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Tweets of September 6, 2016

September 06, 2016
Donald Trump tweeted 10 times on September 6, 2016
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2016-09-06 11:00:56 The truly great Phyllis Schlafly, who honored me with her strong endorsement for president, has passed away at 92. She was very special!
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2016-09-06 11:12:11 China wouldn't provide a red carpet stairway from Air Force One and then Philippines President calls Obama "the son of a whore." Terrible!
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2016-09-06 12:48:02 As a tribute to the late, great Phyllis Schlafly, I hope everybody can go out and get her latest book, THE CONSERVATIVE CASE FOR TRUMP.
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2016-09-06 12:49:02 Thank you! #AmericaFirst
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2016-09-06 13:05:12 @Ler: Message for undecided voters: Please wake up and vote DonaldTrump now! Trump/Pence very important save our America before too late!
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2016-09-06 15:31:09 Mainstream media never covered Hillary's massive “hacking”or coughing attack, yet it is #1 trending. What's up?
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2016-09-06 17:08:51 Thank you! #VoteTrump #ImWithYou
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2016-09-06 17:57:59 Join me in Pensacola, Florida this Friday at 7pm! #VoteTrump
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2016-09-06 20:02:26 Thank you to all of our amazing military families, service members, and veterans. #ImWithYou
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2016-09-06 22:09:01 Great meeting with military spouses in Virginia- joined by @IvankaTrump, @LaraLeaTrump, @GenFlynn & @MayorRGiuliani.
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