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Tweets of November 6, 2019

November 06, 2019
Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump) tweeted 23 times on November 6, 2019
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November 06, 2019
95% Approval Rating in the Republican Party. Thank you!
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November 06, 2019
Great going Daniel proud of you!
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November 06, 2019
RT @CBSEveningNews: Officials in Citrus County Fla. deny public library's request for digital New York Times subscription citing Pres. T'
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November 06, 2019
RT @OrlandoWeekly: Florida county denies library subscriptions to the New York Times because it's 'fake news'
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November 06, 2019
RT @TB_Times: 'Why the heck would we spend money on something like that?'
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November 06, 2019
RT @thehill: Florida county commission cites Trump in denying library New York Times subscription'
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November 06, 2019
#ElectionNight Won 5 out of 6 elections in Kentucky including 5 great candidates that I spoke for and introduced last night. @MattBevin picked up at least 15 points in last days but perhaps not enough (Fake News will blame Trump!). Winning in Mississippi Governor race!
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November 06, 2019
Congratulations to @tatereeves on winning Governor of the Great State of Mississippi. Our big Rally on Friday night moved the numbers from a tie to a big WIN. Great reaction under pressure Tate!
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November 06, 2019
A lot of winning in Kentucky. Check out the numbers.
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November 06, 2019
Our big Kentucky Rally on Monday night had a massive impact on all of the races. The increase in Governors race was at least 15 points and maybe 20! Will be in Louisiana for @EddieRispone on Wednesday night. Big Rally!
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November 06, 2019
Great going Tate!
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November 06, 2019
RT @GOPChairwoman: No one energizes our base like @realDonaldTrump.In Kentucky the governor was down 17 points. President Trump helped'
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November 06, 2019
Based on the Kentucky results Mitch McConnell @senatemajldr will win BIG in Kentucky next year!
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November 06, 2019
'Based on the things I've seen the Democrats have no case or a weak case at best. I don't think there are or will be well founded articles of Impeachment here.' Robert Wray respected former prosecutor. It is a phony scam by the Do Nothing Dems! @foxandfriends
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November 06, 2019
Thank you to Kurt Volker U.S. Envoy to Ukraine who said in his Congressional Testimony just released 'You asked what conversations did I have about that quid pro quo et cetra. NONE because I didn't know there was a quid pro quo.' Witch Hunt!
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November 06, 2019
Stock Markets (all three) hit another ALL TIME & HISTORIC HIGH yesterday! You are sooo lucky to have me as your President (just kidding!). Spend your money well!
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November 06, 2019
Just had a meeting with top representatives from Egypt Ethiopia and Sudan to help solve their long running dispute on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam one of the largest in the world currently being built. The meeting went well and discussions will continue during the day!
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November 06, 2019
Just had a very good call with President @RTErdogan of Turkey. He informed me that they have captured numerous ISIS fighters that were reported to have escaped during the conflict ' including a wife and sister of terrorist killer al Baghdadi'.
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November 06, 2019
....Also talked about their Border with Syria the eradication of terrorism the ending of hostilities with the Kurds and many other topics. Look forward to seeing President Erdogan next Wednesday November 13th at the @WhiteHouse!
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November 06, 2019
Thanks to many of you here today my Administration and Republicans in Congress have now confirmed 157 FEDERAL JUDGES who will uphold our Constitution AS WRITTEN a profoundly historic milestone and a truly momentous achievement!
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November 06, 2019
RT @realDonaldTrump: Stock Markets (all three) hit another ALL TIME & HISTORIC HIGH yesterday! You are sooo lucky to have me as your Presid'
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November 06, 2019
RT @RepDougCollins: Here's Ambassador Taylor testifying that Ukraine was not aware of a hold on military aid until the end of August over'
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November 06, 2019
A great evening last night in Kentucky and Mississippi for the Republican Party with 13 BIG WINS including a Governorship in Mississippi. Congratulations to everyone!
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