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WHAT THEY ARE SAYING: Latino Leaders Applaud Passage of President Biden's Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal

November 08, 2021

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal – a once-in-a-generation investment that will create millions of jobs, modernize our infrastructure, and tackle the climate crisis – passed the House and now heads to President Biden's desk for his signature.

For far too long, Washington policymakers have celebrated "infrastructure week" without ever following through. The American people made it clear: we need to deliver. The President and Congressional Democrats proved we can.

Latino leaders praised the President and the lawmakers who worked across the aisle to pass the historic legislation, which will make a real impact in communities across the country, and put us on a path to win the economic competition for the 21st century.

See below for what they are saying:


The Hispanic Federation: "We applaud Congress & @POTUS on passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal. The critical investment it will make in our communities will create millions of jobs that will put Latinos, and all Americans, on a path to be competitive in the 21st century." [Tweet, 11/6/21]

Hispanic Technology & Telecommunications Partnership: "Access to high quality, dependable and affordable broadband is a critical tool for the success of the Latino community nationwide. Today only 65% of Latino households are able to afford the cost of having broadband service at home. The IIJA represents an important congressional investment in closing the digital divide and addresses the compounding barriers faced by historically under-connected communities: access, affordability and adoption." [Statement, 11/6/21]

Green Latinos: "With the House passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework and the House procedural vote to advance the Build Back Better Act, we are on our way to helping millions of Latino families and all Americans on their path to recovery. Together, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework and the Build Back Better Act will invest directly into our communities, improving the lives of millions, and invest in working and middle-class families across the country…" [Statement, 11/6/21]

Latino Victory Project: "This is a resounding win for the Latino community and for millions of working families across the country. The bill includes provisions that will bring much-needed benefits to the Latino community by creating more jobs, expanding access to high-speed internet, and improving public transportation. It will strengthen our economy by creating millions of good-paying jobs, and it will keep lowering the unemployment rate by putting more Americans back to work. The bill is a testament to President Biden and the Democrats' resolve to govern and work hard to deliver results for the American people. Now that the House advanced the rule for the Build Back Better Act, we urge members of Congress to pass the bill swiftly to help working families. It's time to deliver for the American people." [Statement, 11/6/21]

Voto Latino: "The $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill is a massive achievement of a long overdue investment in America's aging roads and bridges, cleaner water systems, expanded broadband access, green energy solutions, and so much more. It's a sign the Democratic-controlled Congress can deliver for working families, combat climate change, create millions of good-paying jobs, and rebuild our communities for the benefit of future generations…" [Statement, 11/6/21]

Mi Familia Vota: "The investments are unprecedented, we will boost economic growth and create millions of good-paying jobs, bring supply chains back to the U.S. This bill will deliver the largest-ever federal investments in public transit and clean drinking water, in passenger rail since the creation of Amtrak, in bridges since the construction of the highway system, and the creation of universal internet access for American households. It will create jobs by fixing roads and bridges, replacing dangerous lead pipes to ensure our kids have clean drinking water, modernizing our electric grid, and making the largest investment in electric vehicle infrastructure in American history. Level the playing field and create economic opportunity for working people and communities of color by addressing economic disparities and rectifying decades of disinvestment." [Statement, 11/6/21]

The Labor Council for Latin American Advancement: "LCLAA celebrates the House's passage of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and looks forward to President Biden signing this bill into law. Through its $1 trillion investment in various areas of our infrastructure, the bill will create 1.5 million well-paying, non-outsourceable jobs per year if combined with the Build Back Better legislation making its way through congress—many of which will be union jobs and are sure to benefit working Latinos and bring thousands out of poverty and into a stable situation." [Statement, 11/6/21]

Corazon Latino: "Last night, we experienced a watershed moment that will reverberate for generations to come. Corazón Latino is proud of the House of Representatives for passing the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal, which contains spending plans that are critical for our families, our economic prospects, and our Madre Tierra. The investments made through this plan will secure the well-being of our nation starting with tangible gains at the household level and progressing to the jobs, green opportunities, and infrastructure that we need to fulfil our visions for a new tomorrow. We expect Congress to use the momentum of this achievement to immediately work to pass the Build Back Better plan; we must aim for our highest collective endeavor yet." [Statement, 11/6/21]

