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WHAT THEY ARE SAYING: Members of the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate Applaud President Biden's State of the Union Address

March 02, 2022

In his first State of the Union, the President spoke directly to the American people about his vision to build a better America. He reminded the country that our best days lie ahead, and that his Presidency is about giving everyone a fair shot ? because when given half a shot, ordinary people can do extraordinary things. The Biden-Harris Administration's domestic agenda represents an historic shift from the old, outdated trickle-down approach to one that puts workers, families, and small businesses first.

The President also announced his unity agenda, consisting of four areas where we have historically been able to come together and find agreement regardless of party. He has called on Congress to send bills to his desk to deliver progress for the American people: to beat the opioid crisis, address mental health, support our veterans, and end cancer as we know it.

Over the next year, the Biden-Harris Administration will continue working to make communities safer, combat COVID, and create good-paying jobs through revitalized domestic manufacturing.

Members of the House and Senate championed the President's remarks.

Here's what they are saying:


Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer: "Here's how far we've come with President Biden and Dems in Congress: ? Fastest economic growth in one year since the 80s ? More jobs in one year than in any president's 1st year on record ? COVID cases dropping ? Over 215M Americans vaccinated And there's so much more to do! #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

California Senator Alex Padilla: ".@POTUS is right ? we need to lower your costs, not your wages. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Delaware Senator Tom Carper, Chairman, Senate Environment and Public Works Committee: "We're rebuilding our nation's crumbling roads & bridges, upgrading our airports, and removing lead pipes to help all Americans have access to clean drinking water. Like @POTUS said, enough with infrastructure week. We're starting an infrastructure decade." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono: ".@POTUS and @SenateDems are working hard to: ? Reduce the costs of everyday expenses ? Help small businesses thrive ? Create good-paying jobs #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth: "Thanks to President Biden's Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, we're done talking about infrastructure *weeks.* We're heading for an infrastructure *decade.*?#SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Maryland Senator Chris Van Hollen: ".@POTUS has it right: Democracy will always triumph over autocracy. Americans will stand strong with our allies and the Ukrainian people in the face of this Russian invasion. Maintaining a united front is the only way to stop Putin's cold-blooded attack." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

"Thanks in large part to the #AmericanRescuePlan, our nation is now experiencing the fastest economic growth in nearly 40 years. Not to mention, a faster recovery than any other advanced economy. We're putting money back in hardworking Americans' pockets. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Maryland Senator Ben Cardin, Chairman, Senate Small Business Committee: "I challenge you to understand prescription drug prices in the US. I've been studying them for years and I don't understand why the US pays more for prescription drugs than other industrialized nations. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey: "I rallied with climate activists outside of the Capitol tonight before @POTUS's State of the Union address to demand Congress pass aggressive climate action that confronts the existential threat of climate change and centers justice every step of the way. We can't wait." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow, Chair, Senate Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry Committee: "There's no doubt that MI workers & businesses are the best in the world. That's why I worked with @POTUS to include my Make It in America Act in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act! This makes sure our tax dollars are spent on American products & American jobs. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Nevada Senator Jacky Rosen: "Thank you @POTUS for your commitment to a clean energy future. ? Investments in clean energy help Nevada by protecting our environment and helping to conserve our treasured public lands. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez, Chairman, Senate Foreign Affairs Committee: "Under @POTUS leadership, the transformative bipartisan law that Congress passed is delivering long-overdue investments in our nation's infrastructure while creating jobs and economic opportunity for communities long overlooked." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, Chairman, Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee: "President Biden has united the free world against Russia's invasion. Tonight, members of both parties are standing together in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey: "Our economy has added an earth-shattering 7.1 million jobs since @POTUS took office. Congress worked with President Biden to make a once-in-a-generation investment in the Nation's infrastructure. America is leading the world in its economic recovery. It's historic. #SOTU2022" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Washington Senator Patty Murray, Chair, Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee: "It's good to see @POTUS start the #SOTU strong with steps to hold Russia accountable for its unjustified and unprovoked war of aggression while uniting our global allies. Congress has a critical role to play and I'll keep looking for ways to support the Ukrainian people." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Members of Congress

House Majority Whip, South Carolina Congressman Jim Clyburn: "As Chair of @COVIDOversight, I can tell you we are in a much better place today than where we were when @POTUS took office. Under @POTUS' leadership, vaccinations are up and cases are down. Recent updates to public health recommendations reflect our success. #SOTU2022" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

California Congressman Jared Huffman: "At tonight's State of the Union there will be a lot of accomplishments for @POTUS to talk about. But when it comes to the State of our Climate, we've got work to do. Thanks @GND_Network for showing up with me tonight to send
the message that #climateaction is #PastDue. #SOTU." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

