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Tweets of November 3, 2019

November 03, 2019
Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump) tweeted 24 times on November 3, 2019
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November 03, 2019
RT @DonaldJTrumpJr: Despite the bullshit from blue checkmark Twitter when we walked into the arena it was overwhelmingly positive. @danawh'
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November 03, 2019
RT @EricTrump: At #UFC244 - chanting 'Donald Trump Donald Trump... USA USA'
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November 03, 2019
RT @TaraLaRosa: #NEW: Pres. Trump arrives at Madison Square Garden to a positive reaction from the crowd ahead of #UFC244'.'
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November 03, 2019
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November 03, 2019
RT @realDonaldTrump:
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November 03, 2019
The Governor of California @GavinNewsom has done a terrible job of forest management. I told him from the first day we met that he must 'clean' his forest floors regardless of what his bosses the environmentalists DEMAND of him. Must also do burns and cut fire stoppers.....
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November 03, 2019
..Every year as the fire's rage & California burns it is the same thing-and then he comes to the Federal Government for $$$ help. No more. Get your act together Governor. You don't see close to the level of burn in other states...But our teams are working well together in.....
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November 03, 2019
....putting these massive and many fires out. Great firefighters! Also open up the ridiculously closed water lanes coming down from the North. Don't pour it out into the Pacific Ocean. Should be done immediately. California desperately needs water and you can have it now!
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November 03, 2019
The Whistleblower got it sooo wrong that HE must come forward. The Fake News Media knows who he is but being an arm of the Democrat Party don't want to reveal him because there would be hell to pay. Reveal the Whistleblower and end the Impeachment Hoax!
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November 03, 2019
RT @TimOBrien: UFC president Dana White has praised Trump for backing the UFC early on'including agreeing to host fights at his venues and'
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November 03, 2019
Great fight Champ!
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November 03, 2019
Walking into Madison Square Garden last night with @danawhite for the big @UFC Championship fight was a little bit like walking into a Trump Rally. Plenty of MAGA & KAG present. Great energy. Fantastic job Dana! Heading to D.C. and then to Kentucky for a big @MattBevin Rally...
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November 03, 2019
....Matt has been a GREAT Governor. Kentucky (I Love You!) please be sure to vote for Matt Bevin on TUESDAY. Matt will never let you down and we have to send a strong signal to Nancy Pelosi and the Radical Left Democrats. See you on Monday night VOTE TUESDAY!!!
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November 03, 2019
'Morrison testifies he saw nothing wrong with the Trump call.' @OANN
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November 03, 2019
Thank you to @OANN for the absolutely incredible Special Report narrated by @PearsonSharp. Seldom do the American people get to see journalistic work of this quality. Now it would be great if the legitimate sections of law enforcement would study your SMEARS SPIES AND LIES....
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November 03, 2019
....and FEDERAL CONTRACTOR SPIES stories. The finest law enforcement on the planet could not have shown a ROADMAP like that which was produced by you. @OANN should be VERY proud of this great work. I wish more people were seeking the facts and the truth. Keep it up!
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November 03, 2019
Many people listened to my phone call with the Ukrainian President while it was being made. I never heard any complaints. The reason is that it was totally appropriate I say perfect. Republicans have never been more unified and my Republican Approval Rating is now 95%!
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November 03, 2019
The Angry Majority!
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November 03, 2019
Fake News!
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November 03, 2019
The Democrats are Fixers and they are working overtime to FIX the Impeachment 'Process' in order to hurt the Republican Party and me. Nancy Pelosi should instead Fix her broken District and Corrupt Adam should clean up & manage the California forests which are always burning!
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November 03, 2019
The Fake News Media is working hard so that information about the Whistleblower's identity which may be very bad for them and their Democrat partners never reaches the Public.
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November 03, 2019
I hope everyone in the Great State of Virginia will get out and VOTE on Tuesday in all of the local and state elections to send a signal to D.C. that you want lower taxes a strong Military Border & 2nd Amendment great healthcare and must take care of our Vets. VOTE REPUBLICAN
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November 03, 2019
Virginia has the best Unemployment and Economic numbers in the history of the State. If the Democrats get in those numbers will go rapidly in the other direction. On Tuesday Vote Republican!
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November 03, 2019
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