Latino Forward: "For decades, the American people have experienced the real costs of automotive repairs due to crumbling roads. We have seen video of numerous bridges collapsing and experienced substantial portions of our national power grid fail, both costing American lives. Today we are seeing price increases due to a struggling supply chain forced to use aging ports, rails, and roads, limiting the flow of both imports and exports, hurting our nation's economy. This is why Forward Latino applauds President Joe Biden's successful efforts that have brought together both Republicans and Democrats to pass the "Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act." This important legislation will make a once in a generation investment in our nation's hard infrastructure without adding to the federal deficit. It provides funding to upgrade our bridges, ports, rails, and roads, will fund the replacement lead pipes in homes, and will provide affordable broadband access for all. It will upgrade and harden our nation's electrical grid while making a significant investment in fighting climate change by funding a nationwide network of electric vehicle charging stations. The "Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act" will also create or sustain hundreds of thousands of good jobs paying a family-supporting wage." [Statement, 11/6/21]

Maria Teresa Kumar, Voto Latino: "BREAKING: House voted 228-206 to pass Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal with 13 Republicans voting in favor of it. @potus $1,000,000,000,000 bill provides jobs, rebuilds roads, bridges, broadband high-speed internet & addresses aspects of climate. Voting works. #BuildBackBetter" [Tweet, 11/6/21]

Dr. Elena Rios, National Hispanic Medical Association: "US House of Representatives passed new jobs across US:roads,bridges, ports, airports, EV chargers, grid, broadband & pipes for clean drinking water, zero emission vehicles- disabled/elderly safety too next :@potus #BuildBackBetter" "Great news for our communities - new & transforming - #BuildBackBetter" [Tweet 1, Tweet 2, 11/6/21]

Alejandro Roark, Hispanic Technology & Telecom Partnership: "We did it!! The bipartisan infrastructure deal's $65B investment in our country's broadband infrastructure will help ensure an equitable economic recovery for communities caught on the wrong side of the digital divide. Next up, BBB week! #buildbacktogether #broadband4all" [Tweet, 11/6/21]

National Latino Evangelical Coalition: "The #BipartisanInfrastructureBill will create jobs & deliver investments in clean water, broadband, & public transit that will positively impact the lives of millions of Latinos. #ClimateChange & infrastructure are important to Latino Evangelicals." Rev. Salguero @PastorsSalguero" [Tweet, 11/6/21]

Latino Community Foundation (California): "Today, we are thinking of Latino families who do not have clean water. The student with no Wifi. Abuelita who had no way of getting to her appointment. A new day is coming. @POTUS: We stand ready to ensure these historic investments reach our communities!" [Tweet, 11/6/21]

Venezuelan American Caucus: "The #Venezuelan American Caucus CELEBRATES the passing the Infrastructure Bill. This is historic! Now, pass #BUILDBACKBETTER! It's time! #BuildingBackTogether #Venezuelanamericancaucus #vac" [Tweet, 11/6/21]

Brent Wilkes, Hispanic Federation: "Congratulations to President Biden and Congress for passing the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act--a $1.2 trillion investment in upgrading our nation's infrastructure, building out broadband to all Americans and creating green new jobs for the future! Next up BBB!" [Tweet, 11/6/21]

Latino State and Local Elected Officials

Governor Lujan Grisham (D-NM): "This bipartisan bill means millions of good-paying jobs, it means rebuilt roads and bridges and dams all across New Mexico, it means clean drinking water and broadband for New Mexicans in rural areas, and it means better and fast-tracked climate infrastructure." [Tweet, 11/6/21]

New Mexico Lieutenant Governor Howie Morales: "Known as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework (BIF), the bill means good-paying jobs, better roads, rebuilt bridges & dams; more clean drinking water, and rural broadband internet for rural New Mexico where none is now available. Grateful for @POTUS leadership #BuildBackBetter" [Tweet, 11/8/21]

Mayor Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles, CA: "With the passage of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, we are so close to making @POTUS' vision a reality for Angelenos. This bill will fix our roads and bridges, invest in clean energy, enhance water resilience, improve transit, and create good-paying jobs." [Tweet, 11/6/21]

Mayor Todd Gloria, San Diego, CA: "Today is a historic day — it's finally infrastructure week in America. I want to thank @SenFeinstein @SenAlexPadilla as well as @RepScottPeters, @RepJuanVargas @RepMikeLevin and @RepSaraJacobs for their advocacy on behalf of our City in getting this package to @POTUS' desk. (1/2)" [Tweet, 11/5/21]

