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Veto of a Bill To Increase Price Support Levels for Tobacco

September 30, 1975

[Dated September 30, 1975. Released October 1, 1975]

To the House of Representatives:

I return herewith, without my approval, H.R. 9497, an Act "To amend the computation of the level of price support for tobacco."

Although I am concerned about the hardships that many U.S. tobacco growers have encountered this year due to adverse weather conditions and lower-than-expected export markets, the long-range interests of the grower will be best served by a vigorous domestic tobacco industry which can compete successfully in international markets. H.R. 9497 would be an obstacle in achieving this goal. In the face of slackening world demand for United States tobacco, higher prices would make our product less competitive, thus endangering the $1 billion net trade surplus we now enjoy in this commodity.

At a time when we are attempting to reduce the inflationary pressures in the economy by holding down the size of federal deficits, H.R. 9497 would increase budget outlays during this fiscal year and the transition period by an estimated $157 million.

In summary, I believe this bill would adversely affect our tobacco exports, lower farm income in the long run and increase federal spending at a critical time in our economic recovery.


The White House,

September 30, 1975.

Note: The House of Representatives reconsidered H.R. 9497 on October 1, 1975, and the bill was referred to committee.

The text of the veto message was released at Omaha, Nebr.

APP Note: In the Public Papers of the Presidents series, this document is dated October 1, 1975, the date it was released. The American Presidency Project dates this document as September 30, 1975, the date the bill was vetoed.

Gerald R. Ford, Veto of a Bill To Increase Price Support Levels for Tobacco Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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