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WHAT THEY ARE SAYING: President Biden Marks First Year in Office

January 20, 2022

President Biden and Vice President Harris took office promising to move quickly to deliver results for working families – and that's what they've done in their first year. The President and Vice President made history growing our economy, getting Americans vaccinated, addressing the climate crisis, building a judiciary and government that represents America, and much more. Despite unprecedented challenges, thanks to their leadership, 2021 was a year of record progress for working families.

Today, members of Congress, the Senate, state and local elected leaders, and other prominent voices applauded the administration's accomplishments thus far.

See below for what they're saying:

Members of Congress

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi: "When President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were sworn in one year ago, our nation faced a dark and difficult moment from pandemic and economic crises. One year later, we proudly mark one of the most impactful first years of a presidency in modern times: getting shots into millions of arms, putting money in pockets and delivering the best year of job creation in American history. Together, President Biden and the Democratic Congress have worked relentlessly over the last year to improve countless lives across the country. Fueled by our American Rescue Plan and the President's strong actions on the economy, Democrats have powered an historic economic recovery that has created a record 6.4 million new jobs, slashed the unemployment rate with the biggest single-year drop ever, from 6.2 percent to 3.9 percent, and helping sixteen million Americans off the unemployment rolls. Our Rescue package also kickstarted a never-before-seen vaccination campaign that has gotten shots into the arms of 200 million Americans. With our Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, as we rebuild our infrastructure, we are transforming our middle class: repairing roads and bridges, improving public transit, securing clean water and broadband and much more, in communities across the country. The Congress also applauds President Biden's strong leadership on health care, expanding coverage to nearly five million more Americans and making health care under the ACA more affordable than ever before. One year into President Biden's term, our Democratic Majorities in Congress remain hard at work alongside the Administration to execute his spectacular vision for the future by continuing to support strong communities, lowering costs for American families, tackling the climate crisis and requiring the wealthiest to pay their fair share. We remain committed to delivering on this agenda – now and for decades to come." [Statement, 1/20/22]

Majority Leader Steny Hoyer: "One year ago, President Biden and Vice President Harris took office amid a deadly pandemic and economic crisis that were out of control. Today, most Americans are vaccinated against severe COVID-19, and we've experienced the greatest single year of job growth and economic recovery in our history. More than 6.4 million new jobs were created over the past year, bringing our unemployment rate down from 6.4% to just 3.9% - what economists consider full employment and far lower than experts had predicted. Meanwhile, we've seen real GDP grow faster than any year since 1984. The Dow Jones and NASDAQ indices have delivered double-digit returns for investors, and small-business applications have jumped nearly a third since before the pandemic. Nobody can deny that our economy is recovering steadily and strongly under this Administration. So far under this President and the Democratic-controlled Congress, we saw the enactment of the American Rescue Plan in President Biden's first three months in office -- delivering shots in arms, money in pockets, people in jobs, and tools to safely reopen schools. In the same year, the Biden-Harris Administration also championed transformational, bipartisan investments in infrastructure. The American Rescue Plan will be remembered as one of the most important pieces of legislation of our time, much like core components of the New Deal after President Roosevelt took office, halting the sharp decline in health safety and economic activity under the previous Republican-led government and offering a path back toward normalcy and growth. While the Omicron variant poses new challenges, nearly two out of three Americans are fully vaccinated today, and the vaccines and booster shots have been proven to save lives and improve health outcomes. The Biden-Harris Administration is also providing free testing and masks to meet this challenge and working to keep schools and businesses open safely. As a result of the long-overdue and long-demanded Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, we've started the process of building back better by funding growth-oriented projects in transit, broadband, and clean energy. The previous occupant of the White House promised to get these things done but could not deliver. Moreover, he threatened our allies, cozied up to America's adversaries, and left office just days after inciting a riot to overturn our election that saw law enforcement maimed and killed on the grounds of our Capitol. This past year, President Biden has worked tirelessly to rebuild and strengthen our alliances, uphold the rule of law and our Constitution, and make clear to the enemies of democracy at home and abroad that our American ideals will endure. I congratulate President Biden and Vice President Harris on a successful first year in office and look forward to continuing our work together to keep building back better and providing Americans with responsible government For the People." [Statement, 1/20/22]

California Congressman Ami Bera: "In just one year under @POTUS: 210 million Americans fully vaccinated 6.4 million jobs created 96% of schools open 3.9% unemployment 5 million Americans gained health insurance We've got more work to do, but we've made historic progress." [Tweet, 1/20/22]

California Congressman Ted Lieu: "In the year since @POTUS & @VP were sworn in, we've seen: ? 6.4 million new jobs ? Over 200 million Americans fully vaccinated ? Biggest drop in unemployment ever ? 5 million more Americans with health insurance Thank you @POTUS and @VP. Democrats deliver #ForThePeople" [Tweet, 1/20/22]

California Congressman Juan Vargas: "In one year under @POTUS's leadership, we got millions of shots in arms, helped Americans get back to work, and passed important legislation to create jobs & fix our infrastructure. We've made lots of historic progress, but we're not done delivering #ForThePeople." [Tweet, 1/20/22]

California Congressman Mike Thompson: "1 year since @POTUS took office, here's some of what we've accomplished: ?6.4 million jobs created ?Largest investment in clean water & climate resilience ?Unemployment at 3.9% ?Expanded access to health care ?Most diverse administration in history I'm ready for year 2." [Tweet, 1/20/22]

