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Tweets of January 24, 2019

January 24, 2019
Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump) tweeted 10 times on January 24, 2019
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January 24, 2019
As the Shutdown was going on Nancy Pelosi asked me to give the State of the Union Address. I agreed. She then changed her mind because of the Shutdown suggesting a later date. This is her prerogative - I will do the Address when the Shutdown is over. I am not looking for an....
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January 24, 2019
....alternative venue for the SOTU Address because there is no venue that can compete with the history tradition and importance of the House Chamber. I look forward to giving a 'great' State of the Union Address in the near future!
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January 24, 2019
A great new book just out 'Game of Thorns' by Doug Wead Presidential Historian and best selling author. The book covers the campaign of 2016 and what could be more exciting than that?
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January 24, 2019
'This is everything FDR dreamed about the New Deal to put America back to work. Think of LBJ he gave people food stamps & welfare. Donald Trump's giving them a job. He's got a lot of good things to talk about. News stories do not accurately cover him should correct.' @DougWead
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January 24, 2019
The economy is doing great. More people working in U.S.A. today than at any time in our HISTORY. Media barely covers! @foxandfriends
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January 24, 2019
So interesting that bad lawyer Michael Cohen who sadly will not be testifying before Congress is using the lawyer of Crooked Hillary Clinton to represent him - Gee how did that happen? Remember July 4th weekend when Crooked went before FBI & wasn't sworn in no tape nothing?
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January 24, 2019
The Fake News Media loves saying 'so little happened at my first summit with Kim Jong Un.' Wrong! After 40 years of doing nothing with North Korea but being taken to the cleaners & with a major war ready to start in a short 15 months relationships built hostages & remains....
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January 24, 2019
...back home where they belong no more Rockets or M's being fired over Japan or anywhere else and most importantly no Nuclear Testing. This is more than has ever been accomplished with North Korea and the Fake News knows it. I expect another good meeting soon much potential!
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January 24, 2019
Without a Wall there cannot be safety and security at the Border or for the U.S.A. BUILD THE WALL AND CRIME WILL FALL!
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January 24, 2019
Nancy just said she 'just doesn't understand why?' Very simply without a Wall it all doesn't work. Our Country has a chance to greatly reduce Crime Human Trafficking Gangs and Drugs. Should have been done for decades. We will not Cave!
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