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Tweets of December 22, 2019

December 22, 2019
Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump) tweeted 5 times on December 22, 2019
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December 22, 2019
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December 22, 2019
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December 22, 2019
Crazy Nancy wants to dictate terms on the Impeachment Hoax to the Republican Majority Senate but striped away all Due Process no lawyers or witnesses on the Democrat Majority House. The Dems just wish it would all end. Their case is dead their poll numbers are horrendous!
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December 22, 2019
Melania and I send our warmest wishes to Jewish people in the United States Israel and across the world as you commence the 8-day celebration of Hanukkah.
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December 22, 2019
The Democrats and Crooked Hillary paid for & provided a Fake Dossier with phony information gotten from foreign sources pushed it to the corrupt media & Dirty Cops & have now been caught. They spied on my campaign then tried to cover it up - Just Like Watergate but bigger!
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