California Congresswoman Sara Jacobs: "A year ago, we began healing & rebuilding as a nation after four years of relentless attacks on our democratic values. Thanks to the bold leadership of @POTUS + @VP, we've come a long way in strengthening our democracy & restoring hope. Here's to another, even brighter year!" [Tweet, 1/20/22]

California Congressman Jimmy Gomez: "Today marks one year since @POTUS & @VP took office. Here's how they delivered #ForThePeople ?? ?200 million Americans vaccinated ? 6.4 million jobs created ? 5 million more ppl w/ health care ?? Lowest child poverty rate ever ?? American Rescue Plan & Infrastructure Law" [Tweet, 1/20/22]

Colorado Congressman Joe Neguse: "One year ago President Biden took office. And today? Job growth is up ?? Unemployment is down ?? 75% of Americans have been vaccinated. & we're implementing a historic investment in infrastructure, broadband and economic growth. #DemocratsDeliver" [Tweet, 1/20/22]

Connecticut Congressman John Larson: "In the 1st year of the Biden Presidency, we've created 6 million jobs, sent $858 million #ChildTaxCredit payments to CT, vaccinated 200 million people, passed COVID-relief, passed huge infrastructure investments & more. We will keep delivering to the American people!" [Tweet, 1/20/22]

Delaware Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester: "It's been 1 year since @POTUS & @VP took office. In that year, we've made historic progress. From vaccinating over 70% of adults, to creating over 6 million new jobs, to passing a bipartisan law to rebuild our nation's crumbling infrastructure - America is on the move again. There's still more work to do but I'm confident that with President Biden and Vice President Harris at the helm, we'll continue to move America forward each and every day." [Tweet, 1/20/22]

Florida Congresswoman Lois Frankel: "President Biden and Vice President Harris inherited several crises when they took office, including an economic downturn that left millions unemployed and a dire public health emergency that had taken hundreds of thousands of lives. From day one, the Administration has been working tirelessly with Congressional Democrats to deliver help to working families. Under their leadership, we passed the American Rescue Plan to get shots in the arms of 200 million Americans, help families pay their bills, and keep millions of kids out of poverty. We created 6.4 million jobs—the highest ever recorded in a single year—and passed the biggest investment in infrastructure this country has seen in a century. There is still more work to do as we fight the pandemic and inflation. I look forward to continuing to work alongside the President and Vice President as we Build Back Better." [Statement, 1/20/22]

Illinois Congressman Bill Foster: "It was a historic first year for @POTUS: ?? 210 million Americans fully vaccinated ?? 96% of schools open ?? 6.4 million jobs created (most ever in one year) ?? 3.9% unemployment ?? 5 million Americans gained health care coverage ?? $1.2 trillion in infrastructure investment" [Tweet, 1/20/22]

Illinois Congressman Bobby Rush: "6.4 million. That's how many jobs were created during President Biden's first year in office. 2021 was the biggest year of job creation in American history. Thanks to the #BidenBoom, unemployment is down, GDP is up, and Americans have more disposable income in their pockets." [Tweet, 1/20/22]

Massachusetts Congresswoman Lori Trahan: "Today marks one year since the start of @POTUS' & @VP's administration. One year of progress, growth & work to #BuildBackBetter for working families everywhere — and we're just getting started!" [Tweet, 1/20/22]

Michigan Congresswoman Debbie Dingell: "1 year in, Democrats & @POTUS have done a lot of good work for the American people: ?? Vaccinated 200+ million people ?? Added 6.4 million jobs ?? Cut taxes for families with children, lowering the child poverty rate ?? Invested in COVID relief & critical infrastructure projects" [Tweet, 1/20/22]

Missouri Congressman Emanuel Cleaver: "Since @POTUS & @VP took office: -210 million Americans vaccinated -6.4 million jobs created -3.9% unemployment rate -Historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Law enacted -5 million Americans gained health insurance Much work left to do, but we're making good progress!" [Tweet, 1/20/22]

New Mexico Congresswoman Teresa Leger Fernandez: "One year ago President Biden was sworn in. Since then Congressional Democrats have: ? Passed a historic investment in our infrastructure ? Ramped up our vaccination efforts ? Created more than 6 million new jobs ? And more" [Tweet, 1/20/22]

New York Congressman Mondaire Jones: "Since his inauguration one year ago today, @POTUS has: ?Created 4.8 million jobs ?Vaccinated nearly 80% of the population ??Cut child poverty in half ??Invested $1.2 trillion in our nation's infrastructure And more. Thanks to his leadership, we're delivering For the People." [Tweet, 1/20/22]

North Carolina Congresswoman Kathy Manning: "Today marks one year of @POTUS historic presidency. Together, we passed the American Rescue Plan & Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to invest in our communities, create 6.4 million jobs and bring unemployment down to 3.9%. I look forward to building on this progress." [Tweet, 1/20/22]

Ohio Congresswoman Shontel Brown: "One year ago, @POTUS & @VP took office. More than 200m Americans are fully vaccinated. A record 6.4m jobs were created. Child poverty hit the lowest rate ever. Largest Infrastructure Bill in generations signed into law. That is what delivering for the people looks like." [Tweet, 1/20/22]

