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Tweets of October 4, 2018

October 04, 2018
Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump) tweeted 11 times on October 4, 2018
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October 04, 2018
My thoughts and prayers are with the Florence County Sheriff's Office and the Florence Police Department tonight in South Carolina. We are forever grateful for what our Law Enforcement Officers do 24/7/365.
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October 04, 2018
Wow such enthusiasm and energy for Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Look at the Energy look at the Polls. Something very big is happening. He is a fine man and great intellect. The country is with him all the way!
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October 04, 2018
The harsh and unfair treatment of Judge Brett Kavanaugh is having an incredible upward impact on voters. The PEOPLE get it far better than the politicians. Most importantly this great life cannot be ruined by mean & despicable Democrats and totally uncorroborated allegations!
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October 04, 2018
Our country's great First Lady Melania is doing really well in Africa. The people love her and she loves them! It is a beautiful thing to see.
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October 04, 2018
This is a very important time in our country. Due Process Fairness and Common Sense are now on trial!
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October 04, 2018
This is now the 7th. time the FBI has investigated Judge Kavanaugh. If we made it 100 it would still not be good enough for the Obstructionist Democrats.
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October 04, 2018
Working hard thank you!
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October 04, 2018
Statement on National Strategy for Counterterrorism:
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October 04, 2018
'U.S. Stocks Widen Global Lead'
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October 04, 2018
Congressman Bishop is doing a GREAT job! He helped pass tax reform which lowered taxes for EVERYONE! Nancy Pelosi is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on his opponent because they both support a liberal agenda of higher taxes and wasteful spending!
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October 04, 2018
Just made my second stop in Minnesota for a MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN rally. We need to elect @KarinHousley to the U.S. Senate and we need the strong leadership of @TomEmmer @Jason2CD @JimHagedornMN and @PeteStauber in the U.S. House!
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