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Tweets of May 28, 2018

May 28, 2018
Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump) tweeted 10 times on May 28, 2018
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May 28, 2018
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May 28, 2018
Happy Memorial Day! Those who died for our great country would be very happy and proud at how well our country is doing today. Best economy in decades lowest unemployment numbers for Blacks and Hispanics EVER (& women in 18years) rebuilding our Military and so much more. Nice!
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May 28, 2018
'The President deserves some answers.' @FoxNews in discussing 'SPYGATE.'
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May 28, 2018
'Sally Yates is part of concerns people have raised about bias in the Justice Dept. I find her actions to be really quite unbelievable.' Jonathan Turley
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May 28, 2018
'We now find out that the Obama Administration put the opposing campaigns presidential candidate or his campaign under investigation. That raises legitimate questions. I just find this really odd...this goes to the heart of our electoral system.' Jonathan Turley on @FoxNews
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May 28, 2018
Thank you for joining us on this solemn day of remembrance. We are gathered here on the sacred soil of @ArlingtonNatl Cemetery to honor the lives and deeds of America's greatest heroes the men and women who laid down their lives for our freedom. #MemorialDay
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May 28, 2018
The heroes who rest in these hallowed fields in cemeteries battlefields and burial grounds near and far are drawn the full tapestry of American life. They came from every generation from towering cities and wind swept prairies from privilege and from poverty...
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May 28, 2018
Our fallen heroes have not only written our history they have shaped our destiny. They saved the lives of the men and women with whom they served. They cared for their families more than anything in the world they loved their families. They inspired their communities...
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May 28, 2018
A Democratic lawmaker just introduced a bill to Repeal the GOP Tax Cuts (no chance). This is too good to be true for Republicans...Remember the Nancy Pelosi Dems are also weak on Crime the Border and want to be gentle and kind to MS-13 gang members...not good!
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May 28, 2018
California has a rare opportunity to turn things around and solve its high crime high tax problems - along with so many others. On June 5th. vote for GOP Gubernatorial Candidate JOHN COX a really good and highly competent man. He'll Make California Great Again!
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