Pennsylvania Congresswoman Chrissy Houlahan: "1 year ago, @POTUS was sworn into office. Since then, we: -Delivered the #AmericanRescuePlan -Made historic investments in infrastructure -Helped vaccinate 250M people -Created 6.4M jobs, bringing unemployment down to 3.9% But there's still more to be done. Let's get to work." [Tweet, 1/20/22]

Pennsylvania Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon: "In their 1st year, @POTUS and @VP: ? Got shots in arms to save lives ? Got people back to work ? Passed laws to create jobs and rebuild our infrastructure ? Expanded affordable health care ?? Restored America's global leadership ? Took action to tackle the climate crisis" [Tweet, 1/20/22]

Majority Whip Jim Clyburn: "In his first year, @POTUS: ? Put shots in arms, getting 210 million Americans fully vaccinated ? Added 6.4 million jobs ? Enacted the historic American Rescue Plan & Bipartisan Infrastructure Package I commend him for a historic year in the face of unprecedented challenges." [Tweet, 1/20/22]

Virginia Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton: "In the year since @POTUS took office, we've delivered a sweeping Rescue Plan that helped create more jobs than any time in our history and a historic bipartisan deal to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. We'll keep building on that progress so every family recovers strong." [Tweet, 1/20/22]

Virginia Congressman Bobby Scott, Chair of the House Education and Labor Committee: "In the year since @POTUS & @VP were sworn in: ?200 million Americans vaccinated ? 6.4 million jobs added - the most ever in 1 year ??Enacted American Rescue Plan & Infrastructure Law ? Lowest child poverty rate ever ?? 5 million more ppl w/ health care" [Tweet, 1/20/22]

Wisconsin Congressman Mark Pocan: "In the first year of the Biden Administration, @HouseDemocrats worked with @POTUS to deliver for everyday Americans. Now, we turn our focus to the next year — there's important work to be done." [Tweet, 1/20/22]


Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi: "When President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were sworn in one year ago, our nation faced a dark and difficult moment from pandemic and economic crises. One year later, we proudly mark one of the most impactful first years of a presidency in modern times: getting shots into millions of arms, putting money in pockets and delivering the best year of job creation in American history. Together, President Biden and the Democratic Congress have worked relentlessly over the last year to improve countless lives across the country. Fueled by our American Rescue Plan and the President's strong actions on the economy, Democrats have powered an historic economic recovery that has created a record 6.4 million new jobs, slashed the unemployment rate with the biggest single-year drop ever, from 6.2 percent to 3.9 percent, and helping sixteen million Americans off the unemployment rolls. Our Rescue package also kickstarted a never-before-seen vaccination campaign that has gotten shots into the arms of 200 million Americans. With our Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, as we rebuild our infrastructure, we are transforming our middle class: repairing roads and bridges, improving public transit, securing clean water and broadband and much more, in communities across the country. The Congress also applauds President Biden's strong leadership on health care, expanding coverage to nearly five million more Americans and making health care under the ACA more affordable than ever before. One year into President Biden's term, our Democratic Majorities in Congress remain hard at work alongside the Administration to execute his spectacular vision for the future by continuing to support strong communities, lowering costs for American families, tackling the climate crisis and requiring the wealthiest to pay their fair share. We remain committed to delivering on this agenda – now and for decades to come." [Joint Statement, 1/20/22]

California Senator Alex Padilla: "One year ago today @JoeBiden was inaugurated as president and I was sworn in as a US Senator. There are many battles that we've won, others that we continue to fight. Through it all I will continue to represent the great people of California by pushing for progress on all fronts." [Tweet, 1/20/22]

New Jersey Senator Cory Booker: "One year in, thanks to @POTUS and @VP: 200+ million vaccinated ? 6.4 million new jobs ???????? American Rescue Plan ?? Bipartisan infrastructure law for ????? Though big challenges remain, I'm proud of their work." [Tweet, 1/20/22]

Delaware Senator Chris Coons, Chair of the Senate Ethics Committee: "In one year, @POTUS has gotten shots in arms, secured generational investment in our roads and bridges, and rebuilt relationships with our allies overseas. Happy Anniversary, President Biden." [Tweet, 1/20/22]

Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth: "A year into his presidency, @POTUS and Democrats have delivered: ?????A record-breaking year for job growth ?Checks in pockets and shots in arms ?Better roads, cleaner water, faster internet ?A 3.9% unemployment rate ?Support for small biz And we're just getting started." [Tweet, 1/20/22]

Maryland Senator Chris Van Hollen: "365 days ago @POTUS was sworn in as our Capitol was still on lockdown & our nation in shock We got to work & passed the #AmericanRescuePlan, #Infrastructure modernization law, & more A historic recovery is now underway. There's more work to do – but we've come a long, long way" [Tweet, 1/20/22]

Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow, Chair of the Senate Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry Committee: "It's been one year since President Biden took office, and businesses have created a record 6.4 million jobs! Our economy is recovering step by step thanks to Democrats and our partnership with @POTUS." [Tweet, 1/20/22]

New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen: "Happy 1-year anniversary in office @POTUS. From the American Rescue Plan that helped families get through COVID, to the bipartisan infrastructure deal that provides historic investments, the Biden admin has put working families first. Looking forward to our continued partnership." [Tweet, 1/20/22]

Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey: "One year ago today, @POTUS and @VP inherited the worst public health crisis in a century and major economic challenges. Since that time, the Biden-Harris Administration has made substantial progress to combat COVID-19, get people back to work and get our economy back on track. More than 200 million Americans received vaccines and 6.5 million jobs were created last year—the most ever in our Nation's history. Communities have just begun to feel the impacts of the infrastructure law, which will create jobs and bolster local economies for years to come. We still have work to do to reach the light at the end of the tunnel of this pandemic and lower costs for families, but @POTUS promised to Build Back Better, and with Democrats in Congress, he's doing just that." [Tweet Thread, 1/20/22]

Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse: "Our nation opened a new, hopeful chapter one year ago. With President Biden at the helm, Democrats quickly passed our American Rescue Plan, sending a lifeline to Rhode Island families and small businesses that had been knocked around by the pandemic. Today, lifesaving vaccines are free and plentiful, and the nation has added 6.4 million jobs. We also passed a historic bipartisan infrastructure law that will upgrade Rhode Island's roads, bridges, ports, and airports, and set up our economy for long-term growth. There's no question COVID-19 has thrown the entire world some curveballs, but we have competent, steady leadership in the White House that is addressing new challenges as they come. I look forward to working with President Biden this year to continue delivering on the issues that matter to Rhode Islanders, like lowering costs for families, making health care more affordable, and leading the planet to safety in the race against climate change." [Statement, 1/20/22]


Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia: "President Biden's first year includes record job growth, an impressive slate of new judges, vaccinating 75% of the country, a historic infrastructure bill, and the American rescue plan. Now it's time to pass Build Back Better and continue work on expanding voting rights" [Tweet, 1/20/22]

San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria: "In year one @POTUS & @VP have delivered for San Diego: $300 million in relief to keep City working Historic Infrastructure Investments on the way Progress on TJ River Valley $150 million in Rental Assistance to support 14K families 480 Emergency Housing Vouchers" [Tweet, 1/20/22]

Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava: "We're 1 year into
@POTUS's term and we have accomplished so much:
American Rescue Plan
Bipartisan Infrastructure Law
Record low unemployment
$1.1B for Everglades Restoration

All part of historic action to help families and businesses thrive & rebound stronger than ever." [Tweet, 1/20/22]

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot: "One year ago today we celebrated the transfer of national power to @POTUS Biden & @VP Harris. While at #MayorsDC22, I'd like to express my gratitude for leadership that prioritizes families, the working class & jobs for all. The future is bright for our nation and Chicago." [Tweet, 1/20/22]

Louisville Mayor Greg Fisher: "As we mark 1 year for @POTUS & @VP, we are thankful for the #AmericanRescuePlan, infrastructure bill, COVID-19 vaccines/at-home tests & more. Their work &unprecedented investments contributed to our strong economic recovery & better positioned us to overcome challenges & thrive." [Tweet, 1/20/22]

State Legislators

Arizona State Representative Andres Cano: "In @POTUS 's 1st year in office, Arizona has: Added 120,000 jobs, Decreased unemployed claims by 78%, Received $6.8 B to help cities & counties combat COVID-19 Thx to the #AmericanRescurePlan, we've saved restaurants, kept schools open, and created 32,000 new businesses." [Tweet, 1/20/22]

Arizona State Representative Marcelino Quinonez: "Happy one year anniversary to The Biden-?Harris Administration! Your compassion, forward thinking, and collaborative spirit is helping us all Build Back Better." [Tweet, 1/20/22]

Colorado State Senate Democratic Caucus: "In just 1 year of the Biden Admin, we're well on our way to building back better from the pandemic. Since last year, @POTUS has: Chart with upwards trend created over 6M jobs Chart with downwards trend lowered unemployment from 6.2% to 3.9% Hospital helped 5M Americans gain health insurance #DemocratsDeliver #coleg" [Tweet, 1/20/22]

Connecticut State Senator Jorge Cabrera: "One year in, President Biden has continually delivered for families in the 17th Senate District. The American Rescue Plan provided people and small businesses with economic relief, while sending aid to towns to support their recovery from COVID-19. (1/2)" [Tweet, 1/20/22]

Connecticut State Senator Bob Duff: "Thanks @POTUS and @VP for your work this last year. The link below is details a long list of accomplishments over the last year. #states4joe" [Tweet, 1/20/22]

Connecticut State Senator Will Haskell We're one year into @POTUS' term, and thanks to his historic infrastructure package CT will receive $3.5 billion to repair aging roads and $561 million for replace crumbling bridges. These investments are critical for our state, but especially for commuters in Fairfield County." [Tweet, 1/20/22]

Connecticut State Senate Democratic Caucus Thank you, @POTUS Joe Biden, for restoring dignity, service, and patriotism to the Oval Office. Today and every day, we're proud to call you our " [Tweet, 1/20/22]

Georgia State Senate Democratic Caucus: "Congratulations, @POTUS Joe Biden, on 1 year in office! Thank you for investing in the people of Georgia and continuing to fight for our rights. The American Rescue Plan helps Georgians every day! #States4Joe" [Tweet, 1/20/22]

Georgia State Representative Shea Roberts: "Today is the one-year anniversary of @POTUS @VP @Ossoff @ReverendWarnock taking office. From getting shots in arms to getting Georgians back to work to passing an infrastructure law that will create thousands of new jobs, they've delivered historic wins for our state. #gapol" [Tweet, 1/20/22]

Nevada State Senator Pat Spearman: "FACT: The Biden-Harris Administration rolled out the most effective vaccination program in history to combat #COVID19. And now, households in America will be able to receive free masks and COVID tests delivered to their homes. Thanks, @POTUS!" [Tweet, 1/20/22]

