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Tweets of January 18, 2019

January 18, 2019
Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump) tweeted 15 times on January 18, 2019
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January 18, 2019
RT @realDonaldTrump: ....I am doing exactly what I pledged to do and what I was elected to do by the citizens of our great Country. Just a'
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January 18, 2019
RT @realDonaldTrump: For decades politicians promised to secure the border fix our trade deals bring back our factories get tough on Ch'
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January 18, 2019
Thank you to Amy Kremer Women for Trump Co-Founder for doing such a great interview with Martha MacCallum...and by the way women have the lowest unemployment numbers in many decades - at the highest pay ever. Proud of that!
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January 18, 2019
'In 2018 alone 20000 illegal aliens with criminal records were apprehended trying to cross the Border and there was a 122% increase in fentanyl being smuggled between ports of entry. Last month alone more than 20000 minors were smuggled into the U.S.' @seanhannity
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January 18, 2019
Gregg Jarrett: 'Mueller's prosecutors knew the 'Dossier' was the product of bias and deception.' It was a Fake just like so much news coverage in our Country. Nothing but a Witch Hunt from beginning to end!
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January 18, 2019
Border rancher: 'We've found prayer rugs out here. It's unreal.' Washington Examiner People coming across the Southern Border from many countries some of which would be a big surprise.
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January 18, 2019
Why would Nancy Pelosi leave the Country with other Democrats on a seven day excursion when 800000 great people are not getting paid. Also could somebody please explain to Nancy & her 'big donors' in wine country that people working on farms (grapes) will have easy access in!
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January 18, 2019
'It's the Democrats keeping everything closed.' @JimInhofe So true!
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January 18, 2019
Another big Caravan heading our way. Very hard to stop without a Wall!
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January 18, 2019
Kevin Corke @FoxNews 'Don't forget Michael Cohen has already been convicted of perjury and fraud and as recently as this week the Wall Street Journal has suggested that he may have stolen tens of thousands of dollars....' Lying to reduce his jail time! Watch father-in-law!
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January 18, 2019
Never seen the Republican Party so unified. No 'Cave' on the issue of Border and National Security. A beautiful thing to see especially when you hear the new rhetoric spewing from the mouths of the Democrats who talk Open Border High Taxes and Crime. Stop Criminals & Drugs now!
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January 18, 2019
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January 18, 2019
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January 18, 2019
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January 18, 2019
I will be making a major announcement concerning the Humanitarian Crisis on our Southern Border and the Shutdown tomorrow afternoon at 3 P.M. live from the @WhiteHouse.
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