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Warren Campaign Press Release - Elizabeth Warren Nevada First In The West Caucus Support

February 21, 2020

What We've Built: Elizabeth Warren Enters First In The West Caucuses with Broadest Coalition of Nevada Support

Over 600 Nevada elected officials, party leaders, political activists, community leaders, caucus captains and volunteer leaders will stand in Elizabeth's corner on Caucus Day to fight for big, structural change

Las Vegas, NV – Today, ahead of the First In The West caucuses on Saturday, Elizabeth Warren's grassroots movement for big, structural change in the Silver State announced that 129 Nevada elected officials, party leaders, political activists, community leaders, and former and current educators will stand with Elizabeth on Caucus Day, along with over 500 caucus captains and volunteer leaders.

Elizabeth has mobilized a groundswell of grassroots support across Nevada, and built a broad political coalition to unite the party behind her vision of rooting out corruption, ensuring opportunity for all, and choosing courage over fear.

Elizabeth's movement in the Silver State has earned the support of countless Nevadans, who represent every corner of our state and every wing of our party, including dozens of elected officials, countless community leaders, grassroots activists, nearly 100 former and current educators, and over 500 caucus captains and volunteer leaders who will serve as caucus captains on Saturday.

Below is the full list of Elizabeth's endorsements in the Silver State. Every name represents a Nevadan who will stand up at their local precinct on Saturday to caucus for Elizabeth Warren—and help elect the next President of the United States.

Statewide Leaders

Nevada State Controller Catherine Byrne

Nevada Senators

State Senator Joyce Woodhouse
State Senator Dallas Harris

Nevada Assemblymembers

Assemblywoman Heidi Swank
Assemblyman Howard Watts III

Former Legislators & Officials

Former State Senator Joe Neal
Former State Senator Sheila Leslie
Former Assemblywoman Lucy Flores
Former Assemblywoman Barbara Buckley
Former Washoe County School Board Trustee Verónica Frenkel

City Officials

West Wendover Mayor Daniel Corona
West Wendover City Councilwoman Kathy Durham

County Officials

Clark County Commissioner Justin Jones
Clark County Public Administrator Robert Telles

Local Party Leaders

DNC Committeewoman Allison Stephens
DNC Committeeman Alex Goff
Former Clark County Commission Vice Chairwoman, Assemblywoman, and Democratic candidate for Governor Chris Giunchigliani

Community Activists

NEW: Erika Castro, Community Activist
Chip Evans, Social and Political Activist
Laynette Evans, Co-founder of Indivisible Northern Nevada
Jackie Shelton, Community Activist
Sybrina Bernabei, Community Activist
Arlene Alvarez, Community Activist
Vivian Leal, Community Activist
Mylan Hawkins, Community Activist
Bob Fulkerson, Co-Founder, PLAN
Madonna Long, Community Activist
Olivia Gobert-Hicks, Community Activist
Anthony Martinez, Community Activist
Emy Quevedo, Community Activist
Verita Black Prothro, Former President of the Northern Nevada Black Cultural Awareness Society

Tribal and Community Leaders

Walker River Paiute Tribe Chairman Amber Torres
Jeri Burton, President of Nevada NOW
Lisa Hendricks, Gun Violence Prevention Advocate
Teresa Crawford, Gun Violence Prevention Advocate
Alyson Giles, Gun Violence Prevention Advocate
Patricia Gallimore, Former President of the Reno-Sparks NAACP
Cassie Rice, Small Business Owner
Kandi Conda, Small Business Owner
Wendy Baroli, Small Business Owner, GirlFarm
Brian Robertson, LGBTQ+ Community Leader
Jenna Robertson, LGBTQ+ Community Leader
Geralda Miller, Reno Arts Advocate
Erik Jimenez, Disability Rights Advocate

Former and Current Educators

Clark County School District Trustee Board Member Linda Cavazos
Michael Kagan, Director of the UNLV Immigration Clinic
Will Toledo
Holly Galey
Laura Juliana Urtubey
Bradley Fleegle
Elise McDermott
Michael Dandridge
Carlos Mariscal
Linda Peace
Roy Addington
Chunjie Hui
Tracy Snyder
Thomas Stahly
Amy Mayo
Ashley Wade
Benjamin Franke
Nichole Yco
Heather Bowles
Jay Stimac
Linell Bollacker
Kathy Lauckner
Shelley Luke Plunkett
Lori Jorgensen
Karen Green
Sara Lasley
Lisa Denbleyker
Marie Donnelly
Lynne Loerzel
Lisa Beam
Vivian Ann Hubel-House
Tobi Waldron
Sharon Downes
Rei Vital
Kandi Betts
Ann McGinley
Anne Landers
Kristin Pfanku
Pauline Bonzo
Jessica Gorin
Angie Pohlman
Carmen Andrews
Elise Hembree
Cathy Dallaire
Lewis Consiglieri
Katherine Butler
Christa Casillas
Julie Dillard
Sarah Ikenberry
Tyronda Weinert
Heather Murphy
Ricci Underwood
Stallar Lufrano-Jardine
Kira Temple
Rachel Herzl-Betz
Vicki Kreidel
Clinton Toledo
Jessica Gallo
Candice Guy Gaten
Marsha Heidbrink
Danielle Batin
Kimberley Stone
Mary Dungan
Patrick Kelly
Pamela Ball
Ivy Higgins
Jessica Penrod
Brad Evans
Adriana Guízar-Vázquez
Ben Edwards
Christene King
Andrew Magness
Amber Williams
Cindy Porter
Lisa Guzman
Wanda Romero
Susan Wainscott
Kristen Lane
Andrew Ayala
Jenifer Sharp
Rebecca Colbert
Kristen DeHaan
Susan Priest
Alissa Surges
Alison Gaulden

Over 500 Caucus Captains and Volunteer Leaders

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