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Tweets of August 25, 2019

August 25, 2019
Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump) tweeted 35 times on August 25, 2019
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August 25, 2019
Before I arrived in France the Fake and Disgusting News was saying that relations with the 6 others countries in the G-7 are very tense and that the two days of meetings will be a disaster. Just like they are trying to force a Recession they are trying to 'will' America into..
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August 25, 2019
....bad Economic times the worse the better anything to make my Election more difficult to win. Well we are having very good meetings the Leaders are getting along very well and our Country economically is doing great - the talk of the world!
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August 25, 2019
Such False and Inaccurate reporting thus far on the G-7. The Fake News knows this but they can't help themselves! Leaving now to have breakfast with Boris J.
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August 25, 2019
Great working breakfast this morning with Prime Minister @BorisJohnson at the H'tel du Palais in Biarritz France! #G7Biarritz
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August 25, 2019
RT @WhiteHouse: JUST NOW: President @realDonaldTrump and Prime Minister @AbeShinzo announced a trade deal. "This is a tremendous deal for'
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August 25, 2019
Happy Birthday Sean!
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August 25, 2019
Happy Birthday Regis a truly special man!
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August 25, 2019
Rasmussen at 50%. @MediaBuzzFNC & @FoxNews are only getting worse! Now @donnabrazile & others on Fox. Not what it used to be!
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August 25, 2019
So @donnabrazile gives Crooked Hillary the Questions and now she's on @FoxNews!
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August 25, 2019
Big Trade Deal just agreed to with Prime Minister Abe of Japan. Will be great for our Farmers Ranchers and more. Really big Corn purchase!
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August 25, 2019
RT @JenniferJJacobs: Who's 1st leader POTUS chose to sit with for bilat here at #G7 in Biarritz? UK's new prime minister Boris Johnson. ''
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August 25, 2019
The question I was asked most today by fellow World Leaders who think the USA is doing so well and is stronger than ever before happens to be 'Mr. President why does the American media hate your Country so much? Why are they rooting for it to fail?'
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August 25, 2019
Happy Birthday Vince!
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August 25, 2019
RT @WhiteHouse: President @realDonaldTrump met with Prime Minister @BorisJohnson to discuss the special relationship between the United Sta'
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August 25, 2019
RT @WhiteHouse: President @realDonaldTrump: "Thus far this has been really a great G7. And I want to congratulate France." #G7Biarritz htt'
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August 25, 2019
RT @WhiteHouse: "Our relationship with Prime Minister @AbeShinzo and Japan has been I think the best it's ever been." 'President @realDon'
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August 25, 2019
RT @PressSec: President @realDonaldTrump never stops working on behalf of the American people! ????
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August 25, 2019
RT @WhiteHouse: "We have excess corn in various parts of our country with our farmers because China did not do what they said they were goi'
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August 25, 2019
RT @WhiteHouse: .@USTradeRep Lighthizer on today's trade announcement: "It has 3 parts'agriculture industrial tariffs and digital trade .'
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August 25, 2019
Jesse & Emma Great News. Congratulations!!!!!
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August 25, 2019
USMCA make it bipartisan. Everybody wants it!
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August 25, 2019
RT @realDonaldTrump: The question I was asked most today by fellow World Leaders who think the USA is doing so well and is stronger than e'
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August 25, 2019
Thank you Eric. So true!
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August 25, 2019
Great meetings at the @G7 in Biarritz France! #G7Biarritz
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August 25, 2019
RT @JudicialWatch: A Judicial Watch lawsuit forced the state of California to begin removing more than 1.5 million potentially invalid name'
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August 25, 2019
A disgrace!
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August 25, 2019
RT @JudicialWatch: Americans need an Intelligence Committee that can be trusted and Representative #AdamSchiff has proven that he cannot b'
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August 25, 2019
RT @JudicialWatch: Dozens of foreign nationals with shady backgrounds have vanished from the FBI's radar after the agency brought them to t'
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August 25, 2019
RT @JudicialWatch: JW announced it received records of 14 referrals of FBI employees to the organization's Office of Professional Responsib'
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August 25, 2019
RT @JudicialWatch: Judicial Watch Director of Investigation Chris Farrell joins @SebGorka on America First to discuss the federal court he'
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August 25, 2019
RT @JudicialWatch: CREDIBLE Evidence Ilhan Omar Married Her Brother--'We're Not Sure Her Last Name is Omar!' WATCH MORE HERE:'
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August 25, 2019
RT @JudicialWatch: JW announced that U.S. District Court Judge ordered the FBI to conduct a search w/in 60 days for records of communicatio'
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August 25, 2019
RT @JudicialWatch: .@TomFitton on @LouDobbs: 'The more we learn about #SpyGate targeting of Trump the worse it looks for the Obama adminis'
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August 25, 2019
In France we are all laughing at how knowingly inaccurate the U.S. reporting of events and conversations at the G-7 is. These Leaders and many others are getting a major case study of Fake News at it's finest! They've got it all wrong from Iran to China Tariffs to Boris!
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August 25, 2019
No we actually had a very good and productive meeting. Nice!
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