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Tweets of June 1, 2018

June 01, 2018
Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump) tweeted 5 times on June 1, 2018
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June 01, 2018
A.P. has just reported that the Russian Hoax Investigation has now cost our government over $17 million and going up fast. No Collusion except by the Democrats!
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June 01, 2018
Why aren't they firing no talent Samantha Bee for the horrible language used on her low ratings show? A total double standard but that's O.K. we are Winning and will be doing so for a long time to come!
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June 01, 2018
Looking forward to seeing the employment numbers at 8:30 this morning.
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June 01, 2018
Canada has treated our Agricultural business and Farmers very poorly for a very long period of time. Highly restrictive on Trade! They must open their markets and take down their trade barriers! They report a really high surplus on trade with us. Do Timber & Lumber in U.S.?
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June 01, 2018
Today it was my great honor to be with the brave men and women of the United States Coast Guard!
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