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Tweets of November 1, 2015

November 01, 2015
Donald Trump tweeted 13 times on November 1, 2015
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November 01, 2015
Gov. John Kasich has really failed on the campaign trail. I thought he would have been far more talented. He is just wasting time & money!
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November 01, 2015
@PamelaJaneVP: Watch FULL Speech: Donald Trump MASSIVE Rally in Norfolk, VA (10-31-15)" on YouTube -"
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November 01, 2015
@PaulaPedene: Trump Leads GOP, Carson Stays Strong, Rubio 3rd: Poll
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November 01, 2015
@N_R_Mandela: @realDonaldTrump And you're still a negative loser and Trump is still a positive winner. I'm Black and proudly voting TRUMP!
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November 01, 2015
@Michael_0000: [First Vote News Video | Mike Tyson Endorses Donald Trump for President] - Thanks Mike!
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November 01, 2015
@BellicWolf: @and_is_w Anyway, for me the most original costume was Donald Trump like President!!!!
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November 01, 2015
Further proof that Gang of Eight member Marco Rubio is weak on illegal immigration is Paul Singer's, Mr. Amnesty, endorsement.Rubs can't win
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November 01, 2015
Anybody that believes in strong borders and stopping illegal immigration cannot vote for Marco Rubio READ THIS:"
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November 01, 2015
Jeb's new slogan - "Jeb can fix it". I never thought of Jeb as a crook! Stupid message, the word "fix" is not a good one to use in politics!
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November 01, 2015
I told you in speeches months ago that Jeb and Marco do not like each other. Marco is too ambitious and very disloyal to Jeb as his mentor!
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November 01, 2015
Marco Rubio will not win. Weak on illegal immigration, strong on amnesty and has the appearance to killers of the world as a "lightweight".
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November 01, 2015
If Jeb Bush were more competent he could not have lost the skirmish with Marco in the debate. BAD facts for Marco if properly delivered!
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November 01, 2015
Join me Tuesday Nov. 3rd at 12 PM in #TrumpTower in NYC. I'll be signing copies of my book CRIPPLED AMERICA. Don't miss it!
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