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September 06, 2019
Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump) tweeted 28 times on September 6, 2019
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September 05, 2019
Just talked to Governor Roy Cooper of North Carolina as Hurricane Dorian ominously comes up the East Coast. We are monitoring it at the @WhiteHouse ready to assist via our great team over at @FEMA who are already on site. We are with you all the way North Carolina. BE SAFE!
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September 05, 2019
Just spoke to Governor @HenryMcMaster of South Carolina regarding Hurricane Dorian. I informed Henry that we are monitoring South Carolina and stand by ready to assist. Be safe everyone we are totally with you!
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September 05, 2019
Just got off the phone with Governor Brian Kemp (@GovKemp) of Georgia. Happy to hear that things are looking good for everyone. I stand by ready to assist along with our great team at @FEMA ' we're with you ALL THE WAY!
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September 05, 2019
Great job done by @GovRonDesantis @SenRickScott Senator @MarcoRubio and all of the those from Florida that were so brilliantly involved including @FEMA @USCG Law Enforcement and First Responders. Thank you all!
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September 06, 2019
Looking forward to watching @SarahHuckabee Sanders tomorrow morning on @FoxandFriends by far the #1 rated show on Morning Cable at 8:30am. Sarah will be an incredible addition to @FoxNews!
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September 06, 2019
RT @MadMoneyOnCNBC: .@JimCramer: Thursday's positive economic data may get some commentators to ease up on the desire to endlessly call for'
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September 06, 2019
'I think President Trump is set in his ways because he doesn't see any weakening. I mean look at the joblessness report today. What I'm surprised at is how strong the consumer is. I think the Chinese need it (a deal) more than we do. It's statistical. I just think....
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September 06, 2019
....that our economy is very strong. If the Fed would lower rates to where the bond market says they should be then I really wouldn't worry about a recession.' @jimcramer @JoeSquawk
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September 06, 2019
RT @NHC_Atlantic: Hurricane #Dorian Advisory 51: Core of Hurricane Dorian Brushing the Coast of North Carolina.
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September 06, 2019
RT @NHC_Atlantic: Here's the 1am EDT update on #Dorian: Tropical Storm Conditions Continue to Spread Northward Along the North Carolina Coa'
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September 06, 2019
The Immigration Law Institute's Christopher Hajec says 'The Supreme Court has to look st whether DACA is lawful. What they are looking at now is whether Trump's recision of DACA is lawful. Must consider lawfulness of DACA itself. Looks very odd that President Trump doesn't.....
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September 06, 2019
....have the discretion to end the program that President Obama began in his discretion. That program was unlawful to begin with. I think it's very unlikely that the SCOTUS is going to issue an order reinstating what it believes is an unlawful program. DACA Is unlawful.' .....
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September 06, 2019
....President Obama never had the legal right to sign DACA and he indicated so at the time of signing. But In any event how can he have the right to sign and I don't have the right to 'unsigned.' Totally illegal document which would actually give the President new powers.
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September 06, 2019
DACA will be going before the Supreme Court. It is a document that even President Obama didn't feel he had the legal right to sign - he signed it anyway! Rest assured that if the SC does what all say it must based on the law a bipartisan deal will be made to the benefit of all!
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September 06, 2019
I agree with @jimcramer the Fed should lower rates. They were WAY too early to raise and Way too late to cut - and big dose quantitative tightening didn't exactly help either. Where did I find this guy Jerome? Oh well you can't win them all!
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September 06, 2019
Congratulations to @edhenry and his sister on a great success. What a wonderful thing to do!
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September 06, 2019
Great interview of Sarah Sanders by @foxandfriends. She is a terrific person with a great future!
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September 06, 2019
Our great @JudgeJeanine has just written a book that will add to the tremendous success of her last number one best seller. It's called 'Radicals Resistance and Revenge The Left's Plot To Remake America.' It is a FANTASTIC book. Go get it! @foxandfriends
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September 06, 2019
Larry Kudlow on @Varneyco now!
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September 06, 2019
The Fake News Media was fixated on the fact that I properly said at the beginnings of Hurricane Dorian that in addition to Florida & other states Alabama may also be grazed or hit. They went Crazy hoping against hope that I made a mistake (which I didn't). Check out maps.....
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September 06, 2019
....This nonsense has never happened to another President. Four days of corrupt reporting still without an apology. But there are many things that the Fake News Media has not apologized to me for like the Witch Hunt or SpyGate! The LameStream Media and their Democrat.....
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September 06, 2019
....partner should start playing it straight. It would be so much better for our Country!
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September 06, 2019
Great job by FEMA Law Enforcement First Responders U.S. Coast Guard and ALL! Keep going we all appreciate what you are doing!
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September 06, 2019
The Economy is great. The only thing adding to 'uncertainty' is the Fake News!
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September 06, 2019
'China is eating the Tariffs.' Billions pouring into USA. Targeted Patriot Farmers getting massive Dollars from the incoming Tariffs! Good Jobs Numbers No Inflation(Fed). China having worst year in decades. Talks happening good for all!
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September 06, 2019
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September 06, 2019
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September 06, 2019
'The Washington Post's Lost Summer'
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