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Tweets of January 29, 2017

January 29, 2017
Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump) tweeted 7 times on January 29, 2017
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January 29, 2017
Somebody with aptitude and conviction should buy the FAKE NEWS and failing @nytimes and either run it correctly or let it fold with dignity!
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January 29, 2017
Our country needs strong borders and extreme vetting NOW. Look what is happening all over Europe and indeed the world - a horrible mess!
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January 29, 2017
Christians in the Middle-East have been executed in large numbers. We cannot allow this horror to continue!
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January 29, 2017
The joint statement of former presidential candidates John McCain & Lindsey Graham is wrong - they are sadly weak on immigration. The two...
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January 29, 2017
...Senators should focus their energies on ISIS illegal immigration and border security instead of always looking to start World War III.
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January 29, 2017
Statement Regarding Recent Executive Order Concerning Extreme Vetting:
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January 29, 2017
I will be interviewed by @TheBrodyFile on @CBNNews tonight at 11pm. Enjoy!
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