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Veto of a Bill Relating to Indian Claims.

April 25, 1932

To the Senate:

I am returning herewith Senate Bill 826, "An Act conferring jurisdiction upon the Court of Claims to hear and determine claims of certain bands or tribes of Indians residing in the State of Oregon", without my approval.

The bill limits the claims which can be presented to those "arising under or growing out of any treaty, agreement, Act of Congress, Executive Order", and then throws the door wide open by adding "or otherwise". I can not assent to the proposition that the Government should be obligated after 75 years to defend a suit for unknown claims of such ancient origin and for persons long since dead not based upon any treaty, agreement, Act of Congress, or Executive Order.

I want full justice for our Indian wards, and would have no objection to the presentation of claims arising under the treaties named in the bill, both ratified and unratified treaties. I am advised, however, that all funds promised to these Indians under the ratified treaties have been appropriated and paid, and that lands were set aside for, and occupied by, the Indians who were parties to the unratified treaties. I am further constrained to this action at a time when the Government can not assume additional and unknown burdens of expenditure.


The White House,

April 25, 1932.

Note: The Senate referred the bill to the Committee on Indian Affairs on April 29, 1932, and no further action was taken.

Herbert Hoover, Veto of a Bill Relating to Indian Claims. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/207714

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