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Vice President Richard Nixon, TV Broadcast and Post Broadcast Remarks, the Coliseum, New York, NY

November 02, 1960

Vice President NIXON. Mr. President, Ambassador Lodge, Governor Rockefeller, this great audience here in New York, both inside and outside the Coliseum, and this audience on television and radio: I can only say that I am always glad to give up my time for the President of the United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower.

And in that connection, I noted, incidentally, that my opponent had some words to say of a complaining nature, apparently, about the fact that the President was supporting Cabot Lodge and me so vigorously. Just let me say this: I'd be worried if I were him, because if I had Truman on my side and my opponent had Eisenhower on his side [Applause].

And now our time is up. I just want to say this this has been the greatest day in the campaign and it has started us to a great

victory in New York and victory in the Nation. [Applause.] Now my time is up, now, let's go.

(Music and cheers.)

Thank you very much.

(Music and cheers.) (End of broadcast.)

* * * on every billboard, "This is the time for greatness" - doesn't he know we have a great President of the United States in Dwight Eisenhower. [Applause and cheers.]

Second, the continued assertion that in the 7½ years that President Eisenhower has been at the helm of this country America has been standing still. Doesn't he know that that's what we were doing when Eisenhower took over, but we've been moving since then. [Cheers.]

And third, the constant reference to the fact that the policies of this administration in the foreign field have been characterized (and I quote him exactly without notes), I quote him exactly [cheers] --- have been policies of "retreat and defeat and stagnation.": My friends, the words are all right but they apply to the wrong administration - that exactly describes Harry Truman. [Cheers.]

You see, the American people know that the 7 Truman years were the years of the greatest retreat and defeat that freedom has ever had - 600 million people going behind the Iron Curtain. And also they know that the Eisenhower years have been years in which we stopped the defeats, stopped the retreats, stopped the war and leave been launching an offensive for peace and freedom throughout the world. [Cheers.]

And then, the other point that I make is this. I resent the assertion - made over and over again - that if we hadn't * * * as we reached the end of this term of office of a great President of the United States, that we've allowed America to run downhill, that we're second in education, we're second in science, we're second in space, we have the most crowded slums, we have the most crowded schools and the worst slums - all these are exact quotes from speeches that he's made - they're all false and I say that the American people are tired of having him or anybody else run down the United States of America. [Cheers.]

After thorough consideration - advisedly - I want to say that I don't think of anything more despicable or irresponsible than my opponent's reference in the last few days in this campaign [cheers] - wait 'til you hear what I'm going to say - to his reference to his prediction that the United States faces a slump or a recession.

Listen, I was in Detroit the other day. I picked up a copy of the Detroit Free Press. There was an 8-column head in that paper that said: "Kennedy Predicts Slump." You know what that means? You know what that does to millions of people in this country? It strikes fear into their hearts and it's that kind of talk that could bring the very slump that nobody wants. And you know what was in that same headline - right above it - an 8-column head? "New Car Sales for the Last Week the Biggest in the History of the United States." [Cheers.]

Now, my friends, somebody's wrong here. It's either the millions of people who are buying new cars who have faith in America - and that's an indication they don't think---

(NOTE.- Talk breaks off here abruptly; nothing else recorded on this tape.)

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