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Warren Campaign Press Release - More Than 100 New Hampshire Labor Leaders & Union Members Endorse Elizabeth Warren

January 15, 2020

Broad coalition of current, retired, and former union members declare their support for Elizabeth Warren and her plans to benefit working families

Manchester, NH – This morning, more than 100 current and former New Hampshire labor leaders and union members announced or affirmed their support for Elizabeth Warren as the 2020 Democratic nominee for President. The broad coalition is all in for Elizabeth Warren because of her commitment to putting power in the hands of working people as President, her plans to empower workers, and her ability to build coalitions and make real change. This support follows the American Federation of Teachers Massachusetts and the Boston Teachers Union endorsing Elizabeth Warren on Monday.

"Across the country, including here in New Hampshire, workers' wages have largely stagnated," said Representative Pat Long of Manchester. "Elizabeth Warren sees that unions have less power than they used to in negotiating compensation for workers – that's what has led to workers having less, and corporate executives having more. Her plan would strengthen and protect collective bargaining rights, and in turn strengthen unions and rebuild our middle class."

Elizabeth's plan to empower workers is the most progressive and comprehensive agenda for workers since the New Deal. She will extend labor rights to all workers and expand protections for part-time workers; prohibit so-called "right to work" laws; strengthen organizing, collective bargaining, and the right to strike; increase worker choice and control; and expand worker protections, combat discrimination, and improve enforcement of labor laws. She will also ban non-compete agreements, empower workers of billion-dollar companies to elect 40% of their company's board members, and amend federal law to promote sectoral bargaining across industries.

As she penned in an Op-Ed late last year, her plan will help workers in New Hampshire by ending worker misclassification, raising the minimum wage, and reviving Obama-era overtime rules.

"I'm grateful to have the support of such a broad slate of labor leaders and union members supporting my campaign and my plans to put power in the hands of working people. Unions built America's middle class and unions will rebuild America's middle class – but to make it possible we need to support and empower workers," said Elizabeth. "The changes I've proposed will shift power to working people, boost America's labor movement, and help create an economy that works for everyone."

