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Tweets of January 2, 2020

January 02, 2020
Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump) tweeted 9 times on January 2, 2020
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January 02, 2020
Best equipment & finest military in the World. On site quickly!
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January 02, 2020
Too bad, Corey would have won! He (and I) loves New Hampshire.
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January 02, 2020
Can't believe @ATT keeps the management after yet another @CNN ratings dive. Nobody watching, NO CREDIBILITY! Maybe they should make changes at AT&T?
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January 02, 2020
Great job!
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January 02, 2020
They don't know how to do that!
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January 02, 2020
Sohrab Ahmari, New York Post "The Trump Campaign raised $10 million in the two days following the impeachment (Scam) vote. It seems the Democrats have shot themselves in the foot in one more way. They set up a process they know is not going to lead to the Presidents removal, &...
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January 02, 2020
13:42:42's alienating independents. This President is being persecuted over three years with one investigation after another, and that really plays to his base." @FoxNews @cvpayne Their partisan Witch Hunt is hurting our Country do badly, & only bringing more division than ever!
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January 02, 2020
A lot of very good people were taken down by a small group of Dirty (Filthy) Cops, politicians, government officials, and an investigation that was illegally started & that SPIED on my campaign. The Witch Hunt is sputtering badly, but still going on (Ukraine Hoax!). If this....
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January 02, 2020
....had happened to a Presidential candidate, or President, who was a Democrat, everybody involved would long ago be in jail for treason (and more), and it would be considered the CRIME OF THE CENTURY, far bigger and more sinister than Watergate!
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