia: "From the very beginning of the pandemic, we have been laser-focused on building back a stronger, more just Colorado for all, and the Build Back Better Act passed by the House today represents an enormous step forward in realizing that goal. With support from our partners on the federal-level, we have an incredible opportunity to uplift every Coloradan, create more jobs, tackle climate change, and progress into the future. I applaud President Biden and the House for their efforts, and am hopeful that the Senate will follow suit." [Statement, 11/19/21]

Colorado Majority Leader Steve Fenberg: "The vote to advance the Build Back Better Act marks major progress towards realizing President Biden's vision for recovery. This once-in-a-generation spending plan puts us on the road to building an economy that uplifts America from the bottom up. In addition to investments in social safety programs that will ease financial burdens for hard-working families, the plan includes unprecedented investments to curb fossil fuel emissions and combat the climate crisis. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to our Congressional Democrats who worked hard to put forward a plan that will support every single Coloradan." [Statement, 11/19/21]

Connecticut State Representative Matt Blumenthal: "It's hard to overstate how transformative the #BuildBackBetter Act is for our country's families and future. From pre-K to climate to healthcare to prescription costs to housing to community college and more. Thanks @HouseDemocrats! On to you, @SenateDems!" [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Connecticut State Representative Jillian Gilchrest: "Four weeks of paid leave is a start! The bill focuses on "human infrastructure" like social services and programs ranging from education to healthcare to housing to the environment. #paidleave #paidleaveforall [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Florida State Senator Annette Taddeo: "This morning's vote in the House of Representatives is a giant step forward in enacting @POTUS' economic plan: Create jobs Tackle the climate crisis Affordable child care Healthcare access & more Time to rebuild our country #BuildBackBetter" [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Florida State Senator Shevrin "Shev" Jones: "#BuildBackBetter LET'S GO JOE" [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Florida State Representative Angie Nixon: "The #BuildBackBetter Bill just passed in the House. We're one step closer to relief for working families. Childcare is about to be affordable y'all! Thanks @POTUS @JoeBiden" [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Florida State Representative Ben Diamond: "Lower taxes. Good-paying jobs. More affordable health care. Investment in climate action. This is a great day for our country. Thank you @HouseDemocrats for passing the #BuildBackBetter Act. This will be transformational for Florida's families, seniors, and workers." [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Florida State Senator Linda Stewart: "House passes Biden's $1.7 trillion social safety net and climate package. The Build Back Better bill now heads to the Senate, where it's likely to undergo some changes in order to win the support of all 50 Democratic-voting members." [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Florida State Senator Janet Cruz: "HUGE! Great work @SpeakerPelosi for getting it done! Just a few of the major accomplishments included in #BuildBackBetter. I can't wait to help bring it home to #Tampa!" [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Kentucky Senate Democratic Leader Morgan McGarvey: "Great to see the #BuildBackBetter Act pass. A huge thank you to @RepJohnYarmuth for his work and leadership on this. And as a working parent I know that universal pre-K and paid family leave are especially critical. This is a big deal." [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Maine House Speaker Ryan Fecteau: "Working families finally being prioritized. And it makes me so damn happy! #BuildBackBetterAct" [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Michigan State Senator Mallory McMorrow: "HAPPY BUILD BACK BETTER MORNING! The Build Back Better Act has PASSED Congress - huge thanks to the Michigan Democratic Delegation for getting it done! Here's what's in it:… The bill now heads to the US Senate." [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Michigan State Representative Mari Manoogian: "I'm thrilled to see the House take action early this morning to pass the Build Back Better Act, which will help ease the burden on working families across Michigan and America–thank you to Democrats in Michigan's congressional delegation for voting for it!" [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Missouri Senate Democrats: "Huge win for working parents in Missouri with the U.S. House's passage of the Build Back Better Act: Universal preschool for every 3-and 4-year old in America This will help countless Missouri parents stay, succeed, and advance in our workforce: On to the Senate!" [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Nevada State Senator Fabian Doñate: "The Build Back Better Act is a much-needed investment to support our social infrastructure. Thank you @dinatitus, @SusieLeeNV and @StevenHorsford for voting to support this, Nevadans are stronger than ever and ready for the COVID-19 recovery." [Tweet, 11/19/21]

New York Assemblymember Patricia Fahy: "Thank you, @RepPaulTonko, for your commitment to delivering for the Capital Region's middle-class families and support of the #BuildBackBetter bill." [Tweet, 11/19/21]

New York Assemblymember Kenny Burgos: "This morning, the House passed the #BuildBackBetter Act! With investments in paid family leave, universal pre-k, child care, climate action, health care, housing and more, this legislation will only help all New Yorkers. Now it's time for the Senate to get this done!" [Tweet, 11/19/21]