Nevada Assemblyman Steve Yeager: "It has been a year since his inauguration, but I'm as proud as ever to call @POTUS Joe Biden the leader of our party and our nation. Federal aid to Nevada has been crucial in our recovery. I am looking forward to continuing the work of #BuildBackBetter. #Onward #States4Joe" [Tweet, 1/20/22]

Nevada Assemblywoman Susie Martinez: "One year ago today, @POTUS was sworn in at a time of economic turmoil and a raging pandemic. One year later: 6.4 million jobs added in 2021, 3.9% unemployment rate , Passed the American Rescue Plan & the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, Over 200M Americans vaccinated" [Tweet, 1/20/22]

Political Groups

Building Back Together: One year ago today, President Joe Biden was sworn into office and delivered his inaugural address, outlining the challenges ahead for the country, and what he would do to take them on. The President noted that "few periods in our nation's history have been more challenging or difficult than the one we're in now," saying "millions of jobs have been lost," and "hundreds of thousands of businesses closed."

The President didn't only outline the challenges, he spoke about what he would do to take them on – that with unity, Americans can do great things:
"With unity we can do great things. Important things. We can right wrongs. We can put people to work in good jobs. We can teach our children in safe schools. We can overcome this deadly virus. We can reward work, rebuild the middle class, and make health care secure for all. We can deliver racial justice. We can make America, once again, the leading force for good in the world."

One year later, the Biden-Harris Administration has made tremendous strides, including fueling a historic economic recovery, implementing an unprecedented vaccine program, getting Americans back to work, and passing major pieces of economic legislation, including the American Rescue Plan and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. He also hasn't taken his foot off the gas, continuing to work to drive down prices, fight the pandemic, and finish the job to pass the Build Back Better Act.

President Biden promised to deliver for Americans, and is making enormous progress only one year into his first term. And he's not stopping there, because he knows there's more to do to put working and middle class families first. [Statement 1/20/22]

Jessica Post, Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee: So when @POTUS and @VP took office, less than 1 percent of Americans were fully vaccinated and now, just one year in, nearly 75% of adults are vaccinated, 88% of seniors and 19 million kids. Really incredible when you think about it. #states4joe [Tweet, 1/20/22]

Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee: Congrats @POTUS on one year in office! Thanks for getting shots in arms and America back on track – including passing the American Rescue Plan, the most progressive legislation in US history. We can't wait to keep building back better! #States4Joe [Tweet, 1/20/22]

Democratic Governors Association Chair Roy Cooper: "The first year of Joe Biden's presidency has been defined by actual results Americans can see and feel in their everyday lives, beginning with an enormous vaccination effort that got hundreds of millions of people vaccinated and saved countless lives. President Biden has achieved the most impactful legislative agenda for a first-year president — period. The American Rescue Plan put checks in people's pockets, lifted millions of children out of poverty and paved the way for the nation's fastest economic growth in decades. In addition, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law provided a long-overdue investment in America's infrastructure that will give families increased access to clean water and high-speed internet and revitalized public transportation and roadways. In the face of unprecedented crises on many fronts, President Biden and Vice President Harris have made good on their promise to deliver results for working families. There is no doubt that President Biden and Vice President Harris will continue to tackle the biggest challenges facing our nation head-on, and fight for American families every day." [Statement, 1/20/22]

New DEAL Leaders: "While there is much work ahead to pass legislation to invest in our country's working families, address longstanding inequities, continue to respond to climate change, and counter threats to our democracy, it is clear that the first year of the Biden-Harris Administration has brought substantial progress for NewDEAL Leaders, their colleagues, and the people they serve." [Tweet, 1/20/22]

Advocacy Organizations

Common Defense: "FACT: The Biden-Harris Administration rolled out the most effective vaccination program in history to combat #COVID19. And now, households in America will be able to receive free masks and COVID tests delivered to their homes. Thanks, @POTUS!" [Tweet, 1/20/22]

VoteVets: "Happy Joe Biden Replaced Donald Trump Day to all who celebrate! Just a reminder that Joe Biden is Donald Trump's President" [Tweet, 1/20/22]

Center for American Progress: President Joe Biden took office one year ago amid one of the worst economies in generations, but the U.S. economy has since made tremendous progress toward recovery, and workers are benefiting. [Article 1/20/22]

LGBTQ Nation: "Today marks the one-year anniversary of Joe Biden's inauguration as the 46th President of the United States. Between working to undo his predecessor's bigotry and fighting the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Biden has also made numerous strides to uplift the LGBTQ community. These 64 accomplishments below mark only the most notable of Biden's pro-LGBTQ highlights from the last year. They don't include all of the numerous out professionals he has assigned to federal agencies, his administration's numerous comments in support of the LGBTQ community, or their behind-the-scenes actions to help broaden LGBTQ rights." [Article, 1/20/22]

