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Tweets of May 21, 2016

May 21, 2016
Donald Trump tweeted 10 times on May 21, 2016
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May 21, 2016
Thank you @TheTodaysGolfer for the wonderful statement that "the new par 3 9th hole @Trump Turnberry could be the most dramatic in Britain."
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May 21, 2016
Crooked Hillary Clinton wants to essentially abolish the 2nd Amendment. No gun owner can ever vote for Clinton!
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May 21, 2016
Crooked Hillary is spending tremendous amounts of Wall Street money on false ads against me. She is a very dishonest person!
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May 21, 2016
While our wonderful president was out playing golf all day, the TSA is falling apart, just like our government! Airports a total disaster!
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May 21, 2016
Crooked Hillary wants to get rid of all guns and yet she is surrounded by bodyguards who are fully armed. No more guns to protect Hillary!
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May 21, 2016
@RBacliff: Hillary wants to rip the guns out of America's hands. No guns = no protection. Get on #TrumpTrain & join @NRA to stop her.
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May 21, 2016
.@CNN is so negative, getting even worse as I get closer. Just had two anti-Trump losers with zero rebuttal from my team. Turning off!
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May 21, 2016
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May 21, 2016
Crooked Hillary Clintons foreign interventions unleashed ISIS in Syria, Iraq and Libya. She is reckless and dangerous!
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May 21, 2016
Thank you to all of the men and women who have served our country. You are our true heroes! #ArmedForcesDay
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