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Tweets of October 21, 2020

October 21, 2020
Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump) tweeted 37 times on October 21, 2020
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October 21, 2020
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October 21, 2020
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October 21, 2020
Biden Sought'Grand Bargain' to Reduce Deficit Through Cuts to Social Security via @BreitbartNews Joe Biden pushed hard to CUT YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY. If elected, he will do it again. I won't, never!!!
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October 21, 2020
WSJ Editorial Board: Joe Biden Must Answer Questions About Hunter Biden and China via @BreitbartNews Joe Biden is a totally corrupt politician, and got caught. At least now he won't be able to raise your Taxes - Biggest increase in U.S. history!
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October 21, 2020
Vote Trump to save your Second Amendment, Virginia!
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October 21, 2020
Happening all over USA. No wonder California is never in play for Republicans. Rigged Election!
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October 21, 2020
RT @alexsalvinews: NEW: The Senate will vote to confirm Amy Coney Barrett Monday, October 26.
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October 21, 2020
RT @jennfranconews: NEW: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says the Senate will vote to confirm judge Amy Coney Barrett to the SCOTUS…
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October 21, 2020
RT @OANN: A career politician and the President of the United States will go head to head for round two in the fight for the Oval Office.…
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October 21, 2020
RT @JennPellegrino: Trump on Biden's press lids: They put a lid... a lid like a garbage can
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October 21, 2020
RT @JennPellegrino: Can't wait to watch!
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October 21, 2020
Great interview Eric!
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October 21, 2020
Remember, BIDEN is going to raise your taxes at a level never seen before. This will not only be very costly for you, it will destroy our economy, which is coming back very rapidly.
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October 21, 2020
Your 401k's will crash with Biden. Massive Biden Tax and Regulation increases will destroy all that you have built! Additionally, 180 Million People will lose their Private Healthcare Plans.
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October 21, 2020
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October 21, 2020
Kayleigh McEnany presenting Lesley Stahl (@60Minutes) with some of the many things we've done for Healthcare. Lesley had no idea!
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October 21, 2020
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October 21, 2020
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October 21, 2020
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October 21, 2020
Senator @CindyHydeSmith delivers for Mississippi! She helped us Cut your Taxes, Secure our Border, and Defend the Second Amendment. Cindy's opponent, Mike Espy, is a Corrupt Politician who will Raise your Taxes and Open your Borders! Vote for Cindy! #MSSEN
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October 21, 2020
Congressman Ken Buck (@BuckForColorado) is a champion for the incredible People of Colorado! He is Strong on Law & Order, Low Taxes, Border Security, our Military & Vets, and he will always defend your Second Amendment. Ken has my Complete and Total Endorsement! #CO04
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October 21, 2020
Congressman Darin LaHood (@ElectLaHood) is a fighter for Illinois! A strong supporter of our #MAGA agenda, he is helping us Drain the Swamp, Deliver for our Farmers, and Defend your Second Amendment. Darin has my Complete and Total Endorsement! #IL18
Retweets: 6035
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October 21, 2020
Congressman @BryanSteil is doing a great job for the people of Wisconsin! He fights hard for Wisconsin's Incredible Workers, our Brave Law Enforcement, and your Second Amendment. Bryan has my Complete and Total Endorsement! #WI01
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October 21, 2020
Congresswoman @EliseStefanik is doing a terrific job for New York! She fiercely defends us and exposes the Radical Left's lies! Strong on our Second Amendment, Vets, Military and New York Law Enforcement, Elise has my Complete and Total Endorsement! #NY21
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October 21, 2020
.@DanRodimer will be an incredible Congressman for Nevada! A former professional wrestler, he will fight for Lower Taxes, Better Education and More Jobs, and he will always support our Brave Law Enforcement. Dan has my Complete and Total Endorsement! #NV03
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October 21, 2020
Jim Marchant (@VoteJimMarchant) will be an incredible Congressman for Nevada! Unlike his Radical Left opponent, Jim is Strong on Jobs, Law Enforcement, our Military & Vets, and your Second Amendment. Jim has my Complete and Total Endorsement! #NV04
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October 21, 2020
Paul Junge (@VotePaulJunge) will be a great Congressman for Michigan! He helped Secure our Border in my Administration, and he will help us Lower your Taxes, Create Jobs, and put America First in Congress. Paul has my Complete and Total Endorsement! #MI08
Retweets: 6241
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October 21, 2020
Eric Esshaki (@EsshakiCongress) will be a tremendous advocate for Michigan and the first Chaldean in Congress! He will help us Lower your Taxes, Defend your Second Amendment and Deliver Great Healthcare. Eric has my Complete and Total Endorsement! #MI11
Retweets: 6780
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October 21, 2020
.@JimOberweis will be a terrific Congressman for Illinois! A successful businessman, he will Create Jobs, Lower Taxes, Defend Law & Order, and Protect your Second Amendment from the Radical Left. Jim has my Complete and Total Endorsement! #IL14
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October 21, 2020
Michelle Fischbach (@FischbachMN7) is running for Congress in Minnesota. She Strongly Supports our Brave Law Enforcement, the Second Amendment, your Families and our incredible Farmers. Michelle has my Complete and Total Endorsement! #MN07
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October 21, 2020
Just don't see any way Nancy Pelosi and Cryin' Chuck Schumer will be willing to do what is right for our great American workers, or our wonderful USA itself, on Stimulus. Their primary focus is BAILING OUT poorly run (and high crime) Democrat cities and states....
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October 21, 2020
....Should take care of our people. It wasn't their fault that the Plague came in from China!
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October 21, 2020
See you soon North Carolina!
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October 21, 2020
WSJ Editorial Board: Joe Biden Must Answer Questions About Hunter Biden and China via @BreitbartNews
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October 21, 2020
Pennsylvania Trump Voters Show Passion: 'He's a Man that Wants to Do It All for America' via @BreitbartNews
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October 21, 2020
Multiple Pro-Trump Demonstrations Planned in Cincinnati Area via @BreitbartNews
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October 21, 2020
Exclusive: Forgotten by Obama-Biden Auto Bailout, Delphi Workers Refuse to Forget What Was Taken from Them (Part One) via @BreitbartNews Biden was a disaster on this. All talk and no action. Remember and VOTE!
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