Mayor Regina Romero, Tucson, AZ: "This legislation represents a tremendous and much needed investment in our nation's infrastructure. I'm hopeful that it will support projects such as the Drexel Bridge & #BusRapidTransit in @cityoftucson as well as a new @Amtrak line to connect w/ PHX." [Tweet, 11/6/21]

Mayor Robert Garcia, Long Beach, CA: "Thank you to @POTUS, @VP, and the members of Congress who voted YES. Our Long Beach plan: - invest in port & rail - modernize airport - expand bus and bike transit - rebuild roads across city - broadband to close digital divide - clean and cap oil wells - support climate projects" [Tweet, 11/6/21]

Mayor Martha Guerrero, West Sacramento, CA: "Excellent news ??" [Tweet, 11/6/21]

Mayor Daniella Levine Cava, Miami Dade County, FL: "The passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal is a historic milestone for our country and community. This generational investment will create millions of jobs transforming our infrastructure, tackling our most pressing challenges and moving our economy into the 21st century." [Tweet, 11/6/21]

Mayor Daniel Corona, West Wendover, NV: "Nearly three years ago I was invited by @leagueofcities to speak on a panel at the US Capitol on the desperate need for a bipartisan infrastructure bill. Today one finally passed & is on its way to the president's desk to be signed! This is a major win for communities across the country of all types & sizes who have long been asking Congress to be a partner in rebuilding & repairing our country's crumbling infrastructure!! S/O to @IrmaDiggs & everyone who worked tirelessly to get this bill passed!! /END" [Tweet, 11/6/21]

Florida State Representative Anna Eskamani: "We will will work closely with federal partners to bring this money to Central Florida — we have a list of local projects that need immediate attention and a vision for an expansion of public transportation and broadband. Let's get it done!" [Tweet, 11/6/21]

Virginia State Delegate Alfonso Lopez: "Last night the House passed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act!! This will bring billions of dollars to Virginia for investments in everything from transit and rural broadband to bridges and clean water." [Tweet, 11/6/21]

Rhode Island State Representative David Morales: "As a result of the Infrastructure Deal passing -- Rhode Island now has the funding necessary to REPLACE every water pipe contaminated with lead and ensure that all our people have clean drinking water! I'm excited to continue this advocacy and make it happen @LeadSafeKidsRI" [Tweet, 11/6/21]

Connecticut State Senator Jorge Cabrera: "For too long our state's roads, bridges, railways, ports, electric grid, tunnels and sewers have not received adequate upgrades and maintenance. But now, with this historic investment we are closer then ever to making Connecticut better." [Tweet, 11/6/21]

Arizona State Representative Charlene Fernandez: "The Bipartisan Infrastructure Act will aide thousands of families in Arizona with investments in broadband expansion, public transportation, water management, and more. It's time to Build Back Better!" [Tweet, 11/6/21]

Arizona State Senator Rosanna Gabaldon: "Congress passed an important infrastructure bill that will greatly improve #Arizona especially Southern AZ (trade & commerce and water projects) Appreciation to our congressional delegation for passing this legislation that will put Arizonans first! #Arizona #InfrastructureWeek" [Tweet, 11/6/21]

Arizona State Representative Alma Hernandez: "Proud of every #Democrat who voted and worked hard to pass the #BipartisanInfrastructureBill especially our #AZ delegation! Dems delivered this @POTUS kept his promise. Thank you @CaptMarkKelly @kyrstensinema ??#BuildBackBetterAct" [Tweet, 11/6/21]

Texas State Representative Jessica Goanzalez: "The US House took historic steps last night to pass @JoeBiden's bipartisan infrastructure bill, which will invest in our communities to build and fix roads and bridges, modernize public transit, improve broadband access, ensure clean drinking water, and upgrade our electric grid." [Tweet, 11/6/21 ]

Minnesota State Representative Melisa Lopez Franzen: "The infrastructure bill is a monumental investment in our future to #BuildBackBetter, for a stronger Minnesota and United States. It'll create countless jobs, lift families out of poverty, and transform our economy for generations. (?THREAD)… #mnleg" [Twitter, 11/8/21]

Kansas State Representative Louis Ruiz: "Today we celebrated the passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal with the hard working families, trades unions and many Kansans the victory for our country by the passing of President Biden's vision for America!" [Statement, 11/6/21]

Arizona State Representative Rich Andrade: "As someone who works in the Transportation industry this is huge. This investment is going to upgrade our infrastructure which will create much needed jobs while improving the safety of our roads, bridges and much more." [Tweet, 11/6/21]

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