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Trump Campaign Statement on Joe Biden's Florida Visit

October 13, 2020

"As Joe Biden visited Broward County, a place Hillary Clinton won with 66 percent of the vote, he was clearly struggling to excite core Democrat voters who remain hugely unenthusiastic about his campaign. Biden resorted to his worn tactic of lying about President Trump, who has steadfastly protected Social Security and Medicare and who has pledged to always do so. It's Biden who has the record of repeatedly trying to cut or freeze benefits during his 47 years as a failed Washington politician, and he is now trying to mislead and scare seniors for political reasons. His attacks on the federal coronavirus response are also hollow, as Biden still cannot name a single thing he would do differently than President Trump. We do know that he would not have restricted travel from China as President Trump did, a move that saved thousands of American lives, since Biden called it 'xenophobic' and 'fear-mongering.' Biden is playing politics with people's lives over the virus, trying to frighten vulnerable populations away from taking the life-saving vaccine when it's ready, and saying he would consider calling for another economic shutdown that will create its own health problems. President Trump has accomplished more in 47 months than Biden has in 47 years and it's not even close."

- Tim Murtaugh, Trump 2020 communications director

Donald J. Trump, Trump Campaign Statement on Joe Biden's Florida Visit Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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