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Tweets of December 23, 2018

December 23, 2018
Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump) tweeted 11 times on December 23, 2018
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December 23, 2018
Brett McGurk who I do not know was appointed by President Obama in 2015. Was supposed to leave in February but he just resigned prior to leaving. Grandstander? The Fake News is making such a big deal about this nothing event!
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December 23, 2018
If anybody but your favorite President Donald J. Trump announced that after decimating ISIS in Syria we were going to bring our troops back home (happy & healthy) that person would be the most popular hero in America. With me hit hard instead by the Fake News Media. Crazy!
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December 23, 2018
When President Obama ingloriously fired Jim Mattis I gave him a second chance. Some thought I shouldn't I thought I should. Interesting relationship-but I also gave all of the resources that he never really had. Allies are very important-but not when they take advantage of U.S.
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December 23, 2018
The only way to stop drugs gangs human trafficking criminal elements and much else from coming into our Country is with a Wall or Barrier. Drones and all of the rest are wonderful and lots of fun but it is only a good old fashioned Wall that works!
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December 23, 2018
I am pleased to announce that our very talented Deputy Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan will assume the title of Acting Secretary of Defense starting January 1 2019. Patrick has a long list of accomplishments while serving as Deputy & previously Boeing. He will be great!
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December 23, 2018
I just had a long and productive call with President @RT_Erdogan of Turkey. We discussed ISIS our mutual involvement in Syria & the slow & highly coordinated pullout of U.S. troops from the area. After many years they are coming home. We also discussed heavily expanded Trade.
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December 23, 2018
Unthinkable devastation from the tsunami disaster in Indonesia. More than two hundred dead and nearly a thousand injured or unaccounted for. We are praying for recovery and healing. America is with you!
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December 23, 2018
We signed two pieces of major legislation this week Criminal Justice Reform and the Farm Bill. These are two Big Deals but all the Fake News Media wants to talk about is 'the mistake' of bringing our young people back home from the Never Ending Wars. It all began 19 years ago!
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December 23, 2018
Senator Bob Corker just stated that 'I'm so priveledged to serve in the Senate for twelve years and that's what I told the people of our state that's what I'd do serve for two terms.' But that is Not True - wanted to run but poll numbers TANKED when I wouldn't endorse him.....
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December 23, 2018
.....Bob Corker was responsible for giving us the horrible Iran Nuclear Deal which I ended yet he badmouths me for wanting to bring our young people safely back home. Bob wanted to run and asked for my endorsement. I said NO and the game was over. #MAGA I LOVE TENNESSEE!
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December 23, 2018
Thanks @RandPaul 'I am very proud of the President. This is exactly what he promised and I think the people agree with him. We've been at war too long and in too many places...spent several trillion dollars on these wars everywhere. He's different...that's why he got elected.'
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