Human Rights Campaign: "One day before the one year anniversary of the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) celebrates the advances that have been made in LGBTQ+ rights under the Biden-Harris administration. Since day one, the Biden-Harris White House has taken concrete, meaningful steps to reverse the anti-LGBTQ+ policies of the previous administration, while also working to ensure government agencies don't discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, close the gaps in measurable outcomes for marginalized populations and increase LGBTQ+ representation at all levels of government. 'We at the Human Rights Campaign want to thank President Biden and Vice President Harris for their principled and committed policies in support of LGBTQ+ rights," said HRC Interim President Joni Madison. "For a community that is all too often under attack from a variety of regressive, self-serving actors, having strong LGBTQ+ allies in the White House has been a comfort to the community. From rolling back discriminatory policies and providing affirmative non-discrimination protections, to appointing LGBTQ+ people to prominent positions, to continuing to share the message of the importance of LGBTQ+ inclusion and equality, this administration has been as consistent in advancing the cause of progress as any we have seen. There's still a lot more to be done, and we at HRC look forward to working with the Biden-Harris administration and partners in Congress to ensure that essential reforms – including the LGBTQ+ protections in the Equality Act and the voting rights safeguards currently before the Senate – become the law of the land.'" [Statement, 1/19/22]

Joni Madison, President, Human Rights Campaign: We are thankful for a year of principled and committed policies in support of LGBTQ+ rights from the Biden-Harris administration. This year, let's pass essential reforms – including the #EqualityAct and the voting rights safeguards – together. [Tweet, 1/20/22]

BOLD PAC: Despite Republican Efforts to Block Crucial Aid, the @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris Administration Delivered for Millions of Latinos. When working families elect Democrats they get real results that improve their lives. [Tweet 1/20/22]

Zac Petkanas, Invest in America: "Facing an unprecedented economic downturn and a botched pandemic response, President Biden took charge and has more than delivered in year one, bringing our economy back from the brink, reducing unemployment to its lowest level in decades, and attacking the COVID pandemic head-on. The American Rescue Plan and Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal are landmark public infrastructure investments that have revitalized our economy.

"But as the president said: there is still work to do. Congress must finish the job and pass the Build Back Better Act, which 65 percent of voters support. Build Back Better will make key investments in our economy, infrastructure, education, child care, clean energy, and more. These investments are critical and urgently needed to cut costs for families, grow our economy, and deliver for middle class workers." [Statement 1/20/22]

Climate Power: One year ago, President Biden was inaugurated with a climate mandate. Since then, @POTUS introduced—and the House passed—the most significant climate bill in history.

Now it's time for the Senate to pass the Build Back Better Act, delivering the climate action we voted for. [Tweet 1/20/22]

MoveOn: Between a massive vaccine roll out, and historic investments in infrastructure, President Biden accomplished a lot in his first year. But we still have work to do - lets keep the momentum going into 2022! #BidenYear1Wins [Tweet 1/20/22]
?Today the Biden-Harris Admin turns 1! In just one year, @POTUS and @VP have:
? Brought back our economy
? Passed the American Rescue Plan
? Passed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law
? Created millions of good-paying jobs
And they are just getting started. [Tweet, 1/20/22]

Protect Our Care: We're one year into the Biden Administration. Let's focus on the health achievements in the last year [Tweet, 1/20/22]

National Wildlife Federation: Since day one, @POTUS has prioritized tackling the climate crisis: ?
?Rejoined the Paris Accord
?????Centered environmental justice
?Delivered climate-smart investments
?Restored protection for sacred lands
??Approved the biggest offshore wind project in U.S. history [Tweet 1/20/22]

UNITE HERE: As we creep into the third year of this global pandemic, we know we are still so far from the end of this fight. But we look forward to continuing to work alongside the administration on the #BuildBackBetter Agenda to ensure a just recovery where we can all #ComeBackStronger. [Tweet, 1/20/22]

Lisa Frank, Executive Director, Environment America: When President Biden took office last January, there was a tremendous sense of relief and hope from an environmental community that had been playing mostly defense at the federal level the past four years. This report shows those feelings were justified. Americans count on the federal government to safeguard the air we breathe, the water we drink and the public lands we enjoy, and on these fronts the Biden administration has made encouraging progress." [Statement, 1/20/22]

Business Leaders

Liz Fairchild, Executive Director, Business Forward: "President Biden set the tone early when he took decisive Executive Actions on day one, including revoking the Muslim travel ban and rejoining the Paris Climate Accord. More than 1,000 small business leaders from our network signed a statement in support of the President's actions — and that was just the start. In the Administration's first month, Congress passed a $1.9 trillion recovery package, the American Rescue Plan with the support of corporate America. This past summer, the President brought Republicans and Democrats together to pass the biggest investment in the nation's public works in a generation, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Business supports these critical long term investments in American transportation, broadband, and the electric grid. The Administration has also successfully rolled out major COVID-19 vaccines at home and abroad, offering protection for more than 200 million Americans and sending another 400 million doses to developing countries. More than 95% of schools are open and the economy grew faster this past year than it has in decades, adding a record 6.4 million jobs. The business community supports the successes of the past year and decisive actions that create jobs, bolster local economies, and strengthen our communities." [Statement, 1/20/22]

CAP Action:
? 210M Americans fully vaccinated
? 6.4M jobs created
? A historic drop in unemployment to 3.9%
If this is what Biden can achieve in ONE YEAR, imagine four. [Tweet, 1/20/22]

Labor Unions:

Robert Martinez, President, IAM: The Machinists Union is giving high marks for the Biden-Harris administration's one-year anniversary in office, which has included the passage of pro-worker, pro-democracy legislation that supports and grows the labor movement.

