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Tweets of April 8, 2019

April 08, 2019
Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump) tweeted 9 times on April 8, 2019
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April 08, 2019
More apprehensions (captures)at the Southern Border than in many years. Border Patrol amazing! Country is FULL! System has been broken for many years. Democrats in Congress must agree to fix loopholes - No Open Borders (Crimes & Drugs). Will Close Southern Border If necessary...
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April 08, 2019
....Mexico must apprehend all illegals and not let them make the long march up to the United States or we will have no other choice than to Close the Border and/or institute Tariffs. Our Country is FULL!
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April 08, 2019
'The reason the whole process seems so politicized is that Democrats made up this complete lie about Collusion ....and none of it happened.' Charles Hurt. The Russian Hoax never happened it was a fraud on the American people!
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April 08, 2019
'Jerry Nadler is not entitled to this information. He is doing this to get it to the Democrat 2020 nominee.' @KatiePavlich
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April 08, 2019
RT @Jim_Jordan: Dem talk:-Abolish ICE-Borderless hemisphere-Walls are immoral-Illegals should vote-Raise taxes@POTUS action:-Regs r'
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April 08, 2019
RT @Jim_Jordan: Dems want President's tax returns for purely political purposes!Frightening but shouldn't surprise us'same folks used th'
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April 08, 2019
RT @cspan: Rep. @Jim_Jordan on President Trump's tax returns: "There's no law that says they have to be public."Watch full #Newsmakers in'
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April 08, 2019
Uganda must find the kidnappers of the American Tourist and guide before people will feel safe in going there. Bring them to justice openly and quickly!
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April 08, 2019
The Democrats will never be satisfied no matter what they get how much they get or how many pages they get. It will never end but that's the way life goes!
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