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Tweets of June 14, 2018

June 14, 2018
Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump) tweeted 7 times on June 14, 2018
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June 14, 2018
The Republican Party is starting to show very big numbers. People are starting to see what is being done. Results are speaking loudly. North Korea and our greatest ever economy are leading the way!
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June 14, 2018
Now that I am back from Singapore where we had a great result with respect to North Korea the thought process must sadly go back to the Witch Hunt always remembering that there was No Collusion and No Obstruction of the fabricated No Crime.
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June 14, 2018
So the Democrats make up a phony crime Collusion with the Russians pay a fortune to make the crime sound real illegally leak (Comey) classified information so that a Special Councel will be appointed and then Collude to make this pile of garbage take on life in Fake News!
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June 14, 2018
The sleazy New York Democrats and their now disgraced (and run out of town) A.G. Eric Schneiderman are doing everything they can to sue me on a foundation that took in $18800000 and gave out to charity more money than it took in $19200000. I won't settle this case!...
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June 14, 2018
....Schneiderman who ran the Clinton campaign in New York never had the guts to bring this ridiculous case which lingered in their office for almost 2 years. Now he resigned his office in disgrace and his disciples brought it when we would not settle.
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June 14, 2018
Happy 243rd Birthday to the @USArmy! Thank you for your bravery sacrifices and dedication to the U.S.A. We love you!
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June 14, 2018
Happy #FlagDay????
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