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Trump Campaign Press Release - What Is Hillary Clinton Hiding?

July 05, 2016

As FBI Director James Comey let Clinton off the hook for her "extremely careless" actions, the fix was final. The Obama Administration's anointed successor has had an indictment removed from her path, and will now be able to glide to the rigged Democrat nomination. As we move toward November, the question now becomes, "what is Hillary hiding?"


Bill Clinton's Speaking Fees Went Up As Clinton Was Secretary Of State

After Hillary Became Secretary Of State, Bill Clinton "Began To Collect Speaking Fees That Often Doubled Or Tripled What He Had Been Charging Earlier In His Post White House Years." "After his wife became Secretary of State, former President Bill Clinton began to collect speaking fees that often doubled or tripled what he had been charging earlier in his post White House years, bringing in millions of dollars from groups that included several with interests pending before the State Department, an ABC News review of financial disclosure records shows." (Matthew Mosk and Brian Ross, "Bill Clinton Cashed In When Hillary Became Secretary Of State," ABC News, 4/23/15)

  • "Where He Once Had Drawn $150,000 For A Typical Address In The Years Following His Presidency, Clinton Saw A Succession Of Staggering Paydays For Speeches In 2010 And 2011, Including $500,000 Paid By A Russian Investment Bank And $750,000 To Address A Telecom Conference In China." (Matthew Mosk and Brian Ross, "Bill Clinton Cashed In When Hillary Became Secretary Of State," ABC News, 4/23/15)

Companies Were Donating To The Clinton Foundation While Lobbying Clinton's State Department

"At Least 60 Companies That Lobbied The State Department During Her Tenure Donated A Total Of More Than $26 Million To The Clinton Foundation…" "At least 60 companies that lobbied the State Department during her tenure donated a total of more than $26 million to the Clinton Foundation, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of public and foundation disclosures." (James V. Grimaldi and Rebecca Ballhaus, "Hillary Clinton's Complex Corporate Ties," The Wall Street Journal, 2/19/15)

  • "At Least 44 Of Those 60 Companies Also Participated In Philanthropic Projects Valued At $3.2 Billion That Were Set Up Though A Wing Of The Foundation Called The Clinton Global Initiative…" "At least 44 of those 60 companies also participated in philanthropic projects valued at $3.2 billion that were set up though a wing of the foundation called the Clinton Global Initiative, which coordinates the projects but receives no cash for them." (James V. Grimaldi and Rebecca Ballhaus, "Hillary Clinton's Complex Corporate Ties," The Wall Street Journal, 2/19/15)

Foreign Hackers May Know More About Clinton's Emails Than We Do

Clinton Can't Name Any Safeguards From Her Secret Server. THE BOSTON GLOBE'S JAMES PINDELL: "One question about your email server, what safeguards did you put in place to make sure that you weren't hacked?" CLINTON: "Well, I can only tell you there is no evidence that I'm aware of that I ever was." ( Interview With The Boston Globe , Keene, NH 10/16/15)

Clinton's Secret Server Experienced Hacking "Scans" From An Unknown Foreign Computer. "Clinton's email server permitted 'remote-access connections directly over the Internet,' a practice banned by the State Department since 2012. This type of software 'allows users to control another computer from afar,' and although these 'programs are usually operated through an encrypted connection … Clinton's system appeared to accept commands directly from the internet without such protections.' Clinton's private server has proved vulnerable to attacks and hacking attempts. Two such hacking 'scans' occurred in 2012 from a Serbian computer looking for accessible doors or 'ports' into the server." (Jack Gillum and Stephen Braun, "Clinton Server's Software Had Hacking Risk," The Associated Press , 10/13/15)


Emails From Clinton's First Eight Weeks In Office

Emails From First Eight Weeks Of Clinton's Tenure As Secretary Of State "Are Missing And Have Been Lost." "Mrs. Clinton's representatives have said she didn't set up her personal server until March 2009. She took office as secretary of state in late January 2009. Before that, she used an AT&T BlackBerry account as well as an account on her personal domain run off an unknown server. As a result of the migration, emails from the first eight weeks of her tenure are missing and have been lost, her representatives acknowledge." (Byron Tau, "Bid To Find Early Clinton State Department Emails Unsuccessful, Lawyer Says," The Wall Street Journal , 10/22/15)

Clinton Was "Unable To Obtain" Emails From First Two Months Of Her Tenure As Secretary Of State. "[Clinton] has been 'unable to obtain' some emails from early in her tenure as secretary of state, according to a newly-released letter." (Josh Gerstein, "Lawyer: Clinton 'Unable To Obtain' Emails From First Week As Secretary," Politico , 10/22/15)

22 Top Secret Emails Which Will Never Be Released

22 Emails Deemed "Top Secret," Are Being "Withheld In Full" And Will Never Be Released To The Public Due To Their Classified Nature. "A second source not authorized to speak on the record said the number of accounts involved could be as high as 30 and reflects how the intelligence was broadly shared, replied to, and copied to individuals using the unsecured server. The State Department recently confirmed that the messages in question include the most sensitive kind of intelligence. On Jan. 29, Fox News first reported that some emails on Clinton's server were too damaging to release in any form. The State Department subsequently announced that 22 'top secret' emails were being withheld in full; these were the messages being handled by more than a dozen accounts." (Catherine Herridge And Pamela Browne, "Official: Top Clinton Aides Also Handled 'Top Secret' Intel On Server," Fox News , 2/10/16)

The Contents Of The Over 30,000 Deleted Clinton Emails

Over 30,000 Of Clinton's Emails From Her Secret Server Were Deemed To Be Private And Personal. "A Time magazine cover story about the email scandal released last week reported: 'This review did not involve opening and reading each email. Instead, Clinton's lawyers created a list of names and keywords related to her work and searched for those. Slightly more than half the total cache -- 31,830 emails -- did not contain any of the search terms, according to Clinton's staff, so they were deemed to be 'private, personal records.'' (Shushannah Walshe and Liz Kreutz, "Hillary Clinton's Deleted Emails Were Individually Reviewed After All, Spokesman Says," ABC News, 3/15/15)

  • Clinton Deleted These Personal Emails. "Clinton said on Tuesday she deleted all of the personal emails because she thought she 'had no reason to save them.'"

Emails That Won't Be Released Until 2018

The Department Of Justice Recently Said That They Can't Turn Over Some Of Clinton's Aides' Emails Until 2018. "Justice Department lawyers are asking for a two-year extension to process emails from Hillary Clinton's aides in order to produce correspondence requested by a conservative advocacy organization. Lawyers this week said they were unable to satisfy a Freedom of Information Act request -- the deadline for which is later this month -- as quickly as once anticipated and now need until October 2018 to produce the records for Citizens United."(Theodore Schleifer, "DOJ Lawyers Ask For 2-Year Extension To Produce Clinton Aides' Emails," CNN, 7/1/16)

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