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Tweets of December 24, 2018

December 24, 2018
Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump) tweeted 17 times on December 24, 2018
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December 24, 2018
'It should not be the job of America to replace regimes around the world. This is what President Trump recognized in Iraq that it was the biggest foreign policy disaster of the last several decades and he's right...The generals still don't get the mistake.' @RandPaul
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December 24, 2018
Mitch McConnell just told a group of people and me that he has been in the U.S. Senate for 32 years and the last two have been by far the best & most productive of his career. Tax & Regulation Cuts VA Choice Farm Bill Criminal Justice Reform Judgeships & much more. Great!
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December 24, 2018
The most important way to stop gangs drugs human trafficking and massive crime is at our Southern Border. We need Border Security and as EVERYONE knows you can't have Border Security without a Wall. The Drones & Technology are just bells and whistles. Safety for America!
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December 24, 2018
'The President has been remarkable. I do not doubt that he will thrive in this new environment and he will be a constant reminder of what populism is.' Thank you to Tammy Bruce and Steve Hilton. Presidential Harassment has been with me from the beginning!
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December 24, 2018
President @RT_Erdogan of Turkey has very strongly informed me that he will eradicate whatever is left of ISIS in Syria....and he is a man who can do it plus Turkey is right 'next door.' Our troops are coming home!
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December 24, 2018
Virtually every Democrat we are dealing with today strongly supported a Border Wall or Fence. It was only when I made it an important part of my campaign because people and drugs were pouring into our Country unchecked that they turned against it. Desperately needed!
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December 24, 2018
To those few Senators who think I don't like or appreciate being allied with other countries they are wrong I DO. What I don't like however is when many of these same countries take advantage of their friendship with the United States both in Military Protection and Trade...
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December 24, 2018
....We are substantially subsidizing the Militaries of many VERY rich countries all over the world while at the same time these countries take total advantage of the U.S. and our TAXPAYERS on Trade. General Mattis did not see this as a problem. I DO and it is being fixed!
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December 24, 2018
For all of the sympathizers out there of Brett McGurk remember he was the Obama appointee who was responsible for loading up airplanes with 1.8 Billion Dollars in CASH & sending it to Iran as part of the horrific Iran Nuclear Deal (now terminated) approved by Little Bob Corker.
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December 24, 2018
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December 24, 2018
The only problem our economy has is the Fed. They don't have a feel for the Market they don't understand necessary Trade Wars or Strong Dollars or even Democrat Shutdowns over Borders. The Fed is like a powerful golfer who can't score because he has no touch - he can't putt!
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December 24, 2018
I never 'lashed out' at the Acting Attorney General of the U.S. a man for whom I have great respect. This is a made up story one of many by the Fake News Media!
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December 24, 2018
The Wall is different than the 25 Billion Dollars in Border Security. The complete Wall will be built with the Shutdown money plus funds already in hand. The reporting has been inaccurate on the point. The problem is without the Wall much of the rest of Dollars are wasted!
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December 24, 2018
Saudi Arabia has now agreed to spend the necessary money needed to help rebuild Syria instead of the United States. See? Isn't it nice when immensely wealthy countries help rebuild their neighbors rather than a Great Country the U.S. that is 5000 miles away. Thanks to Saudi A!
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December 24, 2018
I am all alone (poor me) in the White House waiting for the Democrats to come back and make a deal on desperately needed Border Security. At some point the Democrats not wanting to make a deal will cost our Country more money than the Border Wall we are all talking about. Crazy!
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December 24, 2018
Christmas Eve briefing with my team working on North Korea ' Progress being made. Looking forward to my next summit with Chairman Kim!
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December 24, 2018
I am in the Oval Office & just gave out a 115 mile long contract for another large section of the Wall in Texas. We are already building and renovating many miles of Wall some complete. Democrats must end Shutdown and finish funding. Billions of Dollars & lives will be saved!
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