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Tweets of April 17, 2018

April 17, 2018
Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump) tweeted 10 times on April 17, 2018
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April 17, 2018
Employment is up Taxes are DOWN. Enjoy!
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April 17, 2018
I am in Florida and looking forward to my meeting with Prime Minister Abe of Japan. Working on Trade and Military Security.
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April 17, 2018
Looks like Jerry Brown and California are not looking for safety and security along their very porous Border. He cannot come to terms for the National Guard to patrol and protect the Border. The high crime rate will only get higher. Much wanted Wall in San Diego already started!
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April 17, 2018
So many people are seeing the benefits of the Tax Cut Bill. Everyone is talking really nice to see!
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April 17, 2018
Getting ready to meet Prime Minister Abe of Japan a truly fine gentleman!
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April 17, 2018
Rasmussen just came out at 51% Approval despite the Fake News Media. They were one of the three most accurate on Election Day. Just about the most inaccurate were CNN and ABC News/Washington Post and they haven't changed (get new pollsters). Much of the media is a Scam!
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April 17, 2018
Welcome Prime Minister Abe!
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April 17, 2018
Today's Court decision means that Congress must close loopholes that block the removal of dangerous criminal aliens including aggravated felons. This is a public safety crisis that can only be fixed by....
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April 17, 2018
....Congress ' House and Senate must quickly pass a legislative fix to ensure violent criminal aliens can be removed from our society. Keep America Safe!
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April 17, 2018
States and Cities throughout our Country are being cheated and treated so badly by online retailers. Very unfair to traditional tax paying stores!
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