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Tweets of March 7, 2016

March 07, 2016
Donald Trump tweeted 14 times on March 7, 2016
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March 07, 2016
All of the phony T.V. commercials against me are bought and payed for by SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS, the bandits that tell your pols what to do
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March 07, 2016
How do you fight millions of dollars of fraudulent commercials pushing for crooked politicians? I will be using Facebook & Twitter. Watch!
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March 07, 2016
Failed presidential candidate Lindsey Graham should respect me. I destroyed his run, brought him from 7% to 0% when he got out. Now nasty!
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March 07, 2016
Lindsey Graham is all over T.V., much like failed 47% candidate Mitt Romney. These nasty, angry, jealous failures have ZERO credibility!
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March 07, 2016
We cannot let the failing REPUBLICAN ESTABLISHMENT, who could not stop Obama (twice), ruin the MOVEMENT with millions of $'s in false ads!
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March 07, 2016
I will be using Facebook and Twitter to expose dishonest lightweight Senator Marco Rubio. A record no-show in Senate, he is scamming Florida
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March 07, 2016
Congratulation to Adam Scott and all of the folks at Trump National Doral on producing a really great WGC Tournament. Amazing finish!
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March 07, 2016
Leaving for North Carolina. Big crowd, will be fun!
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March 07, 2016
Don't believe the millions of dollars of phony television ads by lightweight Rubio and the R establishment. Dishonest people!
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March 07, 2016
It was great being in Michigan. Remember, I am the only presidential candidate who will bring jobs back to the U.S.and protect car industry!
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March 07, 2016
@justin_sellers: Setup is underway @realDonaldTrump rally in Madison. #MSPrimary Thank you!
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March 07, 2016
Lightweight Senator Marco Rubio features Trump Univ. students in FL. attack ads- who submitted "excellent" reviews.
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March 07, 2016
Thank you Idaho! I love your potatoes- nobody grows them better. As President, I will protect your market.
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March 07, 2016
New ad concerning lightweight Senator Marco Rubio:
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