New Hampshire State Senator David Watters: "Yes! Build Back Better passes. Thank you @ChrisPappasNH @AnnMcLaneKuster This is what Democrats do to lift up the country. @NHDems #NHPolitics" [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Oregon House Democrats: "The House just passed Biden's #BuildBackBetter! Off to the Senate! If passed, here's what this means: Pre-k/childcarePaid family leave Hearing and dental health in Medicare Clean energy jobs Lower prescription drug costs Affordable housing Middle class tax cuts." [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Oregon House Speaker Tina Kotek: "The #BuildBackBetter Act just passed the House thanks in no small part to @ORDems and the tireless advocacy of @SEIU, @LCVoters, and others. We are one step closer to making historic investments in child care, health care, climate action, universal pre-k, housing, and more." [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Oregon State Representative Lisa Reynolds: "That feeling when one of your badass friends (@Ali_NWGSD on the right) celebrates The passage of BBB with @AOC holding the flag she (Ali) designed/brought to fruition! #BuildBackBetterAct #orleg #orpol [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Pennsylvania State Senate Democrats: "The #BuildBackBetterAct will help PA'ians by providing child care & care for seniors, creating jobs in manufacturing & clean energy technology, & providing opportunities to put Americans back to work to #BuildBackBetter for future generation." [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Pennsylvania State Senator Amanda Cappelletti: "I'm so proud of @RepDean's vote and hard work to get this done. Thank you Congresswoman Dean for voting YES to Build Back Better!" [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Pennsylvania State Senator Tim Kearney: "The Build Back Better Act is fully paid for and will: create jobs reduce costs tackle the climate crisis make our country more competitive rebuild the backbone of the country – the middle class This is a huge WIN!" [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Pennsylvania State Senator Judy Schwank: "Lower Prescription Drug Prices Lower Health Care Premiums Lower Child Care Costs Expanded Access to Home Care for Seniors Climate Action Tax Cuts for Working Families All this can be accomplished without adding to the deficit. It's time to #BuildBackBetter." [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Pennsylvania Senator Jay Costa: "The #BuildBackBetter Act has PASSED the House!! It will put folks back to work by providing child care and care for seniors - gaps that have kept people, particularly women, out of the workforce. It cuts taxes for working families and ensures billionaires pay their fair share." [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Pennsylvania State Representative Malcolm Kenyatta: "BUILD BACK BETTER" [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Pennsylvania State Representative Dan Frankel: "[Pennsylvania] needs to prioritize bringing its infrastructure to a state of good repair." The #InfrastructureBill will bring $4 billion in new highway and bridge funds to #Pennsylvania. It's high time we invested in Pennsylvania to keep it moving. [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Tennessee State Senator Raumesh Akbari: "#BuildBackBetter makes the largest investment in childcare & early edu EVER! It will provide Tennesseans w/ the healthcare we so desperately need, combat climate change and will prepare us for the jobs of the future. It will in essence- make life better for all. It's a #BFD." [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Texas State Representative Ana-Maria Ramos: "Now that the House has passed the #BuildBackBetter Act, it's up to the Senate to finish the job. I urge you to call your Senators & demand they put people FIRST by voting for this monumental piece of legislation. Not in #Texas? Look up your Senator here:" [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Texas State Representative Trey Martinez Fischer: The House has passed the #BuildBackBetterAct. This transformational legislation will strengthen communities like San Antonio by investing in our people. We now must demand that the U.S. Senate act with urgency to get this on @POTUS's desk. #txlege [Tweet, 11/19/21]
Texas State Representative Carl O. Sherman: "President @JoeBiden's Build Back Better social safety net bill has passed the House of Representatives and now heads to the U.S. Senate. #TXLege #BuildBackBetter" [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Virginia State Senator Jennifer B. Boysko: "House passed #BuildBackBetter expanding social benefits - including #PFML! Thank you @DonBeyerVA @RepWexton @GerryConnolly @RepElaineLuria @RepSpanberger @RepMcEachin @FamilyEconomyVA." [Tweet, 11/29/21]

Virginia State Senator Jennifer McClellan: "The Build Back Better Act passed in the U.S. House! It's the most transformative investment in children and caregiving in generations, the largest effort to combat climate change in American history, and the biggest expansion of affordable health care in a decade." [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Virginia State Senator Ghazala Hashmi: "Thank you, @RepSpanberger and the other members of our Virginia Congressional Delegation who supported the Build Back Better Act. This legislation will have a once-in-a-generation impact on the live s of Virginians, on our healthcare and education systems, and on climate change." [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Virginia Delegate Elizabeth Guzman: "The time is now! The future of America is in @USSenate #BuildBackBetterAct #ImmigrationReformNow" [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Washington Senate Majority Leader Maro Liias: #BuildBackBetterAct invests in the American people and reduces the debt over time, that is what responsible governance looks like! [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Wisconsin State Representative Greta Neubauer: "Whether it's the federal Conservation Corps in #BuildBackBetter or the WI Climate Corps & Green Jobs Training programs in my #ForwardOnClimate package, our neighbors deserve climate-friendly, good-paying jobs." [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Wisconsin State Senator Chris Larson: "The House of Representatives has passed the #BuildBackBetter Act! We are now one step away from affordable child care, Medicaid expansion, steps forward on climate change, and much more. I call on the Senate to act swiftly on these historic investments." [Tweet, 11/19/21]