"The Biden-Harris administration's policies are good for working families, including IAM members who have benefited from the actions of this administration," said IAM International President Robert Martinez Jr. "When I met with the administration at the beginning of their term, I advocated for investment in infrastructure that will benefit American workers and communities. President Biden kept his promise to strengthen Buy American laws and support extending much-needed economic relief to all workers, including our members in the airlines, manufacturing and transportation industries. The IAM looks forward to continuing to work with the Biden-Harris administration to move the pro-worker, pro-democracy agenda." [Statement, 01/20/22]

Chris Shelton, President, CWA: During his campaign, Joe Biden pledged to be the most pro-worker president in our country's history and he has spent the last 365 days delivering on that promise. On his very first day in office, President Biden fired Peter Robb, Donald Trump's union-busting National Labor Relations Board general counsel, making it clear that he stood on the side of workers, not corporations. He nominated Jennifer Abruzzo, a brilliant former CWA attorney who understands how the actions of the NLRB impact the daily lives of people at their workplaces. With Abruzzo as general counsel and the addition of Gwynne Wilcox and David Prouty to the NLRB, the Board has a pro-worker majority and is once again fulfilling its mission to protect the right of workers to join together to improve their wages and working conditions. He appointed a union member - Marty Walsh - as Secretary of Labor, and used his executive power to strengthen Buy America requirements for federal spending, provide protections, job security, and a minimum wage increase for federal contractors, ban non-compete agreements that limit job opportunities, and ensure that jobs and wages are taken into account during banking mergers. Throughout the Biden administration, union leaders and activists are being invited to share information and expertise to help shape policies that affect working people. President Biden established a Task force on Worker Organizing and Empowerment, led by Vice President Kamala Harris. He has used his bully pulpit to encourage workers to join unions and to demand that companies stop bringing in scabs when workers go on strike. President Biden has had two monumental legislative victories in his first year: the American Rescue Plan and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. The American Rescue Plan provided critical funding to keep workers safe, protect jobs, and stabilize the pensions we've earned. It extended the successful payroll support program, directing money toward saving thousands of airline jobs instead of sending it into the pockets of executives and shareholders. Funding from the bill is being used to provide premium pay for essential state and local government workers and to invest in broadband infrastructure. The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will transform our lives, finally addressing much needed repair and improvements to our roads, bridges, airports, and utilities. The bill supports the expansion and affordability of broadband and prioritizes broadband projects from employers who follow labor law. All of this investment means more jobs, not just during the buildout phase, but because the new infrastructure will create new opportunities. While President Biden has laid a strong foundation, much remains to be done. The COVID pandemic has disrupted our lives, and over a million women have left the workforce, many because of a lack of affordable childcare options. Workers are organizing for better pay and working conditions, but weak and outdated labor laws make it much too difficult for them to build power by joining unions. With each passing day the potential impact of climate change grows more severe. President Biden's worker-centered Build Back Better plan would address these problems, but it remains mired in the U.S. Senate, trapped by arcane rules and procedures, including the filibuster, that allow a small number of Senators to block policies supported by large majorities of Americans. As we enter the second year of the Biden presidency, we must use our voices and our votes to build on the progress that we have made and empower working people to make lasting change by passing the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act and the Public Service Freedom to Negotiate Act. [Statement, 01/20/22]

Mary Kay Henry, President, SEIU: "A year into the Biden-Harris presidency, we've seen enormous accomplishments—shots in arms, checks in pockets, measures to empower working people and hold corporations accountable—and groundbreaking proposals to invest in union jobs, the care economy, climate resilience and more, all because working people organized to demand bold change. Essential workers and Black, brown, Asian and immigrant voters turned out in record numbers in 2020 to elect leaders to the White House, Senate and House to take action to build an inclusive economy that works for working people, not just the wealthy and corporations. In his first year as president, Biden has made COVID vaccines widely available and delivered pandemic relief benefits to families in record time. One of his first actions in office was to reorganize the National Labor Relations Board, sending a message that he was not going to allow the government to be used to further corporate interests at the expense of workers' rights. He raised the minimum wage for federal contractors to $15 an hour, spurring more states and cities to take that crucial step for all working people. He backed game-changing investments in home care workers and people who need care. Along the way, he ensured that working families received monthly child care tax credits, so that parents and child care workers could continue to work their essential jobs. Biden's list of accomplishments would be even longer by now if he weren't up against an authoritarian faction that is bent not just on seeing him fail, but on burning down democracy itself. Rather than standing up for working people who are demanding to be respected, protected, and paid living wages, Republican leadership has given itself entirely over to extremists and corporate interests. There's more work to be done. We will continue to fight—to Build Back Better with historic investments in jobs, secure our most sacred rights as voters and win protections for immigrant workers and their families. We believe that Joe Biden's presidency is critical to the future we have been organizing for decades." [Statement, 01/20/22]

Transportation Workers Union: "Today Marks on year since @POTUS Joe Biden's inauguration. In his first year in office, he has done some fantastic things for transport workers. Here are a few: (a thread) The American Rescue Plan funded transit, school bus, rail, and airline worker support to keep everyone employed and healthy through the end of the pandemic. Bipartisan infrastructure bill delivered historic investments for transit and rail with a full suite of labor protections. Pro-worker majorities at the @NLRB and NMB are helping expand workers' access to labor rights. or the first time ever, @NHTSAgov put out data collection and oversight requirements for autonomous vehicle manufacturers to hold this technology accountable to our safety standards. @USDOT published new Innovation Principles that put workers at the center of the conversation for new technology in transportation. @USDOL strongly defended transit workers' rights to negotiate for good retirement benefits under section 13c – reversing a bad decision by the Trump administration. Updated @USDOL rules for federal contractors guarantee workers the first-right-of-refusal to new jobs when a federal contract changes companies. Instructed @USDOT to publish NPRM on 10-hour rest rule for flight attendants, reversing years of delay by the Trump administration." [Twitter thread, 1/20/22]