California Congresswoman Nanette Barragan: "@POTUS is right, the climate, clean energy, & EJ investments in #BuildBackBetter will save the avg family $500 a year! Add to that reducing dependance on Russian oil, union jobs, less air pollution, & bold climate action. #ActOnClimate #SOTU." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

California Congressman Mark Takano: "We can be leaders in the global fight against climate change. It's time to take #ClimateActionNow by supporting a greener and cleaner energy future. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

"We have a sacred obligation to deliver veterans the care they've earned. As Chairman of @VetAffairsDems, I'm committed to that obligation, and @POTUS is, too." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

California Congresswoman Sara Jacobs: "Over this past year, @POTUS has delivered big for San Diego. Through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, San Diego Int. Airport will receive $24 million to boost tourism + strengthen our economy while $29 billion is on its way to fund much-needed repairs to CA's roads + bridges." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

California Congresswoman Judy Chu, Chairwoman, Congressional Asian American Pacific Caucus (CAPAC): "Tonight, President Biden laid out his vision to build a better America for all of us. This is especially important for the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities that have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic. We need to help AAPI families get back to work and back on their feet and that is precisely what the President detailed tonight. For starters, the pandemic exposed the deep inequalities in these communities, especially when it comes to healthcare. That is why I'm so grateful to the President for his plans to keep the costs of prescription drugs down, extend the Child Tax Credit, and ensure affordable housing, all three of which are areas where AAPI families were hit the hardest over the past year. Additionally, his commitment to providing a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers, TPS holders, farm workers, and essential workers, including millions of AAPI immigrants, is a promise to keep our communities whole and our economy growing. Finally, I appreciate the President continuing to speak out about the ongoing plague of anti-Asian violence in our country which has led to over 10,000 anti-Asian hate incidents since the start of the pandemic alone. Thanks to President Biden, the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act is now signed into law, and next, we in Congress must make sure it is fully funded in order to implement all the tools necessary to track and respond to hate crimes." [Statement, 3/1/22]

Delaware Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester: ".@POTUS knows what he's talking about when it comes to cracking down on fraud and abuse. He did it with the Recovery Act and he'll do it with pandemic relief." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Florida Congresswoman Lois Frankel: "The people of Ukraine are inspiring the world with their bravery & resilience in their fight for the future of democracy. @POTUS said it best: "freedom will always triumph over tyranny," & we will support them against Russian aggression. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Illinois Congressman Mike Quigley: "Thanks to President Biden's leadership, NATO has presented a united front in the face of Russia's invasion. Putin has unintentionally revitalized the fight for democracy. I believe at the end of this conflict, democracy will be even stronger. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Illinois Congressman Mike Quigley: President Biden's Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act will help Illinois fight climate change by investing $4 billion in public transportation and $226 million in bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. #SOTU [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Massachusetts Congressman Jim McGovern, Chairman, House Rules Committee: "American diplomacy matters. President Biden has continued to champion diplomacy on the world's stage and is holding Putin and his corrupt regime accountable for their senseless violence in Ukraine. I am so glad he is president in this moment. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Nevada Congresswoman Susie Lee: ".@POTUS is right. I hear it all too often. Seniors going hungry in order to cover the costs of life-saving medications. Diabetics who can't afford insulin. It's heartbreaking. I stand with @POTUS and my Democratic colleagues. We must #LowerDrugPrices now." [Tweet, 3/1/22]

North Carolina Congresswoman Alma Adams: "The American people stand united behind the people of Ukraine and against Putin's attempts to divide our country. As long as we stand together, dictators will never prevail. ?? Thank you President Biden for your leadership. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

North Carolina Congressman David Price: "@POTUS' four-point economic plan will reduce everyday costs for American families while stimulating job growth and increasing good paying jobs for workers across the country. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Ohio Congresswoman Joyce Beatty, Chair, Congressional Black Caucus: "Tonight, President Biden laid out a clear message for every American: We are building a better America, and the state of our union is strong." #SOTU2022 [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan: "$20 billion. 7,000 good-paying, union construction jobs. 3,000 good-paying manufacturing jobs. + millions of dollars more that will be felt across Ohio. A reminder of what's possible when we have the guts to take on China by investing in our workers here at home. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Texas Congressman Colin Allred: ".@POTUS provided free masks, free tests and more resources to help protect Americans from COVID-19. This was critical to help people stay safe and more help is on the way. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Texas Congressman Joaquin Castro: "Climate change is one of the biggest threats we face, and it's accelerating at dangerous speed. From Winter Storm Uri to Hurricane Harvey, Texans known the devastating impacts of climate change firsthand. Glad to see @POTUS's commitment to this. #SOTU" [Tweet, 3/1/22]

Joseph R. Biden, WHAT THEY ARE SAYING: Members of the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate Applaud President Biden's State of the Union Address Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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