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Tweets of July 3, 2016

July 03, 2016
Donald Trump tweeted 8 times on July 3, 2016
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July 03, 2016
Just watched @meetthepress and how totally biased against me Chuck Todd, and the entire show, is against me.The good news-the people get it!
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July 03, 2016
Only a fool would believe that the meeting between Bill Clinton and the U.S.A.G. was not arranged or that Crooked Hillary did not know.
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July 03, 2016
Crooked Hillary Clinton knew that her husband wanted to meet with the U.S.A.G. to work out a deal. The system is totally rigged & corrupt!
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July 03, 2016
On Saturday a great man, Elie Wiesel, passed away.The world is a better place because of him and his belief that good can triumph over evil!
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July 03, 2016
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July 03, 2016
Does anybody really believe that Bill Clinton and the U.S.A.G. talked only about "grandkids" and golf for 37 minutes in plane on tarmac?
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July 03, 2016
The SECRET meeting between Bill Clinton and the U.S.A.G. in back of closed plane was heightened with FBI shouting "go away, no pictures."
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July 03, 2016
I believe that Crooked Hillary sent Bill to have the meeting with the U.S.A.G. So Bill is not in trouble with H except that he got caught!
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