Name, Town, Union Membership:
Pam Altomare, Lancaster, NEA-NH/NEA
Hillary Ballantine, Keene, SEA/SEIU Local 1984
Lillian Barbetta, Milford, AFT
Shannon Baxter, Dover, NEA-NH
Amanda Beidleman, Portsmouth, NEA-NH/NEA
Sara Bennett, Lebanon, LEA/NEA-NH/NEA
Emily Benson, Keene, KSCEA/NEA-NH/NEA
Carleigh Beriont, Hampton, HGSU-UAW/UAW
Louisa Bliss, Bethlehem, NEA-NH/NEA
Cheryl Bourassa, Concord, NEA-NH/NEA
Jill Brewer, Franconia, NEA-NH/NEA
Stacy Brown, Newmarket, NEA-NH/NEA
Rachel Burdin, Dover, AAUP
Kim Bushwald, Manchester, NEA-NH/NEA
Patricia Chiquelin, Hudson, AFT
Kerry Clock, Canterbury, NEA-NH/NEA
Will Connell, Enfield, LEA/NEA-NH/NEA
Mary Coombs, Greenland, MTA/NEA
Ray Curren, Claremont, NEA-NH/NEA
Dick de Seve, Gilmanton, NEA-NH/NEA
Vanessa Desimone, Orford, LEA/NEA-NH/NEA
Brenda Dunn, Keene, KEA/NEA-NH/NEA
Tim Dunn, Keene, KEA/NEA-NH/NEA
Louise Ewing, Antrim, NEA-NH/NEA
Lisa Ferrigno, Newport, NTA/NEA-NH/NEA
Linda Field, Peterborough, AEA/NEA-NH/NEA
Bryan Field, Peterborough, MTA/NEA-NH/NEA
Shaun Filault, Concord, SEA/SEIU Local 1984
Michelle Filer, Hollis, NEA-NH/NEA
Robert Fitzpatrick, Holderness, AAUP
Ashley Frame, Sanbornton, SEA/SEIU 1984
Dana Gilbert, Epsom, IBT/GCC
James Graham, Nashua, NTU
Joseph Halchak, Atkinson, IUOE
Mary-Ellen Hedrick, Raymond, DEA/NEA-NH/NEA
Carolyn Hjelte, Brookline, SEA/SEIU Local 1984
Jody Hoffer Gittell, Portsmouth, IBT
Jane Howard, Merrimack, NEA-NH/NEA
Cora Hunt-Hawkins, Rochester, NEA-NH/NEA
Danijela Jackson, Manchester, MTA/NEA
Joan Jacobs, Portsmouth, NTEU
Eudes James, Somersworth, IFPTE
Keith Johnson, Deering, SEA/SEIU Local 1984
Amanda Kelly, Exeter, MTA/NEA
Jen Kiernan, Keene, KEA/NEA-NH/NEA
Karen Ladd, Manchester, NHESO
Larry Laflamme, Berlin, IAFF Local 1088
Donna LaRue, Merrimack, NEA-NH/NEA
Joanne Lazarus, Newmarket, NEA-NH/NEA
Annie Leblanc, Somersworth, NEA-NH/NEA
Matthew Leblanc, Somersworth, NEA-NH/NEA
Anne Lederhos, Manchester, NEA-NH/NEA
Pat Long, Manchester, IW
Sierran Lucey, Portsmouth, SNHUPEA
Susan M. Harden, Pelham, NEA-NH/NEA
Jon Manley, Bennington, AEA/NEA-NH/NEA
Cindy Matthews, Rye, LSAA
Mary Maxfield, Lebanon, LEA/NEA-NH/NEA
Nancy McCall, Boscawen, NEA-NH/NEA
Kevin McFarland, Charlestown, SEA/SEIU Local 1984
Amy McKeever, Easton, NEA-NH/NEA
George McPeek, Barrington, ALPA
Eric Meth, Franconia, NEA-NH/NEA
Jason Metivier, Londonderry, UA
Nancy Michaud, Deerfield, NEA-NH/NEA
Lovall Morrison, North Woodstock, NEA-NH/NEA
Elizabeth Morse, Exeter, EEA/NEA-NH/NEA
Deb Nelson, Hanover, LEA/NEA-NH/NEA
Emma Nelson, Henniker, NTA/NEA-NH/NEA
Ian Opolski, Plaistow, AFT
Debbie Palumbo, Derry, MCCC/MTA/NEA
Lisa Pfeiffer, Durham, NEA-NH/NEA
Zoe Picard, Concord, SEIU
Shawn Remy, Amherst, NEA-NH/NEA
Chuck Rhoades, Dover, NEA-NH/NEA
Diana Richard, Nashua, SEA/SEIU Local 1984
Jeffrey Rogers, Pelham, MNA/NNU
Rick Rothwell, Manchester, HFIAW
Chris Saunders, Hollis, AFT
Eric Schildge, Hampton, NTA/MTA/NEA
Cheri Schmitt, Bedford, NEA-NH/NEA
Karl Schmitt, Bedford, AFGE
Andrew Seal, Durham, AAUP
Ann Sharfstein, Lebanon, LEA/NEA-NH/NEA
Rebeca Sims, Pittsfield, NEA-NH/NEA
Carrie Smallwood, Hampton, SEA/NEA-NH/NEA
Jan Stevens, Lebanon, LEA/NEA-NH/NEA
Sylvie Stewart, Nashua, AFT
Brian Sullivan, Grantham, NEA-NH/NEA
George Sykes, Lebanon, LSS/NEA-NH/NEA
Linda Tanner, Sunapee, KREA
Jean Taylor, Manchester, SEA/SEIU Local 1984
Maryanne Tompkins, Portsmouth, RESPA/NEA-NH/NEA
Emma Van Ness, Rumney, SEA/SEIU Local 1984
Robin Vogt, Portsmouth, NEA-NH/NEA
Karen Wahrenberger, Hanover, HEA/NEA-NH/NEA
Christine Warnick, Seabrook, NEA-NH/NEA
Jonathan Warren, West Lebanon, LEA/NEA-NH/NEA
Diana West, Danville, SEIU 1199
Jess Wheeler, Concord, SEA/SEIU Local 1984
Beth Wheland, Rochester, UE
Diane Williams, Nashua, AFT
Jessica WIlliams, Littleton, NEA-NH/NEA
Ann Zimo, Exeter, AAUP

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