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Tweets of April 3, 2018

April 03, 2018
Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump) tweeted 13 times on April 3, 2018
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April 03, 2018
As ridiculous as it sounds the laws of our country do not easily allow us to send those crossing our Southern Border back where they came from. A whole big wasted procedure must take place. Mexico & Canada have tough immigration laws whereas ours are an Obama joke. ACT CONGRESS
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April 03, 2018
Honduras Mexico and many other countries that the U.S. is very generous to sends many of their people to our country through our WEAK IMMIGRATION POLICIES. Caravans are heading here. Must pass tough laws and build the WALL. Democrats allow open borders drugs and crime!
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April 03, 2018
39% of my nominations including Diplomats to foreign lands have not been confirmed due to Democrat obstruction and delay. At this rate it would take more than 7 years before I am allowed to have these great people start working. Never happened before. Disgraceful!
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April 03, 2018
'President Trump's approval rate among likely U.S. voters hit 50 percent on Monday which puts him higher than former President Barack Obama's score at the same point into his first term according to a new poll.' Via: @Anna_Giaritelli @DCExaminer
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April 03, 2018
#AutismAwarenessDay #LightItUpBlue
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April 03, 2018
The Fake News Networks those that knowingly have a sick and biased AGENDA are worried about the competition and quality of Sinclair Broadcast. The 'Fakers' at CNN NBC ABC & CBS have done so much dishonest reporting that they should only be allowed to get awards for fiction!
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April 03, 2018
The big Caravan of People from Honduras now coming across Mexico and heading to our 'Weak Laws' Border had better be stopped before it gets there. Cash cow NAFTA is in play as is foreign aid to Honduras and the countries that allow this to happen. Congress MUST ACT NOW!
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April 03, 2018
Check out the fact that you can't get a job at ratings challenged @CNN unless you state that you are totally anti-Trump? Little Jeff Zuker whose job is in jeopardy is not having much fun lately. They should clean up and strengthen CNN and get back to honest reporting!
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April 03, 2018
Thank you to Rasmussen for the honest polling. Just hit 50% which is higher than Cheatin' Obama at the same time in his Administration.
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April 03, 2018
I am right about Amazon costing the United States Post Office massive amounts of money for being their Delivery Boy. Amazon should pay these costs (plus) and not have them bourne by the American Taxpayer. Many billions of dollars. P.O. leaders don't have a clue (or do they?)!
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April 03, 2018
Today it was my honor to welcome Estonia President @KerstiKaljulaid Lithuania President @Grybauskaite_LT and Latvia President @Vejonis to the @WhiteHouse. Congratulations on your 100th anniversaries of independence! #BalticSummit:
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April 03, 2018
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April 03, 2018
Was just briefed on the shooting at YouTube's HQ in San Bruno California. Our thoughts and prayers are with everybody involved. Thank you to our phenomenal Law Enforcement Officers and First Responders that are currently on the scene.
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