County Leaders & City Councilmembers

Austin Councilmember Greg Casar: "Congress just passed the #BuildBackBetter Act! Now, we need the Senate to follow suit & pass these popular & necessary policies, including lowering prescription drug costs, increasing affordable housing, paid family leave, and universal Pre-K. Texas working families can't wait." [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Cook County, IL President Toni Preckwinkle: "This morning, the U.S. House of Representatives passed @POTUS's #BuildBackBetter Agenda – a significant step forward in enacting President Biden's economic plan to create jobs, including right here in Cook County. This bill will tackle the climate crisis, provide child care and care for seniors, make our entire country more competitive, and so much more for our middle class. I will continue to follow this legislation closely and champion the bill as it heads to the @USSenate." [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer: "#BuildBackBetter is passed in Congress! We are one step closer to the largest domestic investment in America's families in a generation. Now we take the fight to the Senate." [Tweet, 11/19/21]

New York City Councilmember Brad Lander: "Feeling deeply blessed to spend a few days w/one of my heroes. @AdyBarkan was diagnosed w/ALS five yrs ago. Home care keeps him alive. He's fighting to make it available to all & lift up its workers. The House just did its part. US Senate: you're up." [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Shoreline, WA Councilmember Christopher Roberts: Cities across the nation know that the #BuildBackBetter Act will help our communities. Thank you @RepJayapal for championing this important legislation." [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Tribal Leaders

National Conference of American Indians: "The house has passed H.R. 5376 - the #BuildBackBetter Act. This legislation includes substantial direct tribal investments in child care, housing, health care, public safety and justice, education and language preservation, and much more. Learn more:" [Tweet, 11/19/21]

Tunica-Biloxi Tribe Chairman Marshall Pierite: "I applaud Congress and the Biden Administration for their work thus far, the #BuildBackBetter Act will deliver meaningful outcomes for Tribal communities and rural America, including critical investments in childcare and education that will improve children's lives. The Senate must take action as quickly as possible." [Statement, 11/19/21]

Intergovernmental Associations

Democratic Governors Association: "BREAKING: The House just passed President Biden's Build Back Better Act! Now we're ready to lower prices for health care, child care, prescription drugs, and preschool — and deliver a tax cut for working families." [Tweet, 11/19/21]

"The House just passed the Build Back Better Act, which will: Deliver free, universal pre-K Embark on an unprecedented effort to combat climate change Create millions of good-paying jobs Make health care more affordable" [Tweet, 11/19/21]

National League of Cities (NLC) CEO and Executive Director Clarence E. Anthony: "Together, the bipartisan infrastructure bill and Build Back Better Act (BBBA) will provide investments, opportunities and economic growth critical to sustained recovery for communities across the country. The Build Back Better Act includes key priority areas NLC championed including programs to support workforce development, increase housing affordability and improve climate resilience. As local communities begin using funds from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), our already limited infrastructure workforce will be strained. We need the workforce development funding in the Build Back Better Act to ensure workers are ready and qualified to complete the long list of overdue infrastructure projects cities, towns, and villages face. We urge the Senate to quickly pass the Build Back Better Act so cities can leverage the full opportunities of the infrastructure investments coming their way." [Press Release, 11/19/21]

National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators: "The House has passed the #BuildBackBetterAct we STRONGLY SUPPORT to fund social justice programs and help combat Climate Change. It will benefit all Americans, including Hispanics. The Senate should IMPROVE the immigration language with a Pathway to Citizenship and PASS IT." [Tweet, 11/19/21]

NewDEAL CEO Debbie Cox Bultan: "The Build Back Better Act passed by the House targets solutions that state and local leaders know are crucial to addressing their communities biggest challenges, especially around high costs of living. From child care support and universal preschool to paid family leave and lowering health care premiums, the legislation directs resources to where NewDEAL Leaders and their colleagues across the country see the biggest needs for their constituents. Crucially, this bill also makes huge investments in combating climate change, supercharging the types of efforts that states and cities have prioritized in their climate action plans. I join NewDEALers in urging the Senate to move swiftly to pass this bill and to make these desperately needed solutions a reality for the American people." [Press Release, 11/19/21]

Joseph R. Biden, WHAT THEY ARE SAYING: State and Local Elected Officials and Tribal Leaders Applaud House Passage of Build Back Better Act Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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