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Visit of Prime Minister Nouira of Tunisia Joint Communiqué.

December 01, 1978

At the invitation of President Jimmy Carter, Prime Minister Hedi Nouira currently is making an official visit to the United States. He arrived on November 28 and will depart on December 5.

The Prime Minister, who is accompanied by his wife and a delegation which includes Mr. Mohamed Fitouri, Foreign Minister, Mr. Hassan Belkhodja, Minister of Agriculture, and Mr. Mustapha Zaanouni, Minister of Planning, received a warm and friendly welcome.

During his stay the Prime Minister met with President Carter. The discussions were followed by a working luncheon at the White House with the President. The Prime Minister also met with Secretary of State Cyrus Vance and with other government officials and with Members of the Congress.

In the course of his stay in Washington, the Prime Minister also had talks with leaders of economic, financial, and academic institutions. He will also visit agricultural enterprises in Texas, Arizona, and California. He also will meet with the authorities of these states to discuss the utilization of American technology in the development of arid lands, with a view to promoting future Tunisian-American cooperation in this field.

The President and Prime Minister expressed their pleasure at the excellent bilateral relations which have existed for almost two centuries. The President asked the Prime Minister to convey to President Bourguiba his gratitude for the steadfast friendship he has demonstrated for the United States since Tunisia regained its independence.

The President reiterated to the Prime Minister the continuing interest of the United States in the stability, independence and security of Tunisia.

The two leaders agreed to intensify efforts to increase economic cooperation between their two nations, to encourage investment, to promote the transfer of technology, and to develop commercial and cultural exchange.

President Garter congratulated Prime Minister Nouira on the rapid rate of development Tunisia has experienced under the eight years of his administration. Citing Tunisia as a model recipient for sound use of American assistance, the President reiterated his Government's intention to continue and to develop American participation in Tunisia's economic growth.

To this end the United States-Tunisian Joint Commission will meet in Tunis, in late January 1979.

In their discussion of international issues, President Carter and Prime Minister Nouira concentrated especially on the situation in the Middle East. The President expressed his appreciation for the encouragement President Bourguiba and the Prime Minister have given him to continue his personal efforts to facilitate a peace settlement.

The two leaders stressed that participation of the Palestinian people is a fundamental element in the search for peace, and agreed that a comprehensive, just and durable peace must provide for the realization of the legitimate rights for which all Palestinian people have been striving. President Carter stated his belief that Tunisia's constructive approach to international issues gives Tunisia an important role within the international community.

The President assured the Prime Minister that the United States will continue to promote resolution of conflict through peaceful means.

Reviewing the problems of decolonization in Africa both parties expressed their deep worry over the growing deterioration of the situation in southern Africa as a result of the persistence of minority regimes in pursuing the policy and practices of apartheid and racial discrimination. They reaffirmed their commitment to support the rights of self-determination, dignity, and justice for the people of Zimbabwe, Namibia, and South Africa.

The Tunisian delegation expressed its appreciation for the positive action of the United States in its efforts to direct the problems of Rhodesia and Namibia into a channel leading to peaceful settlements and expressed the hope that these efforts soon will prove productive.

The Prime Minister on behalf of President Bourguiba invited President Carter to make a state visit to Tunisia. President Carter accepted this invitation with pleasure. The date will be determined later by mutual agreement.

Jimmy Carter, Visit of Prime Minister Nouira of Tunisia Joint Communiqué. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/244450

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