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Trump Campaign Press Release - Yes, Joe Biden Will 'Eliminate' Fracking Jobs

August 31, 2020

Biden said fracking jobs would be 'eliminated', 'stopped,' 'phased out', 'ended', and 'sacrificed.'

Joe Biden ran to the far left in the Democrat primary and he's continued to run to the far left in the general election. Now he's trying to convince Pennsylvanians to stop believing their lying eyes.

It won't work: over the last year, Biden repeatedly made it clear that fracking jobs would be eliminated, stopped, phased out, ended, and sacrificed in the name of his radical anti-energy agenda. He even picked a vice presidential nominee who has said she is "in favor of banning fracking."

During a debate with Senator Bernie Sanders in March, Biden exclaimed "so am I!" after Senator Sanders said he was campaigning on "stopping fracking as soon as we possibly can," but it wasn't the first time Biden expressed support for wiping out the fossil fuel industry:

  • Biden admitted during a debate last year that there would be "no place" for fossil fuels, including fracking, in a Biden presidency, and that fossil fuels would be "eliminated."
  • Biden agreed with a supporter in January that fracking needed to be "stopped."
  • Biden said in February that he wants to "phase out" natural gas from fracking and other fossil fuels.
  • Biden pledged to a supporter that he would "end" fossil fuels.
  • Biden admitted he would "sacrifice" "hundreds of thousands" of fossil fuel jobs in pursuit of his anti-energy agenda.

Biden cannot honestly say that the 10.3 million American jobs supported by the oil and gas industry will continue to exist under his anti-energy policies. The truth is that not a single one of these jobs would be safe in Joe Biden's America.

Donald J. Trump, Trump Campaign Press Release - Yes, Joe Biden Will 'Eliminate' Fracking Jobs Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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