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Tweets of December 15, 2019

December 15, 2019
Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump) tweeted 22 times on December 15, 2019
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December 15, 2019
Both Commiecast MSNBC & Fake News CNN are watching their Ratings TANK. Fredo on CNN is dying. Don't know why @FoxNews wants to be more like them? They'll all die together as other outlets take their place. Only pro Trump Fox shows do well. Rest are nothing. How's Shep doing?
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December 15, 2019
It was my Great Honor to attend the 120th Army-Navy game today in Philadelphia Pennsylvania! @NavyFB @ArmyWP_Football @ArmyNavyGame
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December 15, 2019
Congratulations to Tiger and the entire U.S. Team on a great comeback and tremendous WIN. True Champions!
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December 15, 2019
Incredible young strong and brilliant people. Army/Navy!
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December 15, 2019
I will see Navy at the White House to present the Commander-in-Chief's Trophy!
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December 15, 2019
Thank you for your honesty Jeff. All of the Democrats know you are right but unlike you they don't have the 'guts' to say so!
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December 15, 2019
Wow that would be big. Always heard Jeff is very smart!
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December 15, 2019
Schiff's correcting the record memo has turned out to be totally wrong (based on the I.G. Report)! A very big lie. @MariaBartiromo And @DevinNunes has turned out to be completely right. Congratulations to Devin. The Fake News Media should apologize to all!
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December 15, 2019
Crooked Hillary caught again. She is a total train wreck!
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December 15, 2019
Far from it!
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December 15, 2019
As bad as the I.G. Report is for the FBI and others and it is really bad remember that I.G. Horowitz was appointed by Obama. There was tremendous bias and guilt exposed so obvious but Horowitz couldn't get himself to say it. Big credibility loss. Obama knew everything!
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December 15, 2019
A PERFECT phone call. 'Can you do us (not me. Us is referring to our Country) a favor.' Then go on to talk about 'Country' and 'U.S. Attorney General.' The Impeachment Hoax is just a continuation of the Witch Hunt which has been going on for 3 years. We will win! #MAGAKAG #2020
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December 15, 2019
So now Comey's admitting he was wrong. Wow but he's only doing so because he got caught red handed. He was actually caught a long time ago. So what are the consequences for his unlawful conduct. Could it be years in jail? Where are the apologies to me and others Jim?
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December 15, 2019
'There is no bribery or any crime at all alleged in the Articles of Impeachment. This is a first in the history of our Country.' @JudgeJeanine @RepMikeJohnson
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December 15, 2019
'The President did nothing wrong here. There is no crime.' @charliekirk11 Impeachment Hoax!
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December 15, 2019
The @foxnewPolls always inaccurate are heavily weighted toward Dems. So ridiculous - same thing happened in 2016. They got it all wrong. Get a new pollster!
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December 15, 2019
Approval Rating in Republican Party = 95% a Record! Overall Approval Rating = 51%. Think of where I'd be without the never ending 24 hour a day phony Witch Hunt that started 3 years ago!
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December 15, 2019
.@seanhannity who will be interviewed on @marklevinshow tonight at 8:00 P.M. @foxnews stated about the Impeachment Hoax 'This is outrages lying corruption and propaganda. Should never be allowed to happen.'
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December 15, 2019
Fake News!
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December 15, 2019
Because Nancy's teeth were falling out of her mouth and she didn't have time to think!
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December 15, 2019
Congressional Do Nothing Democrats are being absolutely decimated in their districts on the subject of the Impeachment Hoax. People that voted for them are literally screaming in their faces. Crazy Nancy is finding defending Shifty Schiff harder than she thought! #2020Election
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December 16, 2019
Watch these two great people talk about the Impeachment Hoax. Will be by far the best hour on television!
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