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Tweets of June 6, 2019

June 06, 2019
Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump) tweeted 11 times on June 6, 2019
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June 06, 2019
#DDay75thAnniversary #DDay75
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June 06, 2019
'The President has received glowing reviews from the British Media. Here at home not so much. MSNBC Ramps up hateful coverage and promotes conspiracy theories during Trump's trip to Europe.' @seanhannity The good news is that @maddow is dying in the ratings along with @CNN!
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June 06, 2019
A big and beautiful day today!
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June 06, 2019
Heading over to Normandy to celebrate some of the bravest that ever lived. We are eternally grateful! #DDay75thAnniversary #DDay75
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June 06, 2019
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June 06, 2019
So sorry to hear about the terrible accident involving our GREAT West Point Cadets. We mourn the loss of life and pray for the injured. God Bless them ALL!
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June 06, 2019
Today we remember those who fell and we honor all who fought here in Normandy. They won back this ground for civilization. To more than 170 Veterans of the Second World War who join us today: You are among the very greatest Americans who will ever live! #DDay75thAnniversary
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June 06, 2019
To the men who sit behind me and to the boys who rest in the field before me: your example will never grow old. Your legend will never tire and your spirit - brave unyielding and true - will NEVER DIE! #DDay75thAnniversary
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June 06, 2019
Just signed Disaster Aid Bill to help Americans who have been hit by recent catastrophic storms. So important for our GREAT American farmers and ranchers. Help for GA FL IA NE NC and CA. Puerto Rico should love President Trump. Without me they would have been shut out!
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June 06, 2019
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June 06, 2019
RT @IngrahamAngle: For my full interview with ?@realDonaldTrump from Normandy? tune in tonight #IngrahamAngle ?@FoxNews? 10pET https://t.c'
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