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Tweets of January 15, 2020

January 15, 2020
Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump) tweeted 10 times on January 15, 2020
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January 15, 2020
Thank you Milwaukee, Wisconsin! #KAG2020 #MAGA
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January 15, 2020
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January 15, 2020
Democrats are now the party of high taxes, high crime, open borders, late-term abortion, socialism, and blatant corruption. The Republican Party is the party of the American Worker, the American Family, and the American Dream! #TrumpMilwaukeeRally
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January 15, 2020
Republicans are fighting for citizens from every background, & from every race, religion, color & creed. We are a movement for ALL AMERICANS who believe in fairness & justice, equality & dignity, opportunity & safety. We are a big tent, & a big party, w/ BIG IDEAS for the future!
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January 15, 2020
Former National Security Adviser for President Obama said "President Trump was absolutely correct" in taking out terroristist leader Soleimani. Thank you General Jones!
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January 15, 2020
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, @BorisJohnson, stated, "We should replace the Iran deal with the Trump deal." I agree!
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January 15, 2020
Steyer is running low on cash. Nobody knows him. Made his money on coal. So funny!
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January 15, 2020
Now up to 187 Federal Judges, and two great new Supreme Court Justices. We are in major record territory. Hope EVERYONE is happy!
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January 15, 2020
I agree with him on this, 100%. But why would anyone vote Democrat? We are setting all time records with the economy!
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January 15, 2020
Here we go again, another Con Job by the Do Nothing Democrats. All of this work was supposed to be done by the House, not the Senate!
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