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Warren Campaign Press Release - More Than 100 Iowa Labor Leaders and Union Members Endorse Elizabeth Warren

January 10, 2020

West Des Moines, IA—More than 100 labor leaders and union members from across Iowa have endorsed Elizabeth Warren for president.

"Elizabeth Warren has devoted her life to fighting for workers' rights and defending the middle class," said Mary Burke, a registered nurse, Iowa labor leader and SEIU member. "Whether she's in the halls of power, at a campaign town hall or on the picket line, Elizabeth has the same message: unions built the middle class and unions will rebuild the middle class. I'm standing with her because she stands up for us."

Elizabeth's plan to empower workers is the most progressive and comprehensive agenda for workers since the New Deal. She will extend labor rights to all workers and expand protections for part-time workers; prohibit so-called "right to work" laws; strengthen organizing, collective bargaining, and the right to strike; increase worker choice and control; and expand worker protections, combat discrimination, and improve enforcement of labor laws. She will also ban non-compete agreements, empower workers to elect 40% of board members for companies with over a billion dollars in revenue, and amend federal law to promote sectoral bargaining across industries.

"I'm grateful to have the support of such a broad slate of labor leaders and union members supporting my campaign and my plans to put power in the hands of working people," Elizabeth Warren said. "The changes I've proposed will shift power to working people, boost America's labor movement, and help create an economy that works for everyone."

Name, County, Union Membership:
Roman Antolic, Johnson, IATSE
Michael Avenarius, Dubuque, UAW
Donald Bailey, Dallas, NPMHU
Seth Banwell, Jasper, ISEA
Dawn Barbouroske, Johnson, ICEA/ISEA/NEA
Jen Barbouroske, Johnson, ICEA/ISEA/NEA
Scott Barkwill, Benton, IBT/IW
Zaak Barnes, Polk, AFSCME
Dan Barr, Linn, IBEW
Michael Beck, Shelby, IBEW
Beth Bishop, Polk, DMEA/ISEA
Larry Bower, Plymouth, UAW/NEA
Bennett Brown, Johnson, ISEA
Mary Burke, Linn, SEIU
Chris Busch, Washington, BAC 3
Meg Byrne, Scott, ISEA
Dawn Chambers, Audubon, IARLCA/NRLCA
Alberta Conrad, Buchanan, AFSCME
Jan Corderman, Polk, AFSCME
Becky Davis, Des Moines, ISEA
Katie Dorrell, Polk, WDMEA
Donna Duvall, Jackson, ISEA
Deborah Edginton, Black Hawk, CTA/NEA
Lori Eiteman, Dallas, CWA
Bruce Eldridge, Floyd, ISEA/NEA
Christine Eldridge, Floyd, ISEA/NEA
Cody Eliff, Scott, AFSCME
Chad Farner, Mahaska, OEA/ISEA/NEA
Melissa Feilmeier-Marzen, Linn, ISEA/NEA
Peter Fisher, Johnson, AFT
CJ Flynn, Linn, CWA
Larry Gebel, Winneshiek, ISEA
Christy Good, Linn, LMEA
Andrew Greenberg, Polk, UE
Jonathan Grieder, Black Hawk, ISEA
Taylor Henry, Johnson, UE
Carlene Heschke, Calhoun, ISEA
Tyler Higgs, Dallas, HEA
Judith Horka, Polk, ISEA
Danielle Hoskins, Johnson, COGS
Shirley Jensen, Cass, AEA/ISEA/NEA
Curtis Johnson, Hamilton, AFSCME
Joyce Johnson, Jones, ISEA/NEA
Cristy Jokerst, Pottawattamie, CWA
Gini Jordan, Cass, ISEA
James Jordan, Cass, AFSCME
Patrick Kearns, Johnson, AFGE
Erica Kilian, Emmet, ISEA
Paula Long, Iowa, ISEA
Judith Ludwick, Poweshiek, APWU
John Marshall, Mills, IBEW
Mary Mascher, Johnson, ICEA/ISEA
Michael Masteller, Polk, DMEA
Matthew McKee, Des Moines, BEA
John McWilliams, Johnson, ISEA/NEA
James Meis, Linn, UBC/BCTGM
John Melvin III, Clinton, UA
Maxwell Mendenhall, Lee, IBEW
Kim Miller, Johnson, ISEA
Walter Miller, Buchanan, IBEW
Theresa Moore, Johnson, SEIU
Kim Morse, Wapello, NALC
Lisa Muñoz, Black Hawk, ISEA
Dennis Myers, Des Moines, UAW
Pat Navin, Madison, IBT
Ivy Nielsen, Johnson, ISEA
Lucy O'Brien, Floyd, ISEA
Charles Oldenkamp, Linn, ISEA
Scott Olson, Johnson, COGS
Breanna Oxley, Linn, ISEA
Erin Perry, Polk, ISEA
Peggy Phipps, Hamilton, AFSCME
Ann Pollet, Jefferson, ISEA
Nancy Porter, Johnson, ICEA/ISEA/NEA
Russell Porter, Mills, AFSCME
Karry Putzy, Linn, ISEA
Andy Roberts, Polk, UA
Carol Rogers, Jackson, AFSCME
Susan Rood, Polk, UEA/ISEA/NEA
James Roth, Dubuque, IBT/APWU
Nicole Salazar, Polk, AFGE
Chris Schroeder, Scott, UBC
Mike Shaw, Polk, DMEA/ISEA
Robert Sill, Story, BMWE/UTU/AFSCME
Connie Smith, Woodbury, ISEA/NEA
Deborah Smith, Linn, CREA
Gayla Snook, Jasper, UAW
Tara Spence, Black Hawk, WEA
Eric Starlin, Woodbury, IAFF
Dan Stevenson, Johnson, ISEA
Doris Stormoen, Johnson, AFGE
Mary Sullivan, Linn, AEA/SAG
Rod Sullivan, Johnson, AFT
Emerson Taylor, Clinton, ISEA
Jenny Turner, Polk, ISEA
Jerry Uhlman, Warren, CWA
Connie Walters, Polk, DMEA/ISEA/NEA
James West, Clinton, SEIU
Michael Whitaker, Des Moines, UAW
Scott Woods, Pottawattamie, NALC
Bill Zeigler, Palo Alto, CWA
Teresa Zinn, Woodbury, IBT/APWU

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