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Tweets of May 3, 2018

May 03, 2018
Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump) tweeted 9 times on May 3, 2018
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May 03, 2018
As everybody is aware the past Administration has long been asking for three hostages to be released from a North Korean Labor camp but to no avail. Stay tuned!
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May 03, 2018
Ainsley Earnhardt a truly great person just wrote a wonderful book 'The Light Within Me' which is doing really well. She is very special and so is her new book...bring it to number one!
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May 03, 2018
Our great financial team is in China trying to negotiate a level playing field on trade! I look forward to being with President Xi in the not too distant future. We will always have a good (great) relationship!
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May 03, 2018
Mr. Cohen an attorney received a monthly retainer not from the campaign and having nothing to do with the campaign from which he entered into through reimbursement a private contract between two parties known as a non-disclosure agreement or NDA. These agreements are.....
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May 03, 2018
...very common among celebrities and people of wealth. In this case it is in full force and effect and will be used in Arbitration for damages against Ms. Clifford (Daniels). The agreement was used to stop the false and extortionist accusations made by her about an affair......
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May 03, 2018
...despite already having signed a detailed letter admitting that there was no affair. Prior to its violation by Ms. Clifford and her attorney this was a private agreement. Money from the campaign or campaign contributions played no roll in this transaction.
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May 03, 2018
Today it was my great honor to celebrate the #NationalDayOfPrayer at the @WhiteHouse in the Rose Garden! Proclamation:
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May 03, 2018
This spring marks 4yrs since the Phoenix VA crisis. We won't forget what happened to our GREAT VETS. Choice is vital but the program needs work & is running out of $. Congress must fix Choice Program by Memorial Day so VETS can get the care they deserve. I will sign immediately!
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May 03, 2018
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