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Veto Message

March 05, 1839

The annexed joint resolution was presented to me by Messrs. Foster and Metrick, of the Senate, on the 4th of March at half past 3 o'clock a. m. at the President's house, after a joint committee had informed me at the Capitol that the two Houses had completed their business and were ready to adjourn, and had communicated my answer that I had no further communication to make to them. The committee of the Senate, on presenting the joint resolution for my signature, stated in explanation of the circumstance that they were not attended by the Committee on Enrolled Bills of the House of Representatives (as is required by the joint rules of the two Houses); that that body had adjourned about two hours before.

The joint resolution is not certified by the clerk of the House in which it originated, as is likewise required by the joint rules. Under these circumstances, and without reference to its provisions, I withheld my approval from the joint resolution.


To be placed on file in the State Department.


Martin van Buren, Veto Message Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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