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Tweets of February 23, 2020

February 23, 2020
Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump) tweeted 11 times on February 23, 2020
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February 23, 2020
"The Kremlin is reportedly backing Bernie Sanders bid to win the White House." Jon Scott @FoxNews Why didn't somebody tell me this?
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February 23, 2020
Just another Shifty Schiff leak. Isn't there a law about this stuff?
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February 23, 2020
Departing for India with Melania!
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February 23, 2020
Look forward to being with all of my friends and supporters @CPAC on Saturday, February 29th! #KAG2020
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February 23, 2020
Somebody please tell incompetent (thanks for my high poll numbers) & corrupt politician Adam "Shifty" Schiff to stop leaking Classified information or, even worse, made up information, to the Fake News Media. Someday he will be caught, & that will be a very unpleasant experience!
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February 23, 2020
Are any Democrat operatives, the DNC, or Crooked Hillary Clinton, blaming Russia, Russia, Russia for the Bernie Sanders win in Nevada. If so I suggest calling Bob Mueller & the 13 Angry Democrats to do a new Mueller Report, Democrat Edition. Bob will get to the bottom of it!
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February 23, 2020
Jeff Van Drew is a Courageous Leader that left the Do Nothing Democrats to better serve the Great people of New Jersey. HAPPY BIRTHDAY @CongressmanJVD!
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February 23, 2020
Crazy Bernie and the Democrats should see this. I I have done more
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February 23, 2020
Crazy Bernie and the Democrats should see this. I have done far more for the African American community than any President. Secured funding for HBCUs, Criminal Justice Reform, Opportunity Zones, School Choice, Record Low Unemployment, and so much more. THE BEST IS YET TO COME!
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February 23, 2020
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February 23, 2020
95% Approval Rating in the Republican Party, a Record. 218 Federal Judges, also a Record. 2 Supreme Court Justices. Thank you!
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