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Trump Campaign Press Release - The Right View: Joe Biden Is a Sellout to the Radical Left

July 29, 2020

As Joe Biden and the Democrats fan the flames of fear surrounding coronavirus, President Trump is spearheading the development of a lifesaving vaccine and encouraging the exploration of scientifically proven treatment options including hydroxychloroquine. Board Certified Family Physician and Owner of Eagle Medical Center Dr. Katarina Lindley discussed this and more during tonight's 'The Right View' hosted by Trump 2020 Senior Advisor Lara Trump, National Chair of Trump Victory Finance Committee Kimberly Guilfoyle, Trump 2020 Senior Advisor for Strategic Communications Mercedes Schlapp, and Trump 2020 Senior Advisor Katrina Pierson.

The Right View panel denounced Joe Biden's dangerous, socialist agenda for women and his push to fund abortion with the taxes of hard-working Americans. In stark contrast, women have thrived under President Trump's empowering leadership and have experienced historic success. As Joe Biden and the far Left continue their crusade of 'cancel culture' and fear-mongering, President Trump stands for the preservation of our country's founding principles and will be a voice for the American people.


"President Trump has made groundbreaking progress on developing a coronavirus vaccine and is putting the well-being of the American people first," said Dr. Katarina Lindley, Board Certified Family Physician and Owner of Eagle Medical Center. "The fear-mongering of this pandemic must stop. Children are suffering during their most fundamental time, and President Trump is leading the way to safely reopen the country."

"Joe Biden's socialist agenda for women is nothing more than a pathetic attempt to impose more government control and fund abortion through taxpayer dollars," said Lara Trump, Trump 2020 Senior Advisor. "President Trump has defended the lives of the unborn since day one, and will always prioritize the safety and livelihood of women everywhere."

"Joe Biden and the Democrat Party are championing cancel culture and censorship because they know silencing conservative voices is their only shot at a competitive election," said Kimberly Guilfoyle, National Chair of Trump Victory Finance Committee. "Despite the far left's attempts to suppress any ideas that don't align with their radical agenda, the silent majority is stronger than ever and will deliver the victory to President Trump in November."

"President Trump stands for opportunity and freedom for all Americans. Joe Biden on the other hand, stands for anarchy in our streets, promotes the legalization of late-term abortion disguised as women empowerment, and caters to the needs of China instead of prioritizing America's best interest," said Mercedes Schlapp, Trump 2020 Senior Advisor for Strategic Communications. "Voters will remember Joe Biden's inability to stand up for the American people as they head to the polls in November, and President Trump will continue to put America first with every action he takes following his re-election."

"Joe Biden says he has a plan to uplift minorities and women, but he has spent nearly fifty years in Washington doing the exact opposite through his condescension and ineffective polices," said Katrina Pierson, Trump 2020 Senior Advisor. "Only President Trump has a consistent record of promoting success for all citizens, and once re-elected, Americans of all backgrounds will prosper."

Donald J. Trump, Trump Campaign Press Release - The Right View: Joe Biden Is a Sellout to the Radical Left Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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