AFL-CIO'S Transportation Trades Department: Biden's First Year in Office was a Capstone Year of Legislative Victories for Transportation Labor Unions and Workers [Blog, 1/20/22]

Lonnie Stephenson, President, IBEW: "On the campaign trail and throughout his presidency, Joe Biden has promised to be the most pro-union, pro-worker president in history. As President Biden celebrates his first year in office, I can say with confidence his actions are matching his words. "During his first year in office, President Biden took significant and historic steps to promote, protect, and enhance the rights of working people, including IBEW members. He appointed a union member to lead the Department of Labor. He created the first-ever White House Task Force on Worker Organizing and Empowerment. He ordered the federal government to spend taxpayer dollars on American goods made by American workers, and he signed dozens of executive orders that promote worker-friendly policies, including those that create good jobs in the energy sector. Among other significant achievements, President Biden signed into law the historic $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, which provided working families the financial support they needed to make it through the pandemic. Included in this legislation is the Butch Lewis Emergency Pension Plan Relief Act, which saved pensions for millions, ensuring that those who work for a living will retire with the dignity they were promised. And he signed into law the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the single largest investment in infrastructure in American history. This once-in-a-generation investment in infrastructure will put millions to work in good, union jobs modernizing the electric grid, repairing and expanding the vital transportation services Americans rely on, and creating the reduced-carbon energy solutions that will power our economy well into the 21st century and beyond. On behalf of the IBEW's 775,000 active and retired members, I applaud President Biden on these achievements and thank him for prioritizing the needs of working families." [Statement, 01/20/22]

American Federation of Teachers: "Today the Biden-Harris Admin turns 1! In just one year, @POTUS and @VP have:
Brought back our economy
Passed the American Rescue Plan
Passed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law
Created millions of good-paying jobs
And they are just getting started." [Tweet, 1/20/22]

Lee Saunders, President, AFSCME: "The Biden-Harris administration made a promise to fight for working people. And bar none, this is the most pro-union White House in generations. The president and the vice president share working people's values and have governed accordingly, sticking their necks out to advance our rights and freedoms. They understand what keeps Americans up at night. They have expressed solidarity with workers trying to form unions. They have been outspoken and unapologetic in their support for collective bargaining to win better pay and benefits for all, not just the people at the top. The American Rescue Plan, signed by President Biden just seven weeks into his term, invested hundreds of millions of dollars in public services, saving jobs and keeping our everyday heroes on the front lines. That's on top of direct checks to working families, education funding to reopen schools safely, enhanced unemployment benefits and a whole lot more. A few months ago, President Biden signed an infrastructure bill that will create union jobs and revitalize our communities by upgrading everything from roads and public transit to water systems and broadband. There is plenty of unfinished business. It remains critical that we expand voting rights and protect the integrity of our democracy. We have joined the president in that struggle and will continue doing everything possible to ensure fair elections that give every citizen a voice. The administration, together with its allies, must now focus its energies on passing key components of the Build Back Better Agenda, transforming millions of lives by lowering prescription drug costs and making child care more affordable, among many other things. And we still need labor law reform, making it easier for workers to organize and claim their seat at the table. We have seen major accomplishments on behalf of working people during the first year of the Biden-Harris administration. Now, we must continue the fight for greater progress in the years to come." [Statement, 01/20/22]

Former Leaders

Barack Obama: "In his inaugural address one year ago today, @POTUS committed to 'press forward with speed and urgency, for we have much to do in this winter of peril and possibility.' In the year since, he and the @VP have made significant progress in the face of enormous challenges. For eight years, I witnessed firsthand the empathy and precision @POTUS brought to our work repairing the American economy. And one year into his presidency, President Biden's administration has led a historic recovery effort. Under his leadership, our economy set the record for the most jobs added in a single year. Over 200 million people are now vaccinated against COVID-19. The American Rescue Plan provided relief to families. More people can now afford healthcare. This Administration has also recommitted to the fight against climate change, and signed a crucial infrastructure law to improve roads and buildings across our country. And they're only getting started. The road ahead will not be easy, especially when one of our two major parties is standing in the way. But I still believe we can create a brighter future together, and I look forward to watching the Biden Administration build on this progress." [Twitter thread, 1/20/22]

Hillary Clinton: "Win or lose, fighting for what's right is always, always, worth it. Thank you to the 48 Democratic senators who voted for civil rights and our democracy last night; to @SenSchumer for his leadership; and to @POTUS and @VP for making voting rights the priority it should be." [Tweet, 1/20/22]

Bill Clinton [retweeting @POTUS]: "Not to mention cleaner water, expanded broadband, safer roads and bridges, and much more. Keep going, Mr. President!" [Tweet, 1/20/22]

Joyce Alene: "I'll take 'there's so much more work I want to get done for you' over 'I alone can fix it' in the Oval Office any day." [Tweet, 1/20/22]

Joseph R. Biden, WHAT THEY ARE SAYING: President Biden Marks